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One of the best posts you can create for attracting traffic to your site is a video.

You don’t have to create your own videos all the time, you can “embed” them from YouTube.

Here is a short video that explains just how to embed a video into a blog post

As always your comments and questions are appreciated right here on the blog.

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How To Create A YouTube PlayList

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Have you ever had a hard time finding one of your own videos? YouTube playlists let’s you keep everything organized. Take a peek and learn how now…

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Now you have gone to all the work of creating Twitter Lists ~

What do you do with them??

Here is a quick video on one way you can start
to take advantage of all of that work NOW!

Do join in the conversation by leaving your comments
and questions here on the blog ~ they are always welcome.

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When Facebook moved things around a bit it made it challenging
to find my list of Fanpage Likes.

Watch this video so that you can learn how to find your
favorite Facebook Fanpages again quickly!

Do leave your comments and questions here on the blog
it’s wonderful to get to know ya just a little!

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A super quick tip about untagging yourself on Facebook.

It can be annoying when people clutter your Facebook wall
with pictures or videos you don’t want there.

Watch this quick video and find out how you can
untag yourself right now.

Your comments and questions are always welcome here on the blog!

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