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No Time for Social Media? Not enough time in the day to keep up with all your social media tasks?

You’ve heard it before, “Your Business Must Be On Social Media“, but you’ve tried it and just couldn’t make it work. It took up too much time and just didn’t seem to be worth the effort. Can you relate?

Unfortunately social media is something you must do if you want your business to thrive. Why you ask…

In today’s world people search for your business on line before making a buying decision. Personally I don’t like to do business with someone who isn’t on social media. Even if they have been told about your business from someone else if the do a search for you and can’t find you the chances of them calling you or walking into your store are pretty slim. Social proof is very important to the decision making process in our internet connected world. People want to know you can be trusted.

Don’t get stuck behind your desk all day!

But that still leaves the question where do I find the time?

Who wants to be stuck behind their desk all day long?

Experts say we must be posting daily, in some cases 2 or 3 times per day. The good news is that for small business owners who have a following of less that 10,000 once per day on Facebook is effective! The idea is to be present and active. Interact with people, like, comment, share and answer questions.

It’s time for you to “squeeze” all you can out of your social media profiles/pages using the World’s 1st ALL-IN-1
Social Media Marketing Tool!

I am regularly being asked to review social media products and rarely do I find one I really like.  This tool I am sharing today is something I wish I had when I first got started.  It certainly would have made life a lot easier.

You have got to see this…

In just a FEW CLICKS you will be able to manage ALL of your social media accounts!

Here’s what I found –  the World’s 1st ALL-IN-1 Social Media Marketing Tool, BLEUPAGE PRO.

==> Check it out here!

Not only will you GET MORE traffic, leads and sales from using BleuPage Pro but your biggest social media marketing problem will be solved.

You will no longer miss out on opportunities because with BleuPage Pro you will be able to manage your:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Blog
  • Website

The best part is you will SAVE MONEY because you will not have to hire a social media manager, like me.

Imagine being able to sign into all your accounts from just one place AND having resources at your fingertips to help you create great content!

BleuPage Pro will do all of the work for you 24/7… 365 days per year!

==> Get your hands on the markets ONLY ALL-In-1 Social Media Management Software today and solve the problem of “No Time for Social Media” today.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha

I selected this product based on several factors, including member feedback, customer satisfaction, and other criteria.

While Butterfly Networking does receive a commission if you elect to buy, I do not accept compensation from vendors who want me to review their product.

Check out BleuPage Pro Today ==>


Social Media Strategy

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Interested in getting more from your YouTube channel?

Have you considered YouTube ads?

YouTube lets you pay to run ads on others’ videos, as well as get paid to let others run their ads on your videos.

In this article, you’ll discover how to use YouTube to boost brand awareness and generate revenue for your business.

Read full article here by Ana Gotter via Social Media Examiner:  How to Use YouTube Ads on Your YouTube Channel

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Social media offers a huge opportunity for you to reach and connect with people in creative ways.

Social media helps strengthen relationships, and stronger relationships increase the likelihood of someone recommending you to their friends or even making a purchase.

Read full article here via Buffer Social:
8 Powerful Features to Help You Use Buffer to the Fullest

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Does your Facebook advertising strategy include video? Should you include video as part of your overall Facebook advertising strategy?

If you find yourself asking these questions, then this blog post is for you. In this post you’ll discover essential tips for killer Facebook video campaigns and how you can improve on your existing strategy.

Lear more here via Social Media Today: 7 Tips for a Killer Facebook Video Advertising Strategy

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After launching their re-vamped mobile app in December last year, LinkedIn has seen a major uptick in usage and adoption of the tool – in fact the majority of LinkedIn’s overall traffic now comes via mobile device.

And today, LinkedIn has announced another new set of features for the mobile app, including a new option to help refine and personalize your LinkedIn feed.

Here’s what they’ve announced.

Read Full blog here via Social Media Today:
LinkedIn Adds Tools to Help Personalize Your Feed, Save Links for Later

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There’s no shortage of social media apps that make it easy to chat with others. You can send out a quick text message and know that the person on the other side will receive it almost instantly, provided he or she is logged in and paying attention, of course. Most will even let you know once your message has been read.

But do you really want that?

Frankly, this can be an unwelcome feature when you’re on the other end and don’t want the person to know you’ve read their message. Sometimes you just need to ignore someone. In that case, turning off the “seen” notification — known as a read receipt — is easy enough. Here’s how.

Learn here via Digital Trends:
How to turn off the ‘Seen’ function in Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and more

brown-young-man-chatting-640x0 5ovknf

Want to save time by scheduling and reposting your social media posts?

Interested in free tools to help?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use IFTTT and Google Calendar to publish and repeat your social media posts for as long as you want.

Read Here via Social Media Examiner:
How to Automatically Reshare Your Social Media Updates Using Free Tools

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Facebook Updates

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The messaging app’s new privacy policy, that was recently published, gives permission to connect Facebook accounts to WhatsApp accounts for the first time. This will give Facebook more data about users, allowing the social network to suggest phone contacts as friends, but may spark privacy concerns.

Find out How to stop Facebook from getting your WhatsApp data via Telegraph

Read full blog here: WhatsApp is now sharing your phone number with Facebook – here’s how to stop it

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Facebook Messenger has a new payments feature and it might make some of your conversations a little awkward.

Learn more here via Mashable
Facebook Messenger test will remind your friends to pay you back

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Facebook Inc. plans a major ad campaign, including TV spots and billboards, to encourage more of its 1.7 billion users to stream live video on the social network, according to people familiar with the matter.

Facebook Ad Campaign Will Urge Users to Stream Live Video

Read Full blog here via Dow Jones & Company,Inc.
Facebook Live is part of CEO Zuckerberg’s effort to move toward being a ‘video-first’ company

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When starting out online there are SO many things to learn and discover, unfortunately most of them come with a price tag. Some of the price tags are pretty big, others not so  much.  Over the next six weeks I am going to introduce you to 6 free tools that I have used and some I still use to this day. To discover if your business is really going to work you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of cash.

The first tool I am introducing you too is a graphic/picture editing tool.

Everyone enjoys taking pictures and posting them on social media and business web sites too. How wonderful it would be to have an effective and efficient photo editor that allows you to edit and enhance all your photos, is absolutely free with nothing to install or download and works in every browser – well that is exactly what PicMonkey is all about.

PicMonkey is an innovative photo editor that allows its users to create spectacular graphics, touch up facial features and any other element of a photo, and add magnificent filters as well as personalized text. This state of the art tool is remarkably easy to use, and gives photo editing and image creating a whole new name and a whole new gorgeous perspective. BN - SMA PicMonkey

A web based app that can be used for free to edit all your photos and even create designs and images, PicMonkey affords small business owners with a spectacular tool to enhance their marketing and advertising campaigns and add luster and class to their business website with superior graphics and photo creations.

We all know how important it is to market and advertise products and services and surely attractive, eye-catching product photos and images on your website and in all your customer communications can assist in developing successful business campaigns. PicMonkey is truly an invaluable resource for business blogs and websites. With its ease of use and its capability of quickly editing photos and producing images for blog posts and for enhancing your business website, it is fast becoming the most favored photo editor available on the web today.

With PicMonkey you can do everything you need in a fraction of the time and, because it is web based, you do not have to worry about a time consuming or difficult download or installation process and you can feel confident knowing that it works perfectly on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This program truly is a cool little tool and provides all the features you need for the creation and editing of top of the line photos and images. If you are looking to create images or edit and enhance photos whether for your website or perhaps even your social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, then PicMonkey is the ideal tool for you. I use it on a regular basis just to resize graphics, something that used to frustrate me a lot because I really had no idea how to do it.


Cropping with PicMonkey Works! Finn loves to have his pictures on Facebook.

Here are two examples:
I wanted to put this picture of Finn on Facebook, but without all the of the car in the picture.  With PicMonkey I can simply upload my picture, click on “crop” there on the left and using their drag function remove as much or as little of the picture that I want!



PicMonkey a Super Easy Solution to Embellish Your Graphics AND Filling out all of the information in all your “bios” helps you get “found”.




Example number two:

I have signed up for a new membership site, one where it is important that I recognize people and they recognize me.  The head shot I selected was way too big, I needed to crop some of it away and make it smaller.  In this case I used both the “Crop” and “Resize” functions. This really is a handy tool as most sites are VERY specific about the size of the head shot they want posted to your profiles.

Overall, PicMonkey is the absolute best photo editor on the web today. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free and it is, by far, a superb productivity tool that every small business owner should use and take advantage of. They offer a free trial for 30 days for their “Royale” level, however I only use the totally free version.

Now that you have created a great graphic you want it to be found, Right?  Tagging your photo/graphic with a longtail keyword makes that happen. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

Check it out…

Next week I’ll be posting on the topic of autoresponders. 🙂

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