Social Media Marketing – 3 Tips For Using Facebook to Promote Your Business


Facebook is front and center of social media marketing these days, in so many marketing forums, that big companies are jumping online. They’re using Facebook all over the place. They’re creating fan pages. What are you doing to use Facebook to promote your business?

Use Facebook to promote your business.

1) With the new format in Facebook, you can actually put in advertisements in the comments underneath your photo. It’s an amazing way to let people know about your products or service. Make sure that you are tagging your photos with the appropriate key words so that people will find them for the reasons you want them to find them, and comment on photos using appropriate key words. Don’t just say things like, “oh, nice photo”. Comment on them using your key words, and yes, comment on your own photo. Comment on your own photos using key words.

Facebook-Updates2) Promote your business on Facebook by upload videos. And again, you need to tag those videos with the appropriate key words. Same as a photo, you get the option to put in specific key words that describe your video, your product or service that’s highlighted in your video. Remember to comment on your own video. Just like the photos, go in there and comment. When people go to a fan page or a Facebook wall, if there’s no comments, likes, or anything like that, then they’re thinking, “oh, well nobody comes here, so why should I”. When you make comments on your posts or you Like them, then the first glance at the page, “oh, people come here”. There’s some action going on. Well maybe it’s worth reading because other people are reading it too.FacebookFan

3) You can become a fan of a Facebook page that’s in your target market and then, what you can do is you can write on the wall of that fan page. Now there will be a few pages where they don’t allow that, but the majority of pages will allow you to write on the wall or post on the wall. You can write a review of the fan page. It’s an excellent way for people to understand your business, because of course, you’re going to write the review from your business perspective, correct? So go in there, become a fan of the fan page, write on the wall, and write a review. Talk about why you’re there, why you like it, what you anticipate using it for.

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