LinkedIn Recommendation or Endorsement? You Want It All? (Of Course You Do)


In today’s world many people are looking for “quick and easy”. LinkedIn has made it possible for us to do just that, because so many people would love to recommend you on LinkedIn but they just don’t have enough time in the day to sit and write that wonderful personalized recommendation you deserve.

Here are the definitions of Endorsement and Recommendation from LinkedIn;

An endorsement is a one-click way for your connections to endorse the Skills & Expertise listed on your profile. There is not an automatic way to request an endorsement. A written recommendation is not included with this feature.

recommendation is a written statement of recommendation from a connection. You may request recommendations from your connections, as well as proactively recommend your connections.

I have been asked many times by busy business owners which one is better and why. My response is they are both good and both have their place on your profile.

We all like to hear from our customers and clients that they like and appreciate what we are doing for them and 3rd party endorsements are priceless. However in today’s very busy world many people do not have the time to sit and write recommendations for us. This is why the endorsement is important. Your connections can quickly and easily give you the thumbs upand highlight your skills. The fact that they have endorsed you is also available for their connections to see. Any of your first level connections can endorse you,

You can hide endorsements but you can’t delete them. Go to the pull-down menu at the top of the screen and under “profile,” click “edit profile.” When you scroll to the “skills and expertise” section, you will see a pencil icon. Click that and you will see an option to “manage endorsements.”

best-way-to-get-a-guyRecommendations are harder to come by because they ask more of the person making the recommendation. However the BEST way to get them is to ASK! You will be surprised the responses you will receive. Make it a practice to give one or two recommendations per week to your connections. Write sincere, honest and complimentary recommendations for the people you know and have worked with. This will come back to you!bigstock-We-recommend-shiny-speech-bubb-42004267

I personally don’t believe one is better than the other. Recommendations are definitely more powerful as they are personalized and address your business, service or product specifically. They highlight your skills. However people who use LinkedIn regularly look for the endorsements because they know just how busy people are and in their own way they demonstrate you are making a difference in this very busy world.

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