5 Important Facts About Content Creation – Is It Worth All The Time & Effort?


Today is all about the 5 Important Facts About Content Creation!   Is It Worth All The Time & Effort?

Google tells us we have to provide our users with what they are looking for…

Facebook wants us to “create compelling social experiences”

No matter where you look online today it is about engagement and providing a good user experience.  You definitely want your content to do the same.  Taking the time and making the effort to create content on a consistent basis is a big undertaking. When you first get started I highly recommend to start small.  If you believe you’re going to be creating new content on a daily basis give yourself the benefit of a test run.  Create the content, but don’t do anything with it until you have gone for at least two weeks and created content every day.  This will give you a really good idea of your own capabilities.  This is definitely worth doing because the benefits of content creation are numerous, here are 5 just to get you started. 🙂

1. Set Yourself Up As an Expert – Writing informative content and posting consistently on your website on a daily/weekly basis increases your visibility and enhances your level of expertise with your viewers. When potential clients or customers see consistent updates and content added to a site they tend to put more trust in the product or service provider. Updating and adding fresh, relevant new content to your website will not only improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rating but also will significantly increase traffic to your site. It is important, however, to be certain that content updates and changes are fresher and not thinner. Typically adding new pages to a site rather than just new content to existing pages, draws greater attention, and has a greater impact.

2. Not Always Stuck Using Other’s Content a/k/a your competitors – With so many vendor and product competitors on the internet today, it is every bit important for you to update content on your website consistently to offer your viewers and readers fresh, informative data that will assist in their individual search queries. By adding new content and increasing the amount of change you make to your website content, you increase your own position as a primary source of information for specific products or services. When up to date applicable information is present on your own website the need to be dependent upon the content of your competitor’s is drastically reduced.

3. Visitors return to your website and/or social profiles – With consistent updating of web content, regular followers of your profile or site will surely revisit your website or profile for purposes of viewing your content or status updates. Keep in mind that when the information on your website becomes outdated, viewers will cease to visit your site for lack of informative and useful data. When you update information on your site, viewers and readers are sure to return to your site repeatedly to seek information needed since they become familiar with the fact that your site is regularly updated and incredibly descriptive as well as informative, leaving them no need to look elsewhere. 

Converting Every Visitor into Subscriber Concept

Converting Every Visitor into Subscriber Concept

4. Inbound marketing generates more leads for your business – By adding and updating content regularly, and this can be easier than you think, you are creating what is commonly known as inbound marketing. This form of inbound marketing serves to gain the attention of your customers and clients, drawing these customers to your website by adding interesting and descriptive content. When you update content, you are actually increasing the visibility of the site and making the company and site much easier to be found in searches. Nowadays, inbound marketing is considered to be the most top of the line means of promoting a company or website, and drawing the attention of viewers to the site.

5. Educating people so they know, like, and trust you – Regularly scheduled updates of content on your website additionally affords your viewers and readers the confidence they need to know that all information provided is current and up to date. When visitors to your site recognize that your content is continuously refreshed and updated, they are apt to revisit your site going forward rather than those of your competitors, since they have become familiar with the fact that you provide overall freshness and even newness of your content. These visitors will not only grow to like your site, but ultimately will trust you and the highly descriptive, up to date content you provide.  Also a great way to hold yourself accountable.  Accountability is why I created the “Saturday Morning Article”.

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