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Want to learn more about how people on YouTube engage with your channel? Wondering which YouTube video links drive the most website traffic?

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Google Analytics to analyze and assess the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing.

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Track YouTube Channel Performance in Databox

To get your YouTube channel performance into Databox, you will need to have a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is a free analytics tool available to integrate with Databox.

YouTube provides a simple interface for entering your Google Analytics ID so that you can begin analyzing traffic to your videos in no time.

Let’s look at how to set it up:

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advanced setttings

Learn to integrate your Google Analytics account with your YouTube channel.

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How to Sell on Instagram

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Selling on Instagram

Instagram hit one billion monthly users—almost an eighth of the world’s population—in June. It is a wildly popular platform, and its growth trajectory is showing no signs of plateauing. Unfortunately for advertisers, the same can be said about the amount of money businesses are currently spending to promote their products and services in the name of selling on Instagram. Ad spend jumped 177 percent year-over-year in Q2 of this year. Impressions grew by 209 percent, and CPMs (average cost per thousand impressions) fell by 10 percent. Advertisers are spending more money than ever in the photo-sharing app, and they’re getting better at doing so. Competition is high.

I’m here to tell you how to do it right! Follow these five steps to make money and move units on Instagram, and you’ll soon be selling on Instagram like a wily veteran.

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Want to know the best part? Instagrammers are ready to buy on the platform: 60% of users discover new products on the platform, and 200 million people visit at least one business profile daily, according to Instagram for Business.

For companies, it means an opportunity to achieve their marketing goals, so it’s no wonder 25 million businesses are marketing on Instagram, and around 2 million advertisers are using their Instagram business profiles on the platform to deliver brand messages and drive business results.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could create an Instagram marketing strategy dedicated to attracting new customers? Let’s explore how to use Instagram for business, and, more specifically, how to sell on Instagram.

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We are living in a world of consumer info where pictures can sell better than words. Big and small businesses are using Instagram as a visual portfolio of their products or services, thus turning this popular social networking service into something like a battlefield for clients. It seems easy to get lost in the news feed overflowed with a variety of content formats for social media. While at the same time, it is becoming possible to make people double-click on the screen. Even more so, doing the right things on Instagram makes people love your brand more than you could possibly imagine.

Now, time for some tips which will help you with selling on Instagram in the super snazziest way — and it likely won’t be something trivial.

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Whether you have an online business or are a professional building your network, LinkedIn is a valuable social platform that you need to have in your arsenal. With over 610 million users, there’s a wealth of networking and sales opportunities available to LinkedIn members.

Like any social media site, you need to engage with other users in the community in order to build your social network and improve your results. One of the most essential ways to encourage engagement on your business’s LinkedIn Company Page is to post quality content.

LinkedIn is the #1 social channel for content distribution; according to Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, 94 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content.

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LinkedIn Adds Three New Ad Targeting Tools: LinkedIn introduced three new tools for advertisers to “easily target more of the right audiences from LinkedIn’s network of 610 million professionals” and improve their ROI. These new targeting tools include lookalike audiences, audience templates, and interest targeting powered by Microsoft Bing search data. All three ad targeting options should be rolling out to all advertisers now.

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Whether you’re looking to grow your business profile or expand your personal network, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. When used well, LinkedIn can help you raise brand awareness and boost traffic to your business.

But, unfortunately, most people are using LinkedIn wrong. Simply copy and pasting your latest blog posts for promotion is not the way to generate engagement, leads, or sales.

In this post, I’ll outline 20 tips that the experts are using to boost LinkedIn engagement – but before that, let’s look at why LinkedIn can be such a powerful platform for your business.

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Choose The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

You love the idea of starting a blog. But…you’re not sure what to write about. Or maybe you have an idea, but you’re not sure if it will work. Sound familiar?

If you’re nodding your head, you’re definitely not alone. Choosing a blog niche is one of the hardest parts of starting a blog – it makes all the technical stuff seem like a cake walk in comparison!

You might have a million ideas bouncing around your head. Or, you might be struggling to come up with just one.

No matter what your roadblock is, I’m here to help you zero in on the perfect niche for your new blog.

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Find Trending topic for niche blog

So do you want to know how to easily find trending topics for your niche blog in 2019? You’re in the right place.

Niche blogging gives you the ability to get “highly targeted audience” to your site. Someone has rightly quoted, “Well begun is half done”. If you have made a good start, then you have complete a major part of the entire allotted work.

Once you have made up your mind to start a new blog, then the next thing which you need to worry about is the blog “niche”.

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How to find a blog niche

There is much confusion on the topic of blogging. What exactly is a blog after all? Is it a daily journal of one’s life? Is it a place to share our hobbies? Is it a marketing tool to attract our ideal audience in order to make a profit?

As you can see, there are many purposes behind why someone might start a blog. Here at Blogging Your Passion, we are dedicated to helping people use the medium of blogging to increase their influence, impact, and income online.

But, that leads us to a real question. How do you find a blog niche that is profitable from the start? After all, who wants to waste all their time and energy on a failed idea from the start?

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How to Get People to Share Your Content

Fifty percent of content marketing is dedicated to topic and content creation, while the other half is for its amplification.

There are so many ways to amplify your content (like through e-mail marketing or joining communities), but getting social shares is what marketers aim for. Perhaps because it’s still the most effective way to reach the right audience, and to actually broaden your reach. With more than a billion active Facebook users, and almost 300 million on Twitter, who wouldn’t want to be viral in social media?

And this is where I want to focus right now – how do we get more social shares? And I mean organic social shares. How do we get people to share our content?

Prepare your minds for some mind-blowing techniques.

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5 Ways to Write Social Media Content to Get More Likes and Shares


Want to write better social media content?

Looking for ways to improve your engagement on every social network?

You’ve come to the right place!

Below I share 5 ways you can create clickable content that gets more likes and shares.

Learn what to say, how to say it, and what works best on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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Facebook Engagement in 2019: How to Get More Likes, Shares, and Clicks

You create a piece of content.

You share it with the world and hope to engage your audience.

But how do you know if it’s working?

Which signals do you look at to understand if your content is actually engaging?

In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips on how you can figure out if your content is doing a good job at engaging your audience.

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