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Do you advertise on Facebook?

Wondering why some of your Facebook ads aren’t working?

If your Facebook ads aren’t delivering the results you hoped for, looking at specific aspects of your campaign can help you determine why.

In this article, you’ll discover 10 tips to troubleshoot your Facebook ads.

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The-5-Best-Tools-for-Twitter-Chats-2 kUy3pj

Twitter chattwitter chat tools is a conversation or a discussion about a certain topic organized by Twitter users.The topic is defined by a unique hashtag and you can take part in the conversation by following that hashtag.

For example, the most popular discussion for bloggers is blog chat and the hashtag for that is #blogchat. This particular conversation takes place every Sunday and each week a different blogging topic is discussed. It’s a great way for bloggers to learn how to improve their blogs or share their experience with their peers.

Even though this sounds quite simple, you may find it difficult to follow conversations through Twitter, whether you are using it on your computer or mobile phone. Chats can be very active, with a lot of people participating and a lot of new tweets coming in every moment, so there is a great chance you will miss something important and become frustrated after a while.

Luckily, there are tools you can use to make this process easier and much more enjoyable.

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As anyone who manages a Facebook Page would be aware, Facebook is always changing. The Social Network is constantly working to evolve in line with user behaviors in order to maximize attention and get you spending more time within the big blue labyrinth’s walls.

As such, there are always smaller tests and features being pushed out, minor updates that may not make big waves, or justify a full, dedicated blog post in themselves, but are still relevant and worth highlighting.

To help provide some additional context on these smaller tweaks and tests, we thought we’d try co-ordinating them into a weekly update to help keep you updated on what Facebook’s trying out, where they’re focused and what you should be watching for in future.

Here are four smaller tests or updates seen ‘in the wild’ this week.

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6655Are you looking for a free webinar solution to communicate more easily with your clients and customers online? When starting out with your online business it is important to recognize the variety of marketing tools available today that will help to improve your business productivity and enhance your daily tasks. One of the many resourceful tools available today to aid small businesses with their start up is that of Google Hangouts.

Your Best Free Webinar Solution

Google Hangouts is a communications service that offers its users the capability to initiate and participate in text, voice and video chats, whether one on one with individual customers or with a group of customers at the same time. Built right into Google+ and Gmail and also available as a mobile app, Google Hangouts has earned its spot at the top of the list of useful and must have business tools and resources for all business owners.Google Hangouts - Your Free Webinar Solution

Google Hangouts is growing in popularity more and more with every passing day because of the many benefits it offers to small business owners of every niche. Billed as a social network in and of itself, Google Hangouts is designed with a primary focus on helping businesses with their overall marketing and business strategies. Offering businesses a range of online marketing tools, including this free webinar solution, its ease of use and its diverse capabilities is ever present on all types of devices. The most practical and popular of all its uses is that of setting up meetings with fellow business owners, potential customers, existing clients and vendors, and any other group of important peoples you, as a business owner, deem fit to communicate with.

With Google Hangouts, your free webinar solution, you can introduce your targeted audience to your products and services and also offer them insight on how to utilize the products. In addition, business owners can inform their customers and clients on the many features and benefits of their products and services as well as use this spectacular tool as a means for customers to communicate with you on other issues, including problems with products or services. It goes without saying that any customer would appreciate having the capability of communicating with a product or service provider on a personal level and receive prompt and attentive responses to their communications. Certainly Google Hangouts allows for such a professional and satisfying experience.

BN - Trello

Automatically Posts your Google Hangout Directly to YouTube

Another attractive feature of Google Hangouts is the simple fact that you can record all your meetings or perhaps product or service presentations made, and then be able to post the videos created on your other social media sites. Your Google Hangout video automatically is posted to the YouTube account associated with your Gmail. Further, you can add all your recorded videos to your business website or to your company blog affording visitors to your site informative content about your business, your services and your products.

Overall, this simple, easy to use, and very resourceful marketing tool is a must have, must use for every small business owner. Surely enhancing your marketing strategies is important to your company’s presence and success and indeed Google Hangouts is a truly innovative tool that can allow small business owners to accomplish that very task.

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Every business owner is in need of an effective and user friendly web-based project management application that can easily solve  project management disasters. Trello is an ideal collaboration tool that takes all your business projects and efficiently organizes them into boards which allows business owners to see, at one single glance, all projects being worked on, by whom, and the status of the projects as well. Certainly a tool that all business owners find useful and critical to their business operations, Trello is recognized throughout the world as the number one business management system today.

BN_-_SMA_May_21_-_Trello_BoardsThe Trello board is quite simply a list of all your business lists, filled with cards that are accessible to you as the business owner, and all your staff and team members. Offering you all the tools and resources needed to organize your every business project, regardless of how big or small the project may be, Trello certainly redefines business management. With Trello you can reach out and invite as many customers, clients, vendors, or other peoples to your board as you may want, and you can do it all for free. Trello’s unique and very user friendly tools allow you, as the administrator of the board, to drag and drop individuals to specific cards as part of your project streamlining. It allows you to divide up the project tasks all in one place while offering visibility and accessibility to all your team members.

With Trello you can start informative discussions inclusive with comments and attachments. In order to be certain that specific members see your comments, you simply mention that individual’s name in your comments and they will receive a notification on their end that a discussion  requiring their attention is ongoing. When I have important conversations using email or Skype I copy and paste them into the appropriate project board in Trello.  It annoys me to no end when I have to waste time looking for something I could easily have at the tip of my fingers. 🙂  In addition, you can add any files or documents to your discussion by simply uploading them from your computer.AJonc96g

One of the most useful and helpful features of Trello is the simple fact that whenever a member makes any comments or anything important at all happens with your board, you will be notified instantly by way of Trello’s innovative notification system. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you are doing, so long as you have subscribed to the board you will receive all your notifications on any device. All Trello notifications stay in sync across all your individual systems and devices.

Additional helpful features include checklists and the use of completion and/or due dates. With these specialized features you are sure to never miss an important date or forget to perform an all-important task – certainly something every business owner wants and needs. You can see every one of your important dates and your important tasks all in one handy place – the calendar view inside of your Trello.

With a wide range of other innovative features, Trello works in real time, at real fast speeds. It can certainly be comforting to know that all your information is both secure and private since you have complete control over who will or will not see your boards. Your data is transferred via secure connections and encrypted off-site backups of all your data are created in case you ever suffer a loss of data or some sort of technology crisis.

Trello Boards

There are different versions of Trello available depending upon your individual needs. As your business progresses, you can certainly move onto a more powerful Trello tool for your business – Trello Business Class. Trello offers business owners everything they need to get all their tasks and organizational procedures done. Though the product’s features are by all means enough to grab the attention of business owners, the “free” price tag makes this state of the art product one that business owners just simply cannot live without.

Join the millions of business owners and users today who have truly fallen head over heels for Trello. Visit today and watch your business grow.



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It’s important to know the role that page loading time plays in any website user’s online experience.  A small but critical error that many business owners or webmasters make is putting page loading time on a back burner to accommodate better aesthetic design, better and more creative functionality, or even to simply add more content to the pages on their website.  

Website page load timeThe true fact is that website visitors to any page are more concerned about the speed at which they can access and navigate a website more so than all the fancy extras that website owners want to add to their websites.  Page loading time, therefore, should be given much attention by website owners and should be ranked number one on your list of tasks to perform to allow for increased traffic to your site.  As a result of the priority placed on page loading time by most, if not all users, it is now becoming an incredibly important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

We all know how frustrating it is to wait for anything whether a table at a restaurant or waiting in line at the bank, and certainly sitting and watching that little circle spin on your screen for long periods of time as you wait to reach your desired website is no different.  Most users either get bored with the wait or angry at the slow loading time of the website they are trying to visit since it is taking far longer than they anticipated.  As a result of a slow loading page, many users will simply click the x in the upper right corner and move onto the next search.  If a site takes too long to load, then surely potential visitors will turn their interests as well as their purchases to another site that offers them a faster load time and quicker access to content or shopping.   

Many webmasters fail to realize the overall importance of their website’s load time.  Surely it is clear to see that when a website and all its pages provide a fast load time then surely it will easily receive higher rankings, rightfully so, which is remarkably beneficial to your business.  When a user is able to get to your web pages quickly and research products or services they are interested in, they are apt to make some type of purchase, and these purchases ultimately lead to an increase in sales, which, as we all know, is critical to the success of any business.  

Website page load time

To determine what the load time of your website is there are a wide range of tools on the net that you can use.  A couple of the most popular tools available to test your site are and .  These tools greatly assist web owners in determining the overall page loading time of their web pages.  Using these tools will allow website owners to make all necessary adjustments to their own websites in their efforts to increase traffic to their site and increase their overall sales.

Taking ample time to test the loading speed of your website will serve to be beneficial to your business.  As mentioned above, users are far more interested in being able to get to a website page quickly to perform whatever research or shopping they wish to do and increasing page loading time will allow them to do just that.  Most users have little to no interest in all the fancy extras your website may present.  At the end of the day people who are searching on the net are searching for a specific reason.  If they cannot get to a page quickly enough, then rest assured they will simply move onto the next search target to find and purchase the product or service they need.  By improving and increasing the page loading time of your website, you will surely increase the amount of traffic your website will see moving forward, and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway – getting more traffic to your site.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge finding the right longtail keywords for you. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

Check it out…

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webinarsEvery business seeks to increase traffic to their websites in order to improve upon their sales and their overall business presence.  There are a number of techniques and procedures that webmasters can use to increase traffic to a site and certainly hosting webinars and even Hangouts events are perfect tools to accomplish this important task.

All people love to learn about new things and truly webinars are an ideal way to share your knowledge and wisdom about your niche with your interested audience.  Working in conjunction with a top of the line and very effective social promotion campaign, webinars are one of the top tools for increasing traffic to your website.

Communicating with your audience by way of email indicating that you will be hosting a webinar and sending along follow up emails giving them a final chance to register before the webinar is a great way to alert your eagerly awaiting audience to your up and coming webinar.  Be certain to promote your webinar to great lengths through your social media platforms as well as through your emails.  Webinars that are done correctly, can be highly beneficial to not only your audience but as a great lead generation tool as well.  A well-presented and hosted webinar can bring about a great deal of new leads for your business.


In addition, the use of Google Hangouts is an ideal way to increase traffic to your site. Hangouts is a free video conference room that allows you to have up to fifteen people on live camera and an unlimited number of viewers watching your broadcast. You can create an event and send along invites to those you would like to participate and promote it by way of a sign up page and a plugin which will direct viewers and participants to a specific version of Hangouts on your website. You can also promote the event by way of your social media platforms.  Regardless of how you promote your event, rest assured that using Hangouts gets you extra traffic from Google, which is exactly what you have set out to do.


Keep in mind that every time you use Hangouts it is automatically posted to your YouTube account.  When you use Hangouts you are creating content that Google can choose to place on Google search for more traffic. In addition, when people elect to comment on your video during your Hangout event they create social media signals that Google uses for highlighting your video, and as we all know, Google now includes more videos in their search results than ever before.  So basically, Google is providing you with comment and video tools that you can use, which allows Google to track your event.  Once Google tracks your Hangout event, it sends you additional traffic once the Hangout is concluded.  It truly does not get any easier than that.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge finding the right longtail keywords for you. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

Check it out…

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