Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn, Recommendations Are Critical To Your Success on LinkedIn


LinkedIn, Recommendations Are Critical To Your Success on LinkedIn

inkedIn is a very powerful marketing tool for your business. Here are 3 tips to help you get started on the right foot…

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  1. John Gaydon says:

    HI Carla,

    Thanks for the reminder about linked in. I am about to launch a new business stream and linked in may just be a good place to find some new clients.
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  2. Hi Carla, I have to get used to get on LinkedIn more. I seem to only have one stop shop when it come to social media and that is facebook. Thanks for this reminder! Great video! I will make it a point to give recommendations 😉
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..3 Leadership Lessons I Learned from An Olympic Gold Medalist

  3. Nile says:

    Linkedin recommendations is definitely important. My issue is waiting for the recommendations to come back after I have requested. I know some pretty busy people….rofl. Linkedin is definitely an excellent tool!
    Nile recently posted..Has Blogging Become A Chore to You?

  4. Yorinda says:

    Thank you, Carla, for shining a light on how to do the recommendations on Linkedin.
    Your suggestion to find something specific to write about a person reminded me of having learned that in a parenting course. Instead of saying “Good boy” or “Well done” I learned to say what they did well.
    Asking for recommendations – well I noticed that I have some reluctance around that – and yet I know that I would be happy to recommend someone for something I appreciate. 🙂
    Thanks for the ‘nudge’!
    Yorinda recently posted..How to create your own Vision Board Poster

  5. Carla,

    LinkedIn is a professional platform and too many people are not aware of how to benefit from it.

    Your presentation is going to help massive people understand the power behind this amazing platform.

    If they use it correctly and really build a relationship first with people the connect with. Then request a recommendation after they have been some assistance to a person. It will work to their benefit.

    My problem with people is they don’t even get to know me and complete their due diligence on who I am. They just want me to recommened them for doing nothing with me. I don’t have any history with them. More are poping on from other location that they have not been active. Then request are being sent to me.

    That needs to be corrected by gaining a relationship first.

    Carla, your a great coach in our industry and one I will be watching from this point on. Thanks for this empowering share. Looking forward to the next.
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..Useless

  6. Don Tietz says:

    Great tip – You have my recommendation, your the best!

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