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Many thanks to Ricky Shetty of Daddy BloggerI received tickets to Conscious Diva’s  Living Extraordinary LIVE! There was a traffic incident on the Alex Fraser Bridge, as a result I was late & didn’t get to meet any of the extraordinary people who were attending before the event started.

I believe it is very important to connect via social media with the people you meet at events. In this hectic world today we all live very busy lives. How many times have you gone home from an event swearing that you’ll stay connected with someone you met? AND how many times does that just not happen? It’s not your fault, you had very good intentions – however life just got in the way. A really quick way to make sure you stay connected is to find the people and their pages on Facebook.

Even better is to take pictures at the event, easy with all the smart phones out there! Once you are home, or perhaps even when you are commuting home you can upload the pictures to album in Facebook created specifically for the event.

Conscious Divas 300x225 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Kate Muker
Kate is dedicated to consciously living her best life. Always open to learning and adopting new teachings that allow her to live a life she loves. Health, Happiness and Amazing Experiences!

Kate Muker 300x225 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Matthew Kocel
The evening started off with Special Guest Matthew Kocel, North American throat singer a true visionary in the world music and sound healing movement. His rare blend of Tibetan, Tuvan and North European overtone singing seamlessly weaves an expansive soundscape that draws you into a deep experience of inner peace. You can listen to his music at

An excellent way to begin the evening.  You could feel the audience became very calm and peaceful.  Being that it was a blustry and rainy night in downtown Vancouver it was the perfect way to get everyone settled, attentive and excited about what was to come.

Matthew Kocel 300x225 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Chris Sol

With deep passions for spiritual psychology and the art of living, Chris continues to explore the nature of mind and reality, so that he may be of service to others in answering the big questions, and facilitating psycho-spiritual integration. He believes that by illuminating the darker corners of the personality, and redefining our sense of Self, we can tap into an innate capacity for peace, joy, well being and peak performance. The conversation he had with us was inspirational. “I am Alive”, his mantra to start off the evening had us all thing about the fact that we are Here Now! “Your dreams and your focus create your reality” All of us must learn to guard our dreams with our live. Let go of what is not working for us and truly Be Alive.

Chris Sol3 300x300 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Annalea Krebs
Was our second speaker. “We don’t need to trade off life for purpose”!! A social entrepreneur, Annalea Krebs is a passionate individual whose mission to make green mainstream inspires those around her. Annalea recognized that the top 3 reasons preventing people from purchasing green products were: they think they are too expensive, they don’t know where to find them, and they don’t know what to trust. For Annalea, ethicalDeal is the solution to this problem as people can trust Ethical Deal to find the best green products and can try them out an introductory price. Annalea is one of BC’s Top 30 under 30, has been named one of the top 25-women run start-ups to watch by Fast Company, and received the Top Online Marketer Award from Small Business BC in 2013. She believes that business can be a powerful force for change, and loves companies that are built to make the world better.

As I too am a very “green” person, I love her theme that we can have profit with purpose. Backing up our ideal with good business sense makes things happen. When we align our work with our values we develop and grow business that generate profit with purpose.

photo 12 300x300 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Alex Mazerolle

Alex started teaching yoga at age 21 and has been a staple in the Vancouver yoga community ever since. With over 500 hours of training in both yoga and pilates, movement has long been a passion of hers. She started Girlvana Yoga in 2012 which is an initiative that provides teen girls with mentorship, weekly yoga classes and empowerment retreats. In 2014 Alex cofounded Distrikt Movement, a studio in North Vancouver committed to building true community and elevating people through fitness and yoga. Alex is also a Lululemon Ambassador, the creator of the popular Vancouver community event Yoga, Eat, Repeat, the teacher of EA Sports’ Yogify App. She has lent her teaching skills to such organizations as The Looking Glass Foundation, Dress for Success and the Africa Yoga Project.

For Alex it’s all about knowing people. She gave a very heartfelt presentation as she has discovered, the more raw and real she is the more she allows the people around her to be themselves. She told all of us to “Let It Go!”

Alex Mazerolle3 300x225 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Adina Neufeld
Adina is a Vancouverite, a mom, a wife, a former corporate worker bee and a student of life. With a business degree in Finance and Marketing, Adina worked in finance and then at a major advertising agency serving clients ranging from non-profits to national and international brands. Leaving advertising life helped her discover her true passion for supporting women in business, connecting people and creating community. Adina is a Director and Leader at Stella & Dot where she’s been an Independent Stylist for over 4 years and leads a team of over 150 stylists. She has a knack for bringing out the ‘inner sparkle’ in people and is jazzed about mentoring others to shine more brightly too.

Three important steps Adina shared with us…
1) Connect with yourself again
2) Help others connect with themselves
3) Team! Play without judgement or comparison

photo 11 300x225 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Ashley Wray
Ashley Wray’s path to entrepreneurship started over the waters of South East Asia with a serendipitous meeting on a plane. Since then, Ashley and her husband have founded Mala Collective and have been working to connect people with their perfect mala beads — a medium to set intentions, connect to your oneness, overcome fears, and find peace in a hectic world.

Ashley’s product really appealed to me as I only recently started Transcendental Meditation. She had a booth that was so jam packed I couldn’t get to it at the break. Lucky for me she had also generously brought jewelery for people to wear when they were having their pictures taken. I was able to go up and touch and feel! icon smile Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

photo 1 300x300 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

Udo Erasmus
Poisoned by pesticides in 1980, Udo Erasmus used knowledge of biology, biochemistry, and genetics to cure himself naturally. He invented a way to ‘make oils with health in mind’ (83), wrote FATS THAT HEAL FATS THAT KILL (86), fathered flax oil (87), designed Udo’s Oil Blend (94), and gave 5,000+ educational talks plus 3,000+ media interviews in 40+ countries. He formulated several products that optimize digestion & improve hum(an)imal health. To replace medical disease management misrepresented as health care, he created a systematically organized, practical, consumer-friendly, globally teachable field of health care based in nature and human nature.

photo 4 300x225 Its Important To Connect With Social Media From Live Events

If you would like to connect with any or all of these speakers I have created an album over on Facebook (Surprise :-)) where you can simply click on their name and be taken over to their Facebook Page.

Be sure to head over and read Part Two of this post

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I just read an blog post from Digital trends regarding the subscribe button on Facebook personally I am correction I have never been a fan of the subscribe button on Facebook how a. How about you have you used the subscribe button?

download1 Facebook Subscribe Button Hits The Trash!I never used the subscribe button I never encouraged any of my fans or friends to subscribe to me on Facebook I just didn’t understand personally to me it seemed like duplication.

This is really good news about the subscribe button being changed to a follow button. I love the idea that Facebook is quote borrowing quote from Facebook Twitter here is the statement that Facebook had to say…

They’re going with ‘Follow’ instead! Just like Twitter!download 11 Facebook Subscribe Button Hits The Trash!

The functionality will be the same, but the button will now read ‘Follow’ instead of ‘Subscribe’.

Is this yet another warning sign that Twitter is closing the gap on FB

Or is it simply clever copywriting on FB’s part, due to the fact ‘subscribe’ inherently suggests some form of payment? (People tend to only want FREE stuff on FB!)

Even if it does seem like Facebook is following in Twitter’s footsteps, despite outweighing them roughly 5:1 in terms of users… if it’s an improvement to FB’s business and usability, I say great!

images1 Facebook Subscribe Button Hits The Trash!Because Facebook is where it’s at, as far as generating fast, free, self-sustaining traffic… and the happier Facebook’s users are, the more it benefits us!

While Facebook hesitated, for obvious reasons, to make a more direct correlation to Twitter’s with using the same language when it first introduced, it’s caving now and will replace Subscribe with Follow.

There aren’t any changes to the buttons or how it functions, for the record. Instead the update is simply a superficial change. Instead of seeing sites and users within and outside of Facebook advertising a Subscribe button, it will read Follow. That’s it, we promise. Since the Subscribe button can also be found not only on third-party sites, the word change will take effect in user’s Facebook Interest Lists.

The rewording makes the feature more recognizable. Twitter of course popularized the use of “follow,” however many other services like Quora and Instagram use it too. I love the idea of consistency between the different platforms! icon smile Facebook Subscribe Button Hits The Trash!

We have a big offer for Twitter for Beginners Manual

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You will see big companies using social media like Facebook more and more. It is being recognized as a valuable tool to have in your marketing tool belt. Companies big and small are adopting some form of social media marketing.


  1. build customer loyalty
  2. build your brand
  3. stay in touch with your customers in real time

conversation with your customer 1 300x200 Facebook   Is it Really Good For Business?Through the use of groups or fan pages you can be a big part of the conversation your customers and potential customers are having on line. Both of theses will create visibility and increase awareness for your business by establishing your presence on-line.

You will be able to announce events to the people who have already identified that they are interested in your product or service. For Valentine’s day Morton’s Steak House…

“Asked guests on Facebook to send us photos of their Valentine’s Day experience at Morton’s. We got more than 50 photos. One couple has recently got engaged [in the restaurant].”

92193135 300x201 Facebook   Is it Really Good For Business?This is an excellent way to bring your Facebook page to life, engage your customers and build your brand loyalty. You can hold events, contests, product specials or perhaps new product launches. People love to share their stories and pictures, you can create the opportunity to make that happen. You want to be engaged with your customers, let things happen naturally as this will be more effective for your credibility and long term results.

Your page, profile or group must include the following information:

  • Your picture or company logo
  • Your current business address (if applicable)
  • Your phone number
  • Your website and a link to your blogs or additional sites

You want your potential customers and clients to be able to find you as easily as possible. Watching and learning how the “big companies” use social is an excellent way to find techniques to use social media for any home based business.

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The longer I have been on Facebook the more benefits I receive from it for my business. I started out on Facebook just to see if I could find more of my old high school friends than I did on Classmates. I have definitely found more and there has been a lot more interaction than Classmates.

Here are five of the benefits you will receive when you decide to use Facebook for your business…

computa 300x198 5 Little Known Facebook Benefits For Business #1 If you are participating in an event you want others to attend, e.g., teleclass, fundraiser, webinar, live event, etc., you can get the word out quickly and have a good showing. When your ready to kick it up a notch or two you can start using Facebook ads to let people know about your events. You are able to put yourself in front of your potential customers and discover what they are talking about and searching for on the web.

#2 You can learn about your distant customers by their posts. You will feel much more connected to them when you meet them than you thought possible. You can stay connected with the customers you already have and learn to provide the products they are looking for.

#3 My customers sometimes say profound things. These profound things can have a positive impact on how you do your business, it has happened to me and I am very grateful.

customer birthday 10 300x225 5 Little Known Facebook Benefits For Business #4 You are reminded of your customer’s birthdays so you do not need to keep track or spend money on a card, and it’s a great time to send them encouraging words.

#5 You can find old and new friends through your current friends and have them become your customers or clients, or refer you to new customers or clients.

There are many, many more benefits for using Social Media Marketing for your business. The best thing to do is to just get started. Social Media Marketing is not something that happens over night, it does take time. You will need to build trust with your customers and potential customers and like Kees Kamies says… “Give trust, and you’ll get it double in return.”

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Your Facebook Page is where you will send people who are interested in your product or service. Facebook does not allow us to sell from our personal profile, but you can sell from a Facebook Page.
Now that you decided you want one, and have created it you are looking at a blank Facebook wall wondering what the heck to post there???

Think of your Page as the place where you can engage people who are interested in what you have to offer, a place to interact with them and have them interact with like minded people. Plus you can find out what it is they are looking for.

photo for information systems approved1 300x300 Facebook Fan Page   What kind of Posts Do I Put There?You want to post “How To” information. This can be done using articles, notes, email, and video or by any other means you can think of. An example would be the little 2 -3 minute videos I post on how to do some little tasks in Facebook. I decide on the topics for these videos based on questions and comments from clients, customers and friends. Plus what ever I have a challenge finding or have to go searching for myself I have found to be a great topic for a “how to” video.

You can also demonstration how to do something. Remember to keep it short and sweet. To begin with use a tool or method that you are comfortable with and then expand your comfort zone. If right now you are just comfortable posting links to the demonstrations of other, that’s OK, BUT start thinking about what you would put in a video. Start thinking about how you would do something differently.

circle of hands 300x300 Facebook Fan Page   What kind of Posts Do I Put There?

Remember to engage with your friends yourself! People like to be acknowledged, respond to their posts, comments and questions. Your fans are looking for proof that you care, Facebook makes this so very easy to do. Be consistent, interact & engage as much as you can. BUT if you can only be on Facebook once or twice a week that’s OK too, just be consistent. If you are “gone” for long periods of time your friends and fans will be “gone” too.

Provide links to great information that you find as you are surfing the net. If you find interesting information about your niche it is very likely your friends and fans will find it interesting too. In many cases you will have found much better resources for your niche, share those. This can also take the pressure off of you having to constantly create new content.

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Would love to hear your comments and ideas right here on the blog.  AND I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.