Twitter, Is it Really Worth It?


Using Twitter as a business tool seems to make good business sense however wading through the overwhelming number of tweets of nonsense and vulgarity to arrive at tweets which might have even minimal interest at the business level make it truly daunting. Have you missed the point of using this valuable social media marketing tool?

Twitter can be full of nonsense and vulgarity and depending upon how much work you want to put into in you can precisely control what goes into your Twitter stream. Attempting to control the flow of tweets in your Twitter Stream is like attempting to control the flow of traffic on the freeway just because you are there. It is just not possible, my advice is not to attempt to control it!

I would suggest that you look at Twitter from the perspective “who gets to look at you and what you have to offer”. Who are you putting your information in front of? You want to get people’s attention and then when you have their attention you can interact with them and have them join or opt in to your information.

Yes YOU want to get THEIR attention, not the other way around.

Once you have their attention you then want to influence your followers by providing quality information and service. Be out there, be visible and remember what may be nonsense to you may not be to someone else.

twitter_bird_blockSome people believe they will get the attention of others by consistently tweeting nonsense, affiliate links or using vulgar language. The attention they get from me is “blocked!” There are millions of people on Twitter and many of those people would not block what you or I would block.

Twitter could be a 24 hour per day job if you let it. The thing to do is to check it regularly, whether that means once a month, week or day is your choice. It is a flow of traffic of ALL kinds, some of which you want and some that you don’t want.twitter-traffic

Once you have some of that traffic diverted your way remember to show appreciation, find and share great information. This is one of the proven ways to actually keep their attention. This information does not always have to be yours, it can be anything that is consistent with you and your message.

I have found that sharing great stories, current events and motivational quotes to be appreciated.

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  1. Not huge on twitter yet but working to find my way! Thanks for some awesome tips on using twitter!

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