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How to get started on your content marketing strategy

Gone are the days where content means the blog posts your company writes. Instead, content marketing now includes a diverse set of content types and multiple channels to push them through.

Chances are that if you’re already using social media, then you are doing content marketing to some extent. The next step is to get a strategy in place. This guide will walk you through why having a content marketing strategy is important and different ways you can get started on your own.

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5 Reasons to Leap at the Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket

You can read all about Social Media Marketing World 2019 right here.

But before I tell you about the Virtual Ticket I need to tell you something.

This blog, Socially Sorted has been a winner of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs in the World for the past 3 years.

Excited, chuffed, honoured (yes that’s how we spell it in Australia) are all understatements. Let me explain why:

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Inbound or outbound marketing…

What is your poison?

The reality is that you need both.

You need to do outbound promotion to drive inbound traffic. And when you attract lots of people to your website using inbound, you build up your brand so it gets easier to do outbound!

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can drive more valuable traffic to your website using outbound marketing.

So let’s get started.

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Key Tips to Instagram Success

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Businesses have been shifting their advertising budget from Facebook and Instagram feed ads to Facebook and Instagram Stories ads due to the lower costs and better results they see with Stories ads.

We saw similar results when we use Instagram Stories ads to promote our blog posts and podcast. Our Instagram Stories ads cost just $0.06 per click when our Facebook feed ads usually cost around $0.30 – $0.60 per click.

We would love to help you take advantage of both Facebook and Instagram Stories ads. Here’s our guide to creating thumb-stopping Stories ads.

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increase instagram engagement 2018

September 2018 update: Instagram has continued to expand in 2018, with over 13% of everyone on Earth now using the platform. It has also continued to prove itself as a huge source of ad revenue—Instagram mobile ads alone are expected to rake in over 6.8 billion dollars this year. With impressive figures like that, it’s no wonder that many analysts are starting to see Instagram as the new engine behind Facebook’s growth as a company.

Our in-depth guide below contains 21 extremely useful tips for increasing engagement on both paid and organic Instagram campaigns—so let’s dive in:

For now, Instagram remains the sweetheart of the social media scene for marketers. And it’s not hard to see why when you consider it has over 1 billion monthly active users with 50% following brands.

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Instagram 101 - 7 key steps to Instagram Success

Wondering how to get started and learn to rock the Instagram platform? Then this Instagram 101 post and video are for you! Instagram is a wonderful ways to tell your story through photos. It’s a little glimpse into your world that can lead to better connections, new friends, and most importantly amazing business connections.

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How To Create Ads That Work

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Getting traffic to your site is a high priority for all marketers. You want that traffic so you can convert more visitors into leads and customers. But what if you could increase the number of leads without having to drive traffic to your site first?

Well, you’re in luck!

With Facebook lead ads, you can collect leads for your business through the most popular social media platform in the World!

With 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook helps you tap into a vast pool of potential leads with targeted messages.

In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Facebook leads ads, including how to set them up step-by-step, best practices to follow, examples, and more.

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Instagram ads show stronger engagement

Instagram has become a foundational marketing and advertising pillar for commerce brands.

Opportunities to profit from Instagram have evolved quickly over the past few years, from the rise of Shoppable Instagram stories to smarter targeting for Instagram ads.

In 2018, brands that get ahead know how to leverage the platform’s advertising tools not just for customer acquisition, but also for re-engaging customers and building repeated awareness among their community.

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This is a screenshot of the website, a company owned by Talia Wolf. The header has a white background and black text. On the left, the company name appears in purple text with an arrow pointing up on the right side of the letter U. The navigation options are About, CRO Training, Blog, CRO Resources, CRO Services, Get In Touch. In the main area of the web page, the background is a photo of Talia from the chest up against a blue background. She is a white woman brown and purple hair that falls below her shoulders. She’s wearing a black t-shirt with a gold Wonder Woman logo. To the left of her photo are two white bars with the text “Customer-Centric Conversion Optimizationâ€. Below this heading is the text “Understand your audience, better, fix the leaks in your funnel, & increase conversions with a meaningful conversion optimization process.â€

Want a faster, better way to optimize your ads? Did you know that focusing on customers’ emotions can help?

To explore how to use emotional messaging to move people to action, I interview Talia Wolf.

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Image result for social media video

During a recent #SMTLive Twitter chat, we asked everyone “what marketing goals are you trying to accomplish when creating social media video content?” With everyone sharing their specific marketing goals, we were able to see that video content helps businesses reach a variety of different goals.

The four main goals we heard repeated were: engagement, brand awareness, increasing web traffic, and generating excitement and educating people about products/services.

Here is what everyone had to say about each marketing goal.

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How to Grow Your Audience With Facebook Video Marketing

Ever feel guilty spending hours on Facebook watching videos?

You’re not alone. According to one study, users consume as many as 100 million hours of video content each day on Facebook.

This makes Facebook video marketing a great opportunity for your brand to get in front of, engage, and grow an audience.

But while you may see the benefit, knowing how use it to solidify your brand in the mind of your viewer can seem daunting.

In this article, I’m offering a few kick-ass tips to help you grow your audience and build your brand with Facebook video marketing!

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How to Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your E-mail List

Ready to up your Instagram game AND grow your email list by leaps and bounds? Love using Instagram stories but aren’t sure how to use them to build your list?

Look no further. This post will walk you through a bunch of strategies you can start using TODAY to supercharge your stories, get traffic to your site and grow your email list…all in one fell swoop!

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Maximizing Facebook Ads Strategy

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7 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Do Not Convert by Marie Page on Social Media Examiner.

Are your Facebook ad campaigns underperforming? Wondering how to diagnose the problem?

In this article, you’ll discover seven common factors that impede Facebook ad performance and find troubleshooting tips for fixing them.

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There are two words that can either inspire intense feelings of excitement or fear in the hearts of advertisers – and those words are “Holiday Advertising”. Or, if you fancy hashtags, #CrazyCompetition

Imagine every marketer trying to use Facebook Ads in every shape and form for Black Friday and holiday sales… because that’s what happens, and you know it.

We also know that when the holidays roll around, big brands spend a lot and the cost of Facebook Ads goes up for everyone (Merry Xmas!).

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7-Step Facebook Marketing Strategy to Dominate 2018

Let’s be honest here–Facebook isn’t slowing down. There are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, which includes a 17% spike in two years. For your business, brand or enterprise company, this channel is unavoidable if you’re truly trying to create a worthwhile play in social media marketing.

Your Facebook marketing strategy has to be unique. There’s an ocean of potential customers you can reach on Facebook. But with a larger pool, it’s harder to dissect and find your spot within its space.

That’s why we created this Facebook marketing strategy for 2018, which includes seven essential steps to not only get started, but also create an impressive plan. Get started now.

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