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This week we’re doing something a little different, sharing some great information that I found.

I have been concentrating on big project for the last month and doing TONS’O research has been a big part of that. I wanted to share with you some of the great things that are happening on different social media platforms.


Do you struggle to keep up with your Facebook news feed?

Interested in an easier way to quickly see what’s most important to you?

Adjusting your Facebook settings can help you save time, stay on top of trends, and reach more of your audience.

In this article, you’ll discover how Facebook marketers can customize their Facebook news feed to improve productivity.

Read full article here: How to Customize Your Facebook News Feed: What Marketers Need to Know

Ever pause just before hitting the Share button when posting on LinkedIn?

Have you ever wondered if what you are about to post will hurt or improve your personal brand and authority on LinkedIn?

Here are five types of LinkedIn posts you should avoid sharing as well as four examples that can help your engagement and build your personal brand.

Continue reading the full article: 5 Things You Should Avoid Posting On LinkedIn


Twitter is on a roll: Shortly after enabling users to search for and send GIFs in tweets and direct messages, the company introduced the ability to capture and share videos in direct messages.

The feature, which moves Twitter one step closer to video-heavy services such as Snapchat, is accessible through the old “camera” button, which now gives you an option to record videos as well as photos.

Learn more about the Twitter Updates: Twitter adds support for videos in direct messages

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