9 Ways to Increase Watch Time on Your YouTube Channel


TIP: Think about how to extend some of your existing but underperforming short videos. Once you publish the longer video, make those short videos private or delete them altogether.

8. Develop a series

A series of videos also is likely to add up to more watch time. By connecting related videos, you’re more likely to get your viewers to keep watching.

Cook John Kirkwood offers multiple playlists or series on his channel, including one on pies and pastries:

TIP: Pick the video with the most views as the basis for your series or playlists. Then, come up with a bunch of ideas to add to the series.

9.Use YouTube analytics

Examining your YouTube analytics lets you get an awesome insight into both the micro and macro views of your videos and your channel. You can see viewership in days, times, etc. You also can see data on the videos themselves. Of particular interest should be the drop-off times. Then, you can go back and see the content around those timestamps to assess what might not be working. You can take that information to revise those videos and to improve future videos.

Increase your viewers’ watch time

Enhancing your watch time is a surefire way to be more attractive to YouTube’s algorithm. As a result, your videos are more likely to surface in recommendations and search results.

It may take some time to implement everything, but you should start to see a healthy spike when you work on them one by one.

All tools mentioned in the article come from the author. If you have a recommended tool, please add it in the comments.

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