OMG, How Do I Keep Track Of all of These Passwords?

I used to struggle with password management all the time when I first started out on-line. I admit I used to use the same password for everything, it was just easier. Then I upgraded I used to use two passwords!

However as I learned more and more about the internet and realized that it is totally my responsibility to protect my information I started to use more difficult passwords. Unfortunately it made it more difficult for me too.

I had a coach who told me to “just use an excel spreadsheet” and save everything there. Do you use a spreadsheet to keep track of your passwords? Is that working well for you? If it is Excellent! If not, keep reading.

Three procedures you need to develop to keep your information safe are…

1) Use a different password for each and everyone of your social media sites
2) change your passwords regularly
3) use strong passwords

The reason you need to use a different password for all of your log ins is because if a hacker were to find your password it would only be to one of your profiles. Much easier and quicker to do damage control if only one profile is compromised.

Change your passwords regularly, it’s a very good practice/habit to develop. This is the one that I personally was the most resistant about, until… Yes my Facebook account was hacked. Lucky for me it was nothing serious, they posted a few not so nice things on the walls of my friends. It could have been worse. That was when I realized that it really was best to be changing my passwords on a regular basis. Even when you use strong passwords, there is always the chance that you might accidentally let it slip.

Using strong passwords is definitely encouraged. Do you use passwords like your pets name or perhaps the name of your home town. If you do I want you to go and take a look at your social media profiles and conversations; are those names readily available? I know that it would be pretty easy to find out the names of my pets. I have a photo album of them on Facebook. There is a website called Strong Password Generator, I recommend that you use them regularly.

But now that you have all of these really strong passwords that you are changing often how do you keep track. I use a program called RoboForm. Not only does if keep track of my passwords it also keeps them safe. I take a print out of my passwords on a regular basis and store that print out in a safe place. RoboForm allows you to set up an account for free to keep track of up to 10 passwords. If you have more than that, which I expect you do, they also have a paid version, which for the price is dirt cheap! Check out what they have to offer by clicking on the picture below.

RoboForm: Learn more...

For social marketing to be viable in your business you MUST keep yourself safe.

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