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This week we’re doing something a little different, sharing some great information that I found.

I have been concentrating on big project for the last month and doing TONS’O research has been a big part of that. I wanted to share with you some of the great things that are happening on different social media platforms.


Do you struggle to keep up with your Facebook news feed?

Interested in an easier way to quickly see what’s most important to you?

Adjusting your Facebook settings can help you save time, stay on top of trends, and reach more of your audience.

In this article, you’ll discover how Facebook marketers can customize their Facebook news feed to improve productivity.

Read full article here: How to Customize Your Facebook News Feed: What Marketers Need to Know

Ever pause just before hitting the Share button when posting on LinkedIn?

Have you ever wondered if what you are about to post will hurt or improve your personal brand and authority on LinkedIn?

Here are five types of LinkedIn posts you should avoid sharing as well as four examples that can help your engagement and build your personal brand.

Continue reading the full article: 5 Things You Should Avoid Posting On LinkedIn


Twitter is on a roll: Shortly after enabling users to search for and send GIFs in tweets and direct messages, the company introduced the ability to capture and share videos in direct messages.

The feature, which moves Twitter one step closer to video-heavy services such as Snapchat, is accessible through the old “camera” button, which now gives you an option to record videos as well as photos.

Learn more about the Twitter Updates: Twitter adds support for videos in direct messages

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Every business owner can look like a true expert with content curation made easy.

Content curation is the simple task of researching, discovering, gathering and ultimately presenting content that is focused on a specific topic or subject matter. It is a tool gaining in importance to the successful marketing of many online business. Unlike content marketing that includes creating new content, content curation is taking content from a variety of different sources.  Then organizing all the content in your own unique style for presentation to your customers, clients, and online viewers. The responsibility of the content curator is Definitely not to develop or create new content.  Instead to go out there and research and discover informative content that is relevant to an online business or specific category. Then to strategically share this information to all your readers in your unique and specialized style.

Use RSS Feeds

RSSContent curators come in the form of RSS feeds, links that are posted on various blogs, social media platform feeds, and even online news platforms. There are no restrictions or limits when it comes to the style, type, and kind of content you can curate.  Choices range from videos, songs, pictures or any other type of digital content that viewers can share. Facebook and Twitter accounts are perfect examples of content curation as are Delicious and Digg. These two ever-popular social bookmarking sites give users the opportunity to share content and even cast votes as to whether or not the shared content is interesting or news worthy at all.

Vintage seo icons vector-01The benefits of content curation are many, especially since there is endless information available to us on the internet. By way of content curation readers are able to sift through all the ongoing information and find the most relevant pieces of content specific to a particular topic or subject. It allows readers to disregard and completely dismiss information that is not relative and give total focus to only information that is truly relevant and primary to their specific needs.

3 Free Content Curation Tools

Today most companies use content curation to drive SEO by linking multiple pieces of specific content together.  This increases overall exposure when that particular subject is searched by users. The use of content curation tools has increased because it allows business owners to find, organize and share informative content regularly. This ensures that their site is delivering new or updated content consistently. This certainly assists a ton in search engine ranking. It is important, to reach out to, and take advantage of, the many content curation tools available on the net today. Here are 3 free tools to check out!

  1. Klout
  2. Feedly
  3. DrumUp

These tools will contribute greatly to the success of your online business. Since these tools assist in sorting through the TONS of online content to find only the information that is pertinent and relevant to your specific business needs.  You will definitely be able to find content that will satisfy the interests and needs of your specific target audience each time, every time.

Content Creation Like a Pro

Want even more information and resources to create perfect content for your business?

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Let me first define perfect as you are likely thinking there is no way you’re going to be able to create perfect content!  From Wikipedia we learn that perfect is defined as “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be“. I want to add; based on what you know Right Now, for you right now.

Example what I thought was a perfect blog post last year is not what I believe is a perfect blog post now.  I have learned more about writing and search engine optimization as a result my idea of the perfect blog post has changed.  That does not mean the posts I created last year were not perfect then! 🙂  Remember this is YOUR perfect content!  You are the judge.

One of the most challenging parts of your online business is that of developing and designing your website AND adding fresh content. The ability to create your perfect content that will enhance the appearance of your website and drive traffic too. Content marketing, as we all know, is critical to the success of your business and indeed the creation of perfect content only adds to that very success.

When creating perfect content it is important to begin by researching the best keywords to be used. Keywords are essential to getting your page noticed.  They also improve your Google ranking and ranking within other search engines as well. Utilizing effective keywords is definitely an important element for creating perfect content and is essential to your overall content marketing strategy. In addition, using a variety of content types will add to the effectiveness and the efficiency of your content and will also contribute greatly to increasing traffic to your site and generating new leads.

Respond to Frequently Asked Questions

FAQSome of the varied types of content you can use are first, frequently asked questions. Pay attention to your customers and your target audience and focus on the information that they are in search of; including the many questions that are posed by customers. You can also find FAQ’s on forums, social networking sites, Facebook groups and similar places. Providing answers these frequently asked questions on your site shows potential customers that you are on top of your game. PLUS you are attentive to your target audience needs. It’s also an excellent way to give them just what they’re looking for.


Provide Your Opinion on Various Topics

A second type of content you can use is that of opinion content. Providing content on your site that engages the opinions of your customers and potentialCreate Perfect Content - Provide Your Opinion clients as well as first time visitors is a tremendous first step in the “relationship” process. It also tends to keep the conversations going when you consistently have new content. Each time a viewer makes a comment or gives an opinion on your blog or web content it is viewed as updated and fresh content, thereby enhancing your visibility and improving your rankings.

People LOVE How To Content

A third type of content that is especially useful when looking to explode your business is that of the ever-popular “How To” content. What is how to content? Simply put, it is content that offers direction, guidance and instructions to repeat viewers and new viewers alike. You can write on topics such as;

  • how to use certain products of yours
  • how to accomplish a specific task
  • how to make better use of your business website.

How to content is very engaging and proves to be not only very useful, but very interesting and informative to your customers, clients and potential customers and clients.

In piecing together your perfect content marketing strategy remember to keep these simple steps in mind for creating perfect web content. This will ultimately assist in driving traffic to your site, and enhance the presence of your site not only within your business niche but also for search engine rank. Perfect content eventually leads to perfect customers, which ultimately leads to your perfect business success!!
Content Creation Like a Pro

Want even more information and resources to create perfect content for your business?

Check out Content Creation Like A Pro

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It is important to create informative content as a critical element of a marketing strategy to increase traffic and generate leads. Even quick content creation takes both time and effort in the beginning. You can’t expect to see results immediately, but surely you can engage in quick content creation that will allow you to streamline your strategies as well as generate results at a greater rate.

Know Your Audience

To begin with, you have to know your audience. It does no good at all to create spectacular content if you are going to simply put your content out there with no specific target audience in mind. You must first define your brand image, the type of content that will successfully resonate with your specific audience, and the perfect means of delivering your content to your audience. Knowing your audience also make for Quick content creation.

BN - Know Your Audience

BN - Know your audience2

  1. Where is your audience heading?
  2. Are they the same age group?
  3. Do they need or want your product or service?
  4. Are they willing to listen?
  5. What do they have in common?

Collect Your Ideas


Brainstorm for Content Ideas

Next, you want to collect your ideas and thoughts and put together a good month’s supply of content ideas and headlines well in advance of your ongoing postings. This allows you to keep a consistent flow of ideas going at a steady pace. You can keep your audience engaged without losing valuable time to individual brainstorming sessions. It’s very time consuming to come up with ideas each time you choose to update a blog or add new content to your site. Collecting and creating your ideas and headlines in advance will minimize the amount of time necessary to create the ongoing content pieces and headlines later. A great resource is the questions people ask you, keep track of them in a special spot and use them to create super targeted quick content.

Personal Productivity Patterns

Personal Productivity

When are you most productive, morning, noon or nite?

Further steps you can take in the creation of quick content include knowing your own personal productivity patterns and levels. If you are typically not a morning person then surely you do not want to attempt to create content in the morning hours since you are apt to make mistakes, criticize your own work, write and rewrite and waste a great deal of time trying to collect thoughts and ideas that are just not there. Writing content at the time of day that tends to be more productive for you personally. This will also result in creating quick content that will require little time to tweak or revise. In addition, it is important not to allow your inner critiquing voice to distract you while writing. Come up with a simple system when writing if you find yourself questioning the content simply input a “notation of choice, perhaps a “?” indicator” after the content and continue on with expressing and writing your ideas. Personally I use the yellow highlighter because I want it to really stand out, sometimes I will even put it in CAPS LOCK! 🙂

Once you have created your content it is much easier to go back and give attention to those special notations made and make any revisions or tweaks at that time. Stopping and rethinking, rewriting, and revising during the initial write up of content will not only waste a great deal of time, but could also hamper your thought process and cause distractions that can ultimately affect the quality of your content and the speed at which you are able to create your quality informative content.

Want even more information and resources on creating content for your business?

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3 Simple Steps – Effective Content Marketing Made Easy

Every online business owner knows that effective content marketing requires more than just well-written, informative data and effective search engine optimization to increase traffic to a website. However many people make it harder than it needs to be, here are 3 simple steps effective content marketing. The key to your successful site is content marketing made easy. It is important for web developers and designers to incorporate useful and efficient elements such as content writing, SEO, and social media marketing into their marketing strategies. Each of these elements contributes to your site’s visibility, but when you add images to that list of important elements you can sit back and watch your traffic grow.

Great Content Marketing Includes Images

The first of three simple steps involves the strategic use of images that will contribute greatly to your sites visibility. When properly used they can add to and greatly enhance your site content, improve your reach through organic searches, and certainly catch both the eye and the interest of potential new customers and clients. It is important to recognize that websites that use blogs with images receive more views than those blogs that contain no images simply because the human eye is naturally drawn to images first before written content. Nowadays it is ever so easy and fast to upload pictures to a site and certainly the wide range of images and the availability of images make this necessary task a remarkably easy one absolutely a necessary one. Using product images is every bit as important to your site. Providing small, high resolution images of your products will allow visitors to your site to quickly and effectively shop and compare your products. Be sure to use relevant keywords for the image’s name and make consistent use of Alt text as well.

Content Marketing Requires Research

99999Your second step to effective content marketing requires you to research and discover what products, services or information your audience is looking for and what their primary needs may be. In determining your target audience needs, you increase your capability of providing content and images that are specific to their needs and ultimately contribute to increased traffic and potentially increased revenues for your company as well. Keep in mind that using existing content from other reliable sources such as news items, and commentaries and adding your own little spin to the content as to how it impacts your customers, can be an incredibly effective tool. Expanding on ideas, challenging comments and assumptions, weighing in on conversations are all tools you can use to increase traffic to your own site without having to put time into creating your own original content time and time again. Give ample time to research questions your customers are asking, the topics that are of interest to them, the subject matter of their own forums and anything else that your customers may find to be useful.

Prepare Your Content for the Search Engines

The third step to your marketing strategy is that of preparing your content for search engines. The use of informative and creative content is BE Safe Copyright_Infringement can be expensiveobviously the most important rule when preparing content for SEO. By creating amazing content that people actually  want to read, you are increasing the chances of having your content shared. In addition, linking out to authority sites from within your own blog posts will help your site to show up in Google image searches as will abundant blog comments which tells Google that your post is something that people are not only reading and interested in but are interacting on. Keep in mind that blog comments and added images keep your content looking fresh and new. So posting often to your blog keeps your content from getting stale and keeps your Google rankings up. When hunting for the images online be sure to use photos where copyright is not an issue.

Want even more information and resources on creating content for your business? Check out Content Creation Like A Pro ==>



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