LinkedIn – 3 Tips to Get Noticed on LinkedIn Today


LinkedIn – 3 Tips to Get Noticed on LinkedIn Today

You have a very powerful marketing tool with LinkedIn. Understand how to use it to your own advantage, follow these 3 tips and watch your connections grow.

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  1. Hi Carla, I really enjoyed your tutorial video. You give great advice and I especially agree that we must be consistent in reaching out to people and pay attention to answers and make sure to engage with new leads.
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Build Yourself a Quiet Room in Your Mind

  2. Hey Carla, enjoyed your latest tutorial and also wanted to say “thanks!” Every time I visit your blog I find all the great advice you offer about Linkedin and I cringe because I kept telling myself to give it another try. Anyway, I finally did … left some groups, joined a few new ones and lo and behold, managed to meet some really awesome people! In just a couple of weeks I’ve learned all kinds of new information about publishing and marketing eBooks, created my first book trailer and accepted a job as a freelance writer for a new women’s online site. Never would have happened had you not inspired me – so, thanks again!
    marquita herald recently posted..You are a Master Storyteller

  3. Don Tietz says:

    Thanks for the great 3 tip to get noticed on Linkedin.

  4. Hi Carla,

    First, I wanted to tell you that I just read your blog about passwords, but couldn’t find a way to leave a comment on that blog. I so resonate with these issues! My strategy has always been to make a password, then forget it, then when I needed to get back into the site I’d just click “Forgot your password?” and I’d make a new password! Actually it was very safe, because my passwords got changed all the time : ) But someone introduced me to LastPass, and I’ve been using that. So far, so good — as long as I can remember the password for IT!

    Thanks for working on LinkedIn. I’m focusing on FB for now, but as soon as that gets going, LinkedIn is my next social media to focus on.
    Pastor Sherry recently posted..Why Doesn’t God Stop All This?

  5. Carla McNeil says:

    hmmm, let me check that out and get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

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