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It’s important to know the role that page loading time plays in any website user’s online experience.  A small but critical error that many business owners or webmasters make is putting page loading time on a back burner to accommodate better aesthetic design, better and more creative functionality, or even to simply add more content to the pages on their website.  

Website page load timeThe true fact is that website visitors to any page are more concerned about the speed at which they can access and navigate a website more so than all the fancy extras that website owners want to add to their websites.  Page loading time, therefore, should be given much attention by website owners and should be ranked number one on your list of tasks to perform to allow for increased traffic to your site.  As a result of the priority placed on page loading time by most, if not all users, it is now becoming an incredibly important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

We all know how frustrating it is to wait for anything whether a table at a restaurant or waiting in line at the bank, and certainly sitting and watching that little circle spin on your screen for long periods of time as you wait to reach your desired website is no different.  Most users either get bored with the wait or angry at the slow loading time of the website they are trying to visit since it is taking far longer than they anticipated.  As a result of a slow loading page, many users will simply click the x in the upper right corner and move onto the next search.  If a site takes too long to load, then surely potential visitors will turn their interests as well as their purchases to another site that offers them a faster load time and quicker access to content or shopping.   

Many webmasters fail to realize the overall importance of their website’s load time.  Surely it is clear to see that when a website and all its pages provide a fast load time then surely it will easily receive higher rankings, rightfully so, which is remarkably beneficial to your business.  When a user is able to get to your web pages quickly and research products or services they are interested in, they are apt to make some type of purchase, and these purchases ultimately lead to an increase in sales, which, as we all know, is critical to the success of any business.  

Website page load time

To determine what the load time of your website is there are a wide range of tools on the net that you can use.  A couple of the most popular tools available to test your site are and .  These tools greatly assist web owners in determining the overall page loading time of their web pages.  Using these tools will allow website owners to make all necessary adjustments to their own websites in their efforts to increase traffic to their site and increase their overall sales.

Taking ample time to test the loading speed of your website will serve to be beneficial to your business.  As mentioned above, users are far more interested in being able to get to a website page quickly to perform whatever research or shopping they wish to do and increasing page loading time will allow them to do just that.  Most users have little to no interest in all the fancy extras your website may present.  At the end of the day people who are searching on the net are searching for a specific reason.  If they cannot get to a page quickly enough, then rest assured they will simply move onto the next search target to find and purchase the product or service they need.  By improving and increasing the page loading time of your website, you will surely increase the amount of traffic your website will see moving forward, and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway – getting more traffic to your site.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge finding the right longtail keywords for you. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

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webinarsEvery business seeks to increase traffic to their websites in order to improve upon their sales and their overall business presence.  There are a number of techniques and procedures that webmasters can use to increase traffic to a site and certainly hosting webinars and even Hangouts events are perfect tools to accomplish this important task.

All people love to learn about new things and truly webinars are an ideal way to share your knowledge and wisdom about your niche with your interested audience.  Working in conjunction with a top of the line and very effective social promotion campaign, webinars are one of the top tools for increasing traffic to your website.

Communicating with your audience by way of email indicating that you will be hosting a webinar and sending along follow up emails giving them a final chance to register before the webinar is a great way to alert your eagerly awaiting audience to your up and coming webinar.  Be certain to promote your webinar to great lengths through your social media platforms as well as through your emails.  Webinars that are done correctly, can be highly beneficial to not only your audience but as a great lead generation tool as well.  A well-presented and hosted webinar can bring about a great deal of new leads for your business.


In addition, the use of Google Hangouts is an ideal way to increase traffic to your site. Hangouts is a free video conference room that allows you to have up to fifteen people on live camera and an unlimited number of viewers watching your broadcast. You can create an event and send along invites to those you would like to participate and promote it by way of a sign up page and a plugin which will direct viewers and participants to a specific version of Hangouts on your website. You can also promote the event by way of your social media platforms.  Regardless of how you promote your event, rest assured that using Hangouts gets you extra traffic from Google, which is exactly what you have set out to do.


Keep in mind that every time you use Hangouts it is automatically posted to your YouTube account.  When you use Hangouts you are creating content that Google can choose to place on Google search for more traffic. In addition, when people elect to comment on your video during your Hangout event they create social media signals that Google uses for highlighting your video, and as we all know, Google now includes more videos in their search results than ever before.  So basically, Google is providing you with comment and video tools that you can use, which allows Google to track your event.  Once Google tracks your Hangout event, it sends you additional traffic once the Hangout is concluded.  It truly does not get any easier than that.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge finding the right longtail keywords for you. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

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Regardless of the size, type, or age of a business, business owners today fully understand the value of using long-tail keywords as an effective part of their SEO content strategy.  Very specific long-tail keywords are not only essential, but very effective when running niche marketing campaigns for your business.  PLUS it’s LOTS easier!! The biggest challenge with regard to long-tail keywords is simply knowing where to look for them or where to go to find the traffic driving and lead driving long-tail keywords.

long tail keywords

To begin with, let’s define what a long-tail keyword is.  Long-tail keywords are a specific type of keyword phrase that has a minimum of three words and many times as many as five or six words in the phrase.  These long-tail words are used primarily by webmasters to refine search terms of their web page.  These phrases act in the same manner as keywords in that they define what is on the web page and the category that the publisher wants to fall under in varied search engines but they have an added benefit all their own.  Long-tail keywords are far more effective and much better than simple keywords because, though they may drive less traffic to a specific site, they absolutely drive far more quality traffic to a site that ultimately yields a greater amount of conversions than simple normal keywords do.

long tail keywords

Once you have found and selected your long-tail keywords, the next important step is knowing how to use them.   You will need to optimize pages on your website for these long-tail keywords.  Though it may be easier to optimize the content that is already in existence on your site, creating new content may be a bit more beneficial.  In addition, upgrading existing content can prove risky if the page is ranking well for a different keyword and you make changes to it you may lose your ranking altogether.

long tail keywordsIt is also important to understand the role that web crawling plays in the success of your business.  Web crawling is the building of special word lists by spiders or  “software robots”  from words widely used on the web.  Viewing millions and millions of pages on the web, these spiders are then able to build and maintain lists that contain highly useful words used in searches. With the creation of these useful keyword lists, business owners are then able to identify those that are specific to their niche and include them as a primary component of their SEO content strategy which, over time, will lead to an enhanced business presence and an increase in conversions.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge finding the right longtail keywords for you. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

Check it out…

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Facebook AdvertisingEvery business owner, whether small or large, knows that one of the keys to a successful business is effective advertising.  One of the most difficult aspects of a business is the challenge of reaching and retaining customers.  We all know that marketing your business can indeed be very time consuming and surely even very costly.  Many businesses today utilize Facebook advertising as a primary means of marketing their business.  However, Facebook advertising can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.  It takes time, tweaking and money to create a winning Facebook campaign. I recommend purchasing a course and learn from someone who has already invested in their learning, that way you’ll be many steps ahead.  However, if you find yourself with a somewhat limited budget and are afraid to spend money on Facebook advertising, then be assured that there are various other advertising tools available that may easily satisfy your business marketing strategies.

Since most small businesses that are starting up do not have the resources to outsource their marketing and advertising needs, they must find economical yet effective ways of accomplishing this very important task.

google mybusinessIt may surprise you to know that rather than paying for pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, business owners can get free advertising on Google through Google My Business (previously known as Google Places).  When utilizing Google My Business you simply provide your valuable business information via the simple input process and Google infuses it straight into its search engine results.

Yahoo also offers an innovative lineup of advertising solutions to help you meet your marketing objectives as well. Their easy to use self-service tools enable business owners to control their budgets, target their audiences and successfully deliver their relevant creative content.  Because more than a billion consumers use Yahoo month after month you can be assured that your brand will be part of the overall internet experience that many consumers turn to the most.

Another effective means of advertising is through the use of banner ads.  When you spend time surfing on the web you see banner ads everywhere you look.  They appear on every type of web page and may vary in their appearance or subject matter, but indeed they all share one common feature – when you click on the banner your browser will immediately take you out to the advertiser’s web site.  Banner ads are not only effective, but indeed very affordable and their importance to internet-based businesses is extreme.


Further efficient and affordable advertising tools for our business may include the use of business flyers, postcards and even letters since these advertising products can be purchased in bulk at very reasonable prices and surely be remarkably effective in getting your brand noticed.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge of keeping all of your social bookmarking profiles up to date. I haven’t been using it for long, but so far it seems to be working well. They will offer you more products and services and if you’re ready go ahead and take advantage of them. However if you’re not just stick with the free version. Check it out…

BONUS: I have been asked to participate in a telesummit called Soul Driven Success and during my initial chat with Devorah she got me chatting about things I’ve never spoken about before on a telesummit. I have a few stories planned to tell on this one that you’ve never heard before. It should be fun, first time baring the soul for me. I hope you listen in. Click the link below to register and listen to all the interviews for free.

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It’s Christmastime and all your competitors are dressing up their social media profiles. Why? Simply because followers and fans look forward to it and your overall holiday success depends upon it. Everyone today is on social media sites for a variety of reasons, and on each of those sites are the individual profiles with personal content, profile pictures, cover pictures, and tons and tons of informative and even playful content. All year round social media users focus in on family and friends, as well as business colleagues through their platforms and are in search of the perfect content to post and conversations to engage their followers and friends with.

One of the most important tools used to gain recognition on social media sites are profile pictures and cover pictures. These very pictures are indicative of the persons that we are and the lifestyles that we lead. Many times a profile picture sends a message about the mood you are in or an event that has a significant value, as do our cover photos.

Social media profiles

What better way to dress up your social media profiles and presence than by inputting and uploading Christmas profile photos of yourself, or perhaps even traditional Christmas images that allow family and friends on the sites to share in the special time with you. Maybe you embrace the idea of putting a fully decorated Christmas tree donned with beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts as your cover photo. What a charming way to celebrate the holiday and allow those you are connected with to celebrate with you as well. A heartwarming photo of a fireplace, perhaps outdoors, surrounded by the pure white snow is another way of enticing the attention of your followers and allowing them to share with you the beauty and the love of the season. Not only can these festive photos be used as your cover photo, but indeed you can also use them as your individual profile photos encouraging the joy of the season and sharing your heartfelt emotions with those you are connected with.


xmas cover pictureIn addition, to your profile pictures and cover photos, sharing informative and enchanting seasonal Christmas content can increase your site presence and give life to your social media platform at a time that is so special and meaningful to so many. Christmas decorations, delightful recipes, Christmas music and videos, and even comforting Christmas verses are all spectacular tools to use in giving new life to your very own Facebook page or other social media platforms. Christmastime is here and surely you want to share all the happiness, excitement and emotions with those you hold dear. Dress up your social media platforms with all the joy and celebration of Christmas this year, after all it is the season to be jolly!

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Though there are abundant social media platforms in existence today, Facebook is by far the most trafficked and used social media platform of all. In your efforts to keep your business in the limelight and successfully acquire new clients while encouraging the return of existing clients, be sure to post regularly on your Facebook platform. Statistics have taught us that the most popular of all social media sites is Facebook with its massive audience and users. For this reason participating in online Christmas activities, offering special Christmas promotions and giveaways, conducting interactive contests, and simply posting colorful, holiday content are all creative ideas for managing your social media Christmas activities and presence. Don’t let this Christmas season fall short of your business goals. Utilizing these creative ideas will surely benefit you, your business, and the many Christmas shoppers that will successfully find and recognize you on all your social media platforms.

If you need help staying focused and setting all of your social media marketing check out my new coaching program. I am so excited to introduce The Social Success Coach and my first coaching program. Many people have been asking me for a long time to put together a way that they can ask me questions and get them answered on a priority basis. This is it – 4 Weeks To Visibility.  Let me help you bring it all together! Check it out Now, the first session starts on January 02, 2016.

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