Have you ever considered using Facebook Notes for Business? Recently I joined a paid Facebook group and I realized that one of the ways I could be helpful in the group was to add some “how to” information.  At first I simply did a post but I saw that it soon disappeared down in the timeline.  (it’s a very active group) Not one of the new people joining the group would see they could enhance their experience with the group with the simple strategy I shared.  I went searching for a better way and remembered Facebook Notes.

It appears Facebook is changing things up and for some pages and Facebook groups they are no longer called notes.  They are now called docs instead.  Which I believe is a good thing as so many people already use the word docs!  It’s nice when things match up and are called the same thing on many different platforms.  Would you agree?

I discovered no specific purpose designated by Facebook for notes, so that pretty much leaves it open for us to make it work the way we need it to work.  Here are a few suggestions:

6 Ways to Use Facebook Notes/Docs for Business

  1. use it as an extended business description
  2. press releases
  3. company updates
  4. special offers
  5. Events
  6. instructions to complete a task

If you do not have Facebook notes/docs added to your page or group, it’s nice and simple to do;

  • Go to the Facebook Page you want to add the Notes to
  • Under the cover photo you’ll see various actions
  • Click on the “See More” dropdown and the option for “Notes” will appear, along with other options

Use Facebook Notes to Promote Your Blog

I like to share content from the Butterfly Networking Blog, because of course it’s always good to spread your own content around!  Sharing my posts in Facebook Notes is just another way to do the work once and benefit multiple times. 🙂  Then I like to  link back and forth between note and blog post. You will notice on the Butterfly Networking Facebook Page notes section we usually link right back to the blog. I personally like to put a teaser for my blog posts in a note and then link it back to the full blog post.  You can do that too, or something totally different.  That’s the beauty of notes, there are lots of options.

One way to enhance your notes and or docs is to add photos, here are the directions from Facebook

To add a photo to your note:

1. Open the note
2. Click Edit Note in the top right
3. Click where you want to add the photo
4. Hover over on the left, then select Photo
5. Choose a photo from the list or click Upload New Photo to add a new one

To remove a photo from your note, hover over the photo and click Remove.

To change a photo’s position in your note:

1. Open the note
2. Click Edit Note in the top right
3. Hover over the photo
4. Click Left, Center or Right

To manually resize a photo in your note:

1. Open the note
2. Click Edit Note in the top right
3. Hover over the photo to make appear on the left and right
4. Hover near to change it to
5. Click and drag to resize the photo

How do I add or remove a cover photo in my note?

To add a cover photo in your note, click the gray area at the top. Choose a photo from the list or select Upload New Photo to add a new one.

The recommended cover photo dimensions for a note are 1200 pixels (width) by 445 pixels (height). If you upload a smaller photo, it’ll stretch to this size and appear blurry.

To remove a cover photo in your note, hover over the existing image and click Remove.

Remember FB is always improving and editing their platform I would definitely advise against using it for “blog posts”.  You never know you could wake up one morning and the function would be gone or dramatically changed.

Check out my best selling product Facebook Set Up Like a Pro ==>  We will be switching in the near future to a new membership site and the price will be going up.



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Video is so important these days, for some businesses it can make the difference between success and failure.

My favourite new strategy is to create Facebook Live videos and then upload them to YouTube, talk about a double punch!! 🙂

Here are two great posts for you that will give you some great insight and enable you to get your business account set up effectively.

Did you know that online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020? Another staggering statistic is that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Video is growing and will continue to grow rapidly. Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of this growth and leverage video to boost your content marketing results.

If you have a YouTube channel or are thinking about creating one, this post will help.

Here’s a list of some great tools to help you get the most out of your YouTube Channel.

Read more: 7 Tools for More Effective Management of your YouTube Channel via Razor Social

Google account creation screen

Is your business on YouTube?

Hey, it’s not 2010 anymore. The takeover of video content marketing has been a long time coming as more and more brands have made the leap to YouTube. Whether it’s in the form of bite-sized how-to’s or long-form tutorials, YouTube content represents a cost-effective way to educate and entertain your audience.

And if you’re hungry to reach billions of potential viewers, you’re going to need to figure out how to create a YouTube account that’s optimized before you ever hit “record.”

Connecting your business to YouTube can be done in a matter of minutes. That said, there are some overlooked elements of creating a YouTube business account that marketers need to pay attention to.

So, ready to set up your YouTube business account? Yeah? Let’s dive right in!

Read more: How to Create a YouTube Business Account: A Step-by-Step Guide via Sprout Social

3 Social Video Tools To Make Short Video Like A Pro

Are you looking for awesome social video tools to help you create engaging, share-worthy videos? If you’re just not sure where to start,then listen up! In this post I share 3 tools I love for creating social video – easily and quickly – that your audience will love.

It’s becoming more and more important that businesses learn how to create social video quickly and easily. The good news is that it’s never been easier to do so with the tools available.

I am using a number of tools right now (that I love) and want to share them with you. Ready? Let’s jump in!

Read more: 3 Social Video Tools To Make Short Video Like A Pro via Socially Sorted

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Facebook is always updating their algorithm, along with most other social media sites.  It’s one of the main reasons I started sharing all of these different blog posts each Wednesday.  It’s a time consuming task to keep up with it all.  

Please enjoy reading today’s articles;

2 Reasons Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Will Impact Marketers

According to a data analysis of over 2,500 sites, Facebook referral traffic now sits at 35.1 percent, while Google referrals are hovering just above 40 percent. Combined, the two tech giants own 85 percent of the mobile ad market and make up nearly 80 percent of all referral traffic to publisher and branded content sites.

You may be saying, “But I’m not a marketer”, however if you have a business you must market.  Please be as informed as you can!

This next one is from one of my mentors, Dr Ben Adkins.   His content is always well worth reading.

What is “Ad Maturing”? (How 48 Hours of Patience Lowered my Facebook Ad Cost by 34%)

There aren’t many things that you can learn
in 5 minutes that will both save you a fortune
and make you a fortune… but this is one of
those rare occasions…. so please read this all the way through.

I see it everyday…

…People trying to promote their businesses and

products on Facebook and they lose a ton of
money because they don’t understand one
simple way that Facebook Ads work.


Enjoy and as always would love to have your comments and questions right here on the blog.




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Facebook will allow you to join 6000 groups.  However if you want to use Facebook groups to generate web traffic you will need to limit it to the number you can manage.  You will need to be active in the groups, make useful comments and not fade into the background.

Here are 4 strategies you can use to use Facebook Groups to generate web traffic;

Use large, eye catching graphics

On of the most difficult things with Facebook is to actually catch someone’s attention long enough for them to stop and click on your graphic/post.  Your graphics need to stand out from the crowd;

  1. Facebook has 3 sizes and these will depend on your original
    1. square 400 px X 400 px
    2. horizontal 476 px X 238 px
    3. vertical 476 px X 714 px
  2. Use colours in your graphics that are NOT going to blend in with the background.  Never use the Facebook blue, other blues in different hues may work but your goal is to “pop” when some is scrolling through their newsfeed.
  3. Where ever possible use/create graphic that have something that’s just a little off. This will make people stop and look at it and attempt to figure out “what’s wrong”.  Hopefully they will even click to take a closer look.

Keep the wording short for Facebook Groups generate web traffic

The whole idea behind the large eye catching graphics is to get someone to click, when you give them too many words to read they can get distracted and simply move on.  Short and sweet is best.  I love this one from Whole Foods, it caught my eye when I was searching for a graphic to use here. Not only is it eye catching, but take a look at that wording “Get the scoop.”  Short and sweet!  Research done over on Kivi’s Non Profit Communication Blog indicates that short posts are definitely did perform better, however I love the fact that she dug a little deeper and discovered that long posts, when compelling work well too.  Her advice, which I am in total agreement with is…

“Write more short posts (40-80 characters), but don’t make EVERY post short”

Variety, both long and short posts will definitely assist in keeping members of your Facebook Group engaged.

Delete the link, keep the post clean

Did you know that Facebook will automatically populate your post once you insert your link into the box.  Once the information shows up you can highlight the link and delete it.  Now when people click on the photo it will automatically take them out to your link. (hopefully your website)  You will notice the graphic on the right has no visible link.  However if you were to click on the link right there in Facebook it would take you out to Instagram. The way you can tell is the text below the graphic.  Once you click and head over to Instagram you will recognize the text from the post.

One of the reasons you might want to do this is because some of the links out to blog posts or other sites may be horrifically long.  You also might want to use a tracking link (they are usually ugly), people can sometimes be quite suspicious of that type of link.  By removing the link after it has populated in the post you potentially increase your click through rate!  AND that’s a good thing.

Here is a sample of a long ugly link. ==>  Try remembering that one! 🙂

Share the content from other blogs

This can seem counterintuitive, you might ask yourself “why would I send people away from my content?” Here are two good reasons:

When you share content that you find valuable you are providing value to your readers.  Think about how much time and effort you go through to find answers to your own questions.  It’s a lot isn’t it!  By sharing other great posts and articles you are not only providing valuable information but you’re also making it much easier for your readers.

  1. I do a weekly post on Butterfly Networking of content that we curate.  We use articles I believe will be helpful to my readers. Often they answer a question that I have received from someone or that I myself have been looking for.  On a regular basis I bookmark posts because I know I want to go back to it or perhaps even write a blog post on a similar topic.

2.  The second reason is to get the attention of an expert in your field.  You must do this from the perspective of sharing and not what they just might give back to you.  Anything else is usually obvious and will not reflect well on you. You can’t be an expert at everything and sharing others content is a great way give to your community, your niche and the other experts.

These strategies will also work well on your Facebook page!

Need help getting that Facebook Page set up to be rocking and rolling for your business?

Check out my best selling product Facebook Set Up Like a Pro ==>



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Leads from Facebook – Not!  This is something I hear again and again, people saying it just doesn’t work.  Check out today’s stories and maybe you’ll find the way that works best for you.  Personally I like #4.  Let me know which one you like the best too.

4 Ways to Generate Leads from Facebook (Which Most Business Aren't Using) | Social Media Today


Facebook has more than 1.3 billion daily active users, with each one of them spending an average of 50 minutes within their apps. Given the sheer presence and popularity of The Social Network, it’s a platform that marketers simply cannot ignore – however, research has revealed that only around 45% of marketers think that Facebook marketing is effective.

This implies that most marketers are still finding it difficult to generate leads for their businesses. According to the State of Inbound 2017 report, 63% of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads.

However, generating leads from Facebook may be easier than you think. In this post, we’ll look at how marketers can generate targeted leads from Facebook.

Here are four options to consider.

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facebook-promote-local-business-how-to-600 9I3tEx

Are you marketing a local business on Facebook?

Wondering how to drive leads and customers to your storefront?

In this article, you’ll discover three ways to promote your local business on Facebook.

Read more: 3 Ways to Promote a Local Business on Facebook via Social Media Examiner

YouTube Optimization: How to Score More Views & Subscribers

“Oh man, did you see that video? Let me pull it up for you.”

It only takes a few seconds of being online before you’re face-to-face with video content from YouTube. This rings true whether you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed or you’ve been sucked into a loop of trending viral videos.

Don’t let the cat videos and flavor-of-the-week challenge compilations fool you, though. YouTube’s reach of over one billion active users is nothing to scoff at from a marketing perspective. With video content poised to take over most of the Internet itself, more and more marketers continue to hop on the ever-growing video bandwagon.

Despite this boom in video content, many marketers overlook the fine details of YouTube optimization. Just as you’d optimize your social media posts or blog content, videos require the same attention to detail when it comes to ranking in YouTube, growing your subscriber count and scoring precious views.

Read more: YouTube Optimization: How to Score More Views & Subscribers via Sprout Social


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