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What Is The Facebook Edgerank? Do You Really Need To Know? YES You Do!

EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that controls what shows up in your News Feed.

Have you ever noticed that you haven’t seen the posts from a friend or a page that you really like? When you log in and take a look at the specific page or personal profile you discover you have missed lots of interesting news and information. Then wonder to yourself how on earth did I miss all of this? Edgerank is at work.

This algorithm can be understood as: the sum of Edges, each Edge is made up of Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. This may sound complicated at first, but when you begin to understand the underlying concept, it’s actually a simple and effective algorithm.


Exactly how Edgerank works is Facebook’s secret. Just like Google they keep the specific information to themselves. The nitty gritty detail of how the algorithm works is known only by Facebook.  You can check out how the Facebook Edgerank works on their help site.

Affinity Score – how connected are you to a person or page is the big factor here. For instance I am very connected to my niece, Facebook knows this because I post in her newsfeed, I tag her in posts and photos and I comment, like and share on a regular basis on her posts. I have also indicated that she is “family”. Affinity score is only one way. In this case with my niece Facebook knows that I care about her but not if she cares about me. However not only are they measuring and including what you do they also include what your friends and their friends do too.

Edge Weight – This is a value assigned by Facebook. As a general rule the tasks that take more time to complete tend to be given more weight. All of the different actions on Facebook are not created equal. When you comment on something that is worth more than simply clicking the “like” button. Just scrolling through your newsfeed and only viewing does not count toward the affinity score, you MUST interact.

Time Decay – This one is the easiest to understand. How long the post has been around, is it “old news”? This is why when you log in you see the most current posts of your friends and the pages you like.  It is very important that you are posting on a regular basis on your Facebook page, if you need help figuring that out check out Going Global With Facebook.

Plus it appears that Facebook also makes adjustments based on how long it has been since you logged in AND how often you log in.

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shoutDo you advertise on Faceboook?  Your specific audience is there, it is simply finding the right strategy to attract them!

On June 6th Facebook announced changes to the their ad products.

They plan on streamlining and reducing the duplication.  These changes will be phased in over the next 6 months in Facebook.

My personal favorite is;

It also means removing the online Offer product because marketers have found that using a Page post link ad is a more effective way to drive people to deals on their websites. We’re going to start making these changes in July.

SocialMediaFriendMy personal experience is the “Offer” button has not converted well.  People are on Facebook to have fun, connect with friends and maybe play a game or two.  When you put the opportunity to buy something they just haven’t been interested.  The “Download” and “Learn More” buttons have been much more effective for me.

Here’s a look at what’s changing:

Old Name New Name  
Page post photo ads photo ads
Page post video ads video ads
Page post link ads link ads/multi-product ads
Page post text ads/page post status ads text ads
Page post offer ads offer ads
Domain ads link

If you would like to read the full news bulliten from Facebook; click the link below

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bestFacebookCoverphotosIdeasExamplescopy The cover photo on your Facebook Page will help you build your brand, reputation and good will. An effective company name is a good place to start as it helps people remember you. Memorability can come from using an unusual color combination, behavior that is different from the norm, even a style or color of clothing.

Once you have your brand figured out, for now, you can use it very effectively in your Facebook Cover Graphic. I say “for now” because it will always be changing and evolving as your business grows and develops.

'Strategy' highlighted in greenHere are 7 great ways to use your Facebook Cover Graphic to your benefit. I highly recommend that you change your cover often, at least once per month. When you implement this strategy you’ll be able to take advantage of all of these ways to use your Facebook Cover to make your business grow.

1. Communicate your brand – show some personality. Have fun, be serious, or a mixture of both. What every your personality is you need to reflect it in your FB cover.

2. Communicate your key message – what is it you do? This can be done in a tag line or in the pictures or graphics you include both in your cover graphic or posts.

3. Highlight a competition – increase engagement You will be surprised how many people will click on your cover graphics. You can market a competition in your cover graphic, be sure to provide the details of your competition in the description box. This will enable people to enter your contest immediately!

4. Publish a promotion – Once Facebook changed the requirement of the cover photos it has become a much better tool to increase engagement and sales. Each time you have a different promotion add a new Facebook Cover graphic to the list of “must have” items. For the duration of your promotion be sure the cover is uploaded, it has a call to action and a link taking people out to your offer.

5. Demonstrate your Unique Selling Point (USP) – What makes you better than your competitor? I have my main Facebook Cover graphic demonstrate our USP and this is the one we default back to during each of the other promotions and offers.

Special Offer - 50% off the creation of your personalized Facebook Cover Graphic - Click on the Graphic to get your Now!

Special Offer – 50% off the creation of your personalized Facebook Cover Graphic – Click on the Graphic to get yours Now!

6. Event Registration – Make it really easy for your fans to know what your up to, where you can be found and all of your up-coming meet-ups, trade shows etc. Be sure to include a link so that they can register too. I like to invite people to come and say Hi, or keep an eye out for me at different events. It’s a super way to let people know you are approachable.

7. Fun – change it for fun and personality watch Google, they do a great job with their logo. I have mine changed for each of the holidays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. Even for my own birthday as I normally run some type of special offer just because it’s my birthday. AND you can too!!

We have a super surprise for you!  Want to have your own special Facebook Cover Graphic?  I’ll get John Mark, the great graphic artist who created all of my designs to create one just for you. Not only will you get an experienced artist creating a great new Facebook cover for you but we have super special pricing of 50% off for the next 3 days only.  CHECK OUT this special offer NOW!

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Is “Godzilla” Social?

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I won a ticket to the about to be released Godzilla 3D movie and of course I had to find out just how much is being done on Social Meida to market and promote this movie.

Of course the first thing I checked out was their Facebook page, started on July 18, 2012 for the release date of May 16, 2014. Two years of building up to this movie. They have a very engaging page with over 1.2 million fans AND 500,000 fans talking about them, that’s a lot of fans in just under two years.


They have used a number of different engagement techniques, the picture below asked me to mention the person I would be seeing the movie with so I had to participate and add two people from the YVR Bloggers group, Ricky Shetty and Matt Astifan. As I have mentioned in previous posts Facebook engagement has become more and more challenging as they drive us all to spend more money on Facebook.
This strategy works, I did it. :-)

BN Godzilla - win t-shirt on Facebook

The YouTube Channel is optimized to the nine’s! We all know just how powerful video can be and they are taking advantage of as much as they possible can, building towards the opening. When you take a look at the channel you see that it is optimized to make the most of the time each viewer spends on the page.


Twitter, moving as always at the speed of light. The Godzilla Movie it doing a very good job of taking advantage of all of the Twitter posts about the movie by Re-Tweeting (RT) them! There are contests and draws mixed in with all the tweets, which include text, pictures and videos, a very powerful combination. Plus there are give aways for the special products, such as t-shirts, hats, bags, jackets, etc mixed in with all the other great tweets. Take a look at their Twitter stream prior to the movie opening, an awesome strategy for building the momentum.


All we YVR Bloggers met at the Bosley’s Pet Store in New Westminster, we wanted to take pictures and give them some online love as a way of demonstrating our thanks for the free tickets. There is an awesome crew at the store, not only did they provide the free movie tickets they also handed out goodie bags, both dog and cat goodie bags. My pets were all be very excited!

photo 3

Then we all trooped over to the Landmark movie theater, ready to be Roared!

It was definitely fun to be a part of the VIP advance screening of the movie. There was a Roar Meter in the waiting area and of course the whole group had to get together and give it our best shot. Unfortunately there wasn’t a prize for the best group roar. I’m sure we would have won.

The movie was excellent! I read a great review from the Toronto Sun, here is a little snippet…

One singular moment shows that director Edwards — who is known only for his small-scale, indie sci-fi movie Monsters — had some big-time mojo. He wanted to make this mostly-made-in-Canada production more emotional than just another big monster movie. At one critical point, Taylor-Johnson is in the foreground, with Godzilla’s bloodied head nearby in a cloud of dust. The two have a “moment” as two creatures communing in a crisis. It is actually kind of beautiful.

Once the movie is over, sit a few moments, let everyone else get caught in the stampede to leave. Watch the credits and see just how many Graphic Artists were involved in making the movie. There were a few of us in the group who noted that it was 100’s but we didn’t start looking soon enough to be able to count. When you stop and think, even just the graphics in the trailers, there really were tons of people were involved. However that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same techniques.

You too can implement all of these strategies in your business. Likely not to the extent the “Godzilla Movie” has, but all of the strategies and techniques mentioned here will work for your business too!

Need help with your social media? Sign up for a free strategy session, let’s get ya going on the right foot. CLICK HERE NOW

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Many thanks to Ricky Shetty of Daddy BloggerI received tickets to Conscious Diva’s Living Extraordinary LIVE! There was a traffic incident on the Alex Fraser Bridge, as a result I was late & didn’t get to meet any of the extraordinary people who were attending before the event started.

I believe it is very important to connect via social media with the people you meet at events. In this hectic world today we all live very busy lives. How many times have you gone home from an event swearing that you’ll stay connected with someone you met? AND how many times does that just not happen? It’s not your fault, you had very good intentions – however life just got in the way. A really quick way to make sure you stay connected is to find the people and their pages on Facebook.

Even better is to take pictures at the event, easy with all the smart phones out there! Once you are home, or perhaps even when you are commuting home you can upload the pictures to album in Facebook created specifically for the event.

After the break we continued with…

Jane Langton
Jane Langton is a certified sexual health educator aiming to transform the views and conversations on healthy sexuality across the lifespan. Jane is committed to educating people about how general health and sexual health are intertwined. And, according to the World Health Organization, people have “the right to sexual information and the right to pleasure.” Most recently Jane was invited to speak at TEDx.

I loved her comment “You never outgrow the need for safety.” She was, in my opinion, the most entertaining of the speakers!

Jane Langston

Sean Morong
If you ask Sean where he gets his positive beliefs and inspiration, he’ll likely tell you all about his good fortune in having a wise and spiritually connected grandmother, who was his teacher, mentor and biggest fan. Sean’s struggles to find his purpose, his awakening and his new relationship with God are the essence of his collection of blogs titled Life And Music “ A Unique Perspectives on Life”. Whether Sean is speaking, creating music, writing or being with family and friends, it is this attitude of inspiration and joy he brings to his life that continue to open doors for him. He continues to learn from the experience of being a parent and sees life as an unfolding journey full of purpose and meaning.

Sean said “when we worry we are sending the message we are not trusting” Learning to use true gratitude starts with trying to give gratitude a face. eg: your child We must all deal with the daily challenges and learn to LIVE in our bodies.

Sean Morong

Lara Kozan
Lara believes it’s your birthright to be radiantly healthy and wildly happy. Lara is an optimist. She believes in people and their ability to choose a deep breathe, the right pose, food that nourishes, connections that are real, thoughts that empower and love over fear. Inspired with dreams as a child she was given the vision to create what is now YYoga, Lara co-founded YYoga in 2007, a community of yoga studio and lifestyle centres dedicated to supporting people in their commitment to whole health. Lara has most recently co-founded Nectar Juicery, which provides modern nourishment through 100% organic, cold-pressed, unpasteurized, and formulaic juices. With an internal smile Lara is wildly grateful for the health and happiness of her amazing friends, adored husband and superhero kids.,

I truly enjoyed Laura’s presentation, I would love to hear more from her about just how she build the two great small business she currently owns.

Lara Kozan2

Keri-Anne Livingstone
Keri-Anne Livingstone is a Wife, Mom of two young boys and a former corporate marketing professional who transformed her unconscious life in every way, by exploring one powerful concept – Daring to Suck. As a result, she redefines what it means to be ‘selfish’ and proves that putting our needs first is actually the quickest way to a happy, fulfilling and a purposeful life. She now serves the world as a Certified Co-Active Coach and Speaker demonstrating what’s possible when we listen to our heart, leap into the unknown and trust that amazing experiences and our intended life are waiting on the other side.

Keri-Anne Livingston2

Jenna Herbut
Jenna Herbut is the co-founder of Make It, which has grown to be one of the largest indie craft shows in Canada. In 2012, Jenna started Make It University, an online business program because she wanted to help her fellow crafty peers sharpen their skills. She is currently writing her first book about the handmade movement to inspire others to live their dreams.

Jenna, in my opinion, was the most energetic and entertaining speaker of the night. Her passion for her business and the results her clients are creating was inspiring!

Jenna Herbert

Bix Bickson
It’s only in retrospect that Bix Bickson realizes he’s lived an extraordinary life. After being asked to leave a small liberal arts college for publishing his own newspaper (as a journalism major) he went straight to free-speech-mecca Berkeley in 1966.Then avoiding being drafted into the Vietnam war in the 70s he helped build a community in the Canadian woods for the next 10 years. What to do next, of course, was to spend the thirty years helping to transform the world…and… businesses – like lululemon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Guinness by impacting their sense of consciousness and “intentional character” into their cultures. Bix is honored to be a part of Living Extraordinary LIVE and hopes to inspire and be inspired by a community of conscious dudes and divas. You can find Bix online at

Bix Bickson

If you would like to connect with any or all of these speakers I have created an album over on Facebook (Surprise :-)) where you can simply click on their name and be taken over to their Facebook Page.

Did you miss part 1? Check it out here

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