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Are you challenged with finding quality content for Facebook page?  First lets figure out just exactly how much content you will need to find, create and or curate.  Then I’ll show you my tips and tricks. ūüôā

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How often should you post content for Facebook page?

Statistics have shown us over and over again that no matter the size of your page content needs to be posted on a consistent basis.  The size of your page is important but if your under 10,000 aim for one post per day.  Afternoons are usually best but again it depends upon the location of your audience.  If you have fans from many different time zones, post at different times for a while then check your stats and uncover when you receive the most activity on your page.

How to discover content for your page

So now we know we need to aim for one per day where on earth do we find all that content.

One of the first places I look is to the experts in my niche.  For that I start with Google.  I go to Google and type in experts in “my niche” and see what comes up, in this example I searched for experts in dog health. Don’t just limit yourself to what is on page one of your search, take a peek further down, even page 5 through 10 will likely provide a great resource.


Depending on your niche another great source is magazines.  Take a look at what comes up when I look for “home decor magazines”.  There are 1,000’s of magazines in just about every niche you can imagine, look for your! ūüôā

Once I find a dozen or so of sites that I like I go to a website called SimilarSites and see what they can find for me.  Often I have found some real gems using this strategy. Do your best to find another dozen sites.

Evaluate the sites you have found

This step is critical!  We all want quality content on our Facebook pages.  Content that keeps people coming back again and again.  Four of the criteria I use to select content from other sites;

  1. Information is generic to my audience
  2. Site is free from excessive ads
  3. Quality content is posted on a regular basis
  4. Has good quality pictures

You will need to read all the different posts in order to make that informed decision; Will this work on my page? Create a list of criteria you can follow, this will ensure the consistent quality of your content.  Keep a running list of links to great articles you believe your audience will appreciate. Personally I have both Word docs and text files full of potential content.

Now that you have a list of content you want to post on your Facebook page it’s time to schedule them.  I recommend posting one full week at a time, 7 posts.

Time to Post all that Content for Facebook Page

  • Pull up your document full of great links
  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • Copy paste the URL into a regular Facebook post box, let the link auto populate.

  • Once the link has populated, you can tell it is populated when the picture and title appear, then delete the link.  The information will stay and you can add your own comment, question or observation.

Use Keywords as Hashtags

Within Facebook keywords are known as interests.  Be sure to add the appropriate hastags to your posts.

  1. Your Facebook Insights on your Page
  2. Audience Insights in the Facebook Ads area
  3. Suggested Keywords (in Detailed Targeting)

Click the down arrow at the bottom of the post window in order to schedule your post.

Repeat the process until you have your week’s worth of posts scheduled.

Occasionally you will find posts that you really want to share, but they don’t have a picture or graphic.  In these cases you find a graphic, free or from one of the many sites where you can purchase great graphics.  Next is to create the new post.

  1. Add your graphic
  2. Add the link to the content, let it populate
  3. Remove the link
  4. Add your comments to the post

You may want to check out my previous post-Startling Benefits of Facebook Page Quality Content Curation

If you have a blog you can take 2 or 3 of the links you have shared on Facebook and add them into one blog post. It’s a great way to leverage all the work you have done on your Facebook page.

Need help getting all this done, we’re here to help with a 50% off Special content for Facebook Page.




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Content is the currency of social media and the entire web. It’s one of the major reasons people go to the web; to look things up!¬† Quality content curation can be a lifesaver when you do not have a ton of your own content.

Content curation is the little-known shortcut that lets you catch up and maybe even pass your competition. You can also position yourself as an expert.

So what exactly is content curation?  The process of gathering articles, blog posts, research, information, etc relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

Easy To Do

Owl Pointing to content creation is easyFind content you believe would be of value to your readers and share it.  Most websites today make it very easy to share their content, it can be as easy as clicking a share button on their website. The challenging piece here is you have to know your subject well in order to weed out the fluff.  If you are knowledgeable in keyword research it can be even easier as you would know the specific phrases and subjects to search.

Once you find these great posts, articles, stories, etc add your thoughts, insight, this is where your value comes into play. This is the secret sauce, where you can make a difference because to your audience your opinion counts. When you add an article to Facebook it can be as simple as asking a question.  EXAMPLE: I recently added an SEO post, I identified one task I wish I had implemented when I first started and one task I was not doing but because it was such a good idea I was going to implement immediately.

Content Curation Engages Your Audience

Using many sources computer, pencil to engage audience

Everyone who comes to any of your online content, be it a blog or any social media profile may not ready to buy from you immediately.¬† It is in our best interest as business owners to nurture relationships.¬† This means we have to provide valuable¬†content that keeps them coming back again and again.¬† I don’t know about you but creating my own content takes time and I¬†have other tasks that prevent me from writing a post every day.

This is one of the main reasons I love content curation is that I can provide information I know my audience is interested in, can use and implement in their business.

Be sure to curate content from a variety of different sources, introduce new sources of information.¬† If you only share from 3 or 4 sources every week your audience will likely lose interest.¬† Quality content curation allows you to be that trusted source, by doing the “legwork” for your audience.

Quality Content Curation Establishes Authority

Your email list becomes more powerful when your connections know you provide valuable content.   The ability to give the content away on a continuous basis is key.

When you discover the little known or up and coming experts in your niche, share their insights and perspectives you are providing your audience with a broad panorama of what is available.

You wade through the quagmire of rehashed content to find powerful tidbits to bring back to your followers. Filter out the noise and link to valuable content your audience can use instead of rewriting the same old tired information.  When you curate content with integrity and honesty Рyou become that trustworthy resource.

Saves Time

Hand inserting clock into piggy bankLike everything else in life when we learn how to do something new it initially takes more time. Quality content curation is the same.¬† You will definitely save time for your audience right from the start.¬† They will not have to plow through everything as you have already done it for them.¬† As you are learning and setting up your “trusted sources” you want to make sure that you save them in a safe place.

It’s frustrating when you know you discovered this great blog that had great content and now you can’t find it.¬† Initially, I just kept a list in a Word doc.¬† Then I upgraded to a special bookmark folder.¬† Both of these methods worked well for a while but they didn’t save me a lot of time.¬† If you decide quality content curation is for you, you may want to invest in a content curation program, there are tons out there, personally, I use Kudani.

Identify Valuable Resources

This can be the most interesting part for you!¬† Here is where you will definitely “wade through the quagmire” because that is what it will take to find¬†abstractly woman using binoculars to find resourcesrelevant content.¬† When you post/share the “same old – same old” on a consistent basis you will become stale to your audience.¬† As you read blog posts in your niche be sure to click on the links embedded in the posts on a regular basis just to see where they take you.¬† In my experience, this is one of the great methods to find the abstractly relevant content.

EXAMPLE: During the research for another blog post I discovered a list of the up and coming social media experts.¬† From that list I took a look at a number of them, starting at the bottom and only names I didn’t recognize.¬† The links to the experts were for their Twitter feeds, I scrolled through a number of feeds. It was awesome to be going down the rabbit hole with purpose. ūüôā¬† As a result, I discovered a new blog with content that is definitely worth sharing.¬†¬†Why Inconsistent Messaging Is Undermining Customer Experience

The other method I use to find the abstractly relevant¬†is all of the sources I check to create each and every one of my blog posts.¬† I keep a list of everything I looked at and read. When required I can then go back and review when I need something that is relevant to that specific topic.¬† All of this valuable information is saved in a folder called “Blog Post Outlines”.

Content curation can be easily implemented check out my previous blog post Content Curation Made Easy, Look Like The Expert

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According to announcements by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook; groups are where you are going to get the most visibility and interaction. In this post, I will walk you through the process of setting up a Facebook group from scratch. To ensure you can support your business with a raving Facebook Group.

Let’s get started and create a Facebook Group

Log into your Facebook Personal Profile

Go to the top right and click on the down arrow and select “create group”.

Name your Facebook Group

You definitely want to think about the name of your group. Do you want your group to be found in the Facebook search? If so you’ll want to be sure to use keywords in both your group name and description.

Depending on the purpose of your group you have a number of different options for your name.

  • Brand Name
  • Company Name
  • Product Name
  • Service
  • Common Interest
  • Brand with Location
  • Company with Location
  • Product with Location
  • Service with Location
  • Common Interest with Location

Invite a few customers, clients and friends

Enter a few names of people you know will likely come and join your group.  You may want to ask people you know who will be helpful in assisting you in establishing your new group.

Select Privacy

Facebook offers three options for privacy, they are;

  • Public – Public groups are open to anyone to join.¬† This is a great option for lead generation.¬† You will be able to create posts that highlight¬†your expertise and use it as a tool to move people over to your paid products and services. Encourage members to post in the group but only if they follow your guidelines.¬† Control remains in your hands and can remove people who don’t follow your rules.
  • Closed – With a closed group anyone can find the group but they have to be approved before they can join.¬† The keywords you used in your name and description will be important here if you want people to find the group.¬† You can also make a closed group one that people have to pay to join, I personally¬†belong to a few.¬† If you do this be sure to fill in the description with directions on how to become a paying member.¬† If they find you when searching it’s in your best interest to let them know how to join.
  • Secret – Secrets group will not be found in a search, only your members can find and post to the group. This is a great tool when you are working on¬†something that you definitely do not want out there for general consumption. If you were a personal development coach with a group program this might be the perfect setting to share that very personal information.

Once you complete those three steps your group will be created.  Next is to fine tune the details and add the content you want to be found for.

Edit Facebook Group Settings

The cover graphic can be used to explain what your group is all about, just be beautiful graphics and anything in between. These can be easily created using free programs like Canva or GIMP.

Really successful Facebook group can be found on Facebook.  Completing all of the sections here on the setting page makes it MUCH easier for people to find you organically if you are creating an open group.

Carefully select the group type that is appropriate for your specific group because this will also assist people when searching on Facebook

Be sure to ask Ask Pending Members Questions РThis will allow you to screen any new membership requests. Previously in order to ask questions, you would need to friend the person or send them a Facebook message, ask the questions and then manually keep track.  A whole lot of work!  With the built-in questions, you no longer have to indiscriminately add people who request membership.  You can now approve them based on their answers and hopefully keep out anyone who may abuse your group.


Manage your Facebook Group

Once you have everything set up it’s time to Run your Facebook Group

Introduction РMost noteworthy, let people know what your group is all about.  Be sure to provide enough information to allow potential members to make that informed decision about joining your group.  This will be visible in the right-hand column of your group.

Rules and guidelines РTo run a productive and clean Facebook group, it is important to outline what is acceptable and what is not.  Outline to your new members what is acceptable. Be sure to post your rules where your members can easily see them.  In my experience simple is best, many of the groups I belong to only have 4 rules.  You can check out all the rules in the groups to which you currently belong, to find them follow the graphic below.

Respectful – Treat others with respect and monitor your group to ensure members are treating each other with respect.

Make it easy to consume – My personal pet peeve.¬† ūüôā Your group newsfeed will not remain in chronological order and can become confusing for your members to find specific posts.¬† When specific posts are important to your members you may want to use the¬†“File” function to create a list of the most important ones.¬† Members can also add files to add to the value of your group.

Engage regularly – This one is critical, like everything in life you get what you put into it.¬† Test setting the notifications for your group so that you receive notifications for all posts and comments.¬† It may be too much for you, this will depend on the size and activity level of your group, you will have to find your specific comfort level.¬† Add admins to assist when your group gets rockin’ and rollin’!

Check out my previous post on Facebook Business Groups

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For those who have been following me for a while realize that I know quite a bit about Facebook.  You may or may not have noticed that I do not have any Facebook Groups.  This was a conscious choice for two reasons.

  • I had a coach who had MANY Facebook business groups and was severely challenged responding, posting and monitoring within each group.¬† He‚Äôs very attentive and likes to make sure he does a great job in each group.
  • I had a full time job when I first started and my time was very limited. Like my coach I wanted to do a good job with my group and support them as much as I could.¬† A full time job hampered me!

I did a number of different things to attempt to make up the difference,

  • Use posting tools to ensure I was posting effectively on my business page
  • Hired a VA to respond where possible and alert me when I needed to respond personally

Granted, these did work but not as well as I wanted them to.  I was still challenged to keep up with just a Facebook business page without adding a Facebook business group. I still didn’t see how I could add a group to my list of tasks.

My ‚ÄúAha Moment‚ÄĚ was when a friend of mine added me to one of her Facebook business groups.¬† The groups were small to start but the interaction and participation was awesome.

What I discovered about Facebook business groups;

More Personal ‚Äď Everyone who participates gets to know one another.¬† In many cases other group members can encourage and assist others with learning the new skills. ¬†In more than one group I belong to people also share resources, tips and tricks. What really makes it personal for me is the support from others AND the great questions other people ask.¬† Isn’t it wonderful how someone asks the questions that you were just thinking about, as a result you’re answer is right there!

Build trust with your audience, build a team with Facebook GroupsBuild Trust ‚Äď there‚Äôs nothing like ‚Äúbeing there‚ÄĚ for your group members!¬† You build trust when you provide feedback, answer questions, solve problems and interact with your group.¬† In the beginning group members may be a little reluctant to participate.¬† However as they see you in there answering questions and helping others their participation will increase. The group space on Facebook can be a safe and secure place for all your members, depending upon how it is set up and managed. You can build a great team who love to learn together.

You can be more focused with your FB groups


More Focused ‚Äď The focus allows you and your members to dig deep on a specific topic. When a group is created for a specific purpose it is best to stick to that purpose.¬† Group members have expectations definite reasons as to why they joined a group.¬† We all have different interests and joining a Facebook Business Group is a great way to really expand your knowledge in a specific area.¬† We can learn more effectively by being part of a group. Personally I would not want to see lots of information on baking in a group I joined to learn the intricacies of¬† Facebook ads.

Get more exposure with a Facebook Business Group

More Exposure РWith your Facebook Business Group you can request people share with their friends and associates who would benefit from your group. One of the recent Facebook changes is they now favour posts that encourage interaction between people.  When new members ask about your products or services, wanting to know if they are better than another companies the current members can and do respond.  They jump in and talk about how good your specific product has been for them.  Their success stories are wonderful social proof which goes a long way to converting people into new customers.

Immediate Feedback РWithin your group you can post questions, surveys or anything you like to obtain feedback Lots of different ways to get immediate feedback from your Facebook Business Groupfrom your members. The use of the Facebook built in surveys, check out the app store and find one you like. With a active Facebook group people will comment, suggest and perhaps even share other resources.  You can ask;

  • What’s your biggest challenge?
  • Do you have a problem for which you are actively looking for a solution?
  • What is currently frustrating you?

You may not have the answers to all of the responses, but you will for some.¬† Being able to find solutions for your group definitely makes you a hero.¬† If you don’t have a suggested answer you can always ask the group what they have done when they ran across this problem/challenge/frustration.¬† We all love to help each other and a Facebook Business Group that supports this behaviour will be lucrative.

Notify the Group Members РThis is the most amazing benefit of a Facebook Group, you are able to notify your group members when you post within your group. Just like you would use the @ sign to tag a friend you can also use it to tag your group.  You simply type in the group name instead of the persons name.

To mention all group members, simply enter @ followed by the group name or just type @group:”groupname” into any comment area, or a discussion.



¬†Make Offers¬†Many people feel they should not be making offers to their groups.¬† Personally I believe the opposite is true.¬†Be sure to make special offers to your Facebook Business Group. People come to your Facebook Business group to learn.¬† If you have a product that will make the learning curve easier and shorter it is a dis-service to your group not to let them know about it.¬† I belong to a couple of Amazon Seller groups and I love it when different products are showcased, especially when they can make the operating of an Amazon business much easier and more profitable.¬† Please make offers!¬† The products don’t have to be yours, you can become an affiliate for all the different products and services you use.¬† Then you can just let your members know how much you love them!

Stay tuned next week – we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of setting up a Facebook Business Group.

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Facebook offers a number of methods to promote content, whether they are posts, videos, graphics and/or offers. The simplest is the Facebook boosted post, next is a simple ad in the ads manager.  However Facebook provides many options for us to run ads and they can get very complicated.

If you have not done any promotion on Facebook a boosted post is a good place to start, it is the simplest and most common.  Unfortunately as Facebook continues with all the algorithm changes there is definitely an even greater decline in organic reach which increases the need for paid reach increases.

What is a Boosted Post?

A boosted post is a method to get your post in front of more people by paying money to Facebook. You can boost just about any post on your Facebook Page, there will be times when Facebook will not offer the option, but it’s not often.  Basically you use a post that already exists on your Facebook Page and you give it a boost! (Help or encourage (something) to increase or improve.)  In our specific case it is an existing post on our Facebook Page. Remember you cannot boost a post from your personal profile, it must be from your Facebook Business Page.

Why Would you Use Facebook Boosted Post

The main reasons you want to boost a post are;

  • Reach ‚Äď Organic reach will simply not reach as many people as paid, a hard fact from Facebook. ¬†If you wish to expand your reach out to those who already like your page, friends of those who already like your page or similar audiences this is a great way to make that happen.
  • Visibility – Once a post is boosted it will appear higher up in the newsfeed of your selected audience. You definitely want people to see all the hard work you went through to create a great post! A boosted post is definitely more visible.
  • Engagement ‚Äď It goes without saying, if you reach lots more people you‚Äôll get more engagement. (Provided the selected post is a good one, more on that later) As your posts gets more likes, comments and shares Facebook will reward you by displaying your boosted post at a lesser cost. ¬†This means you will reach more people for the same budget.

When to Boost a Post;

I find it best to boost posts that have already caught the attention of a few people, the posts that already have a number (even small #‚Äôs) of likes, shares or comments. ¬†Where possible boost at the time of day when you know your audience is likely to be on Facebook. Expert advice ranges from boosting only once per week to a couple of times per day. ¬†You will need to decide what is best for your audience. If you have a large number of fans on your page, 10k-100k, go ahead and post once a day or more. If your Facebook page has less than 1k experiment starting with 2 ‚Äď 3 per week.

What to Boost ‚Äď

Be sure to have a goal in mind for your boosted post.  Do you want people to stay on your Facebook Page? Would you rather they headed over to your blog to read some of your great content?  Perhaps you want to gather their name and email address. Perhaps you want to send them to an offer, one of your own or an affiliate offer.  Each one of these requires a little different set up.

  • Helpful information is a great way to encourage people to connect and engage.
  • Pick your post with care to ensure it matches with your goal.
  • The image you select is critical. ¬†People scroll through their Facebook Newsfeed quite quickly; therefore you want to have an eye catching image. ¬†An image that makes people stop and take a look. One word of advice, avoid the Facebook blue color, it blends in too much. ¬†People scroll past that color more often than not.

Facebook offers 4 different types of post.

  • Increasing brand awareness ‚Äď The goal is to have people remember you and return. Facebook will show your post to people who are like products, services and brands similar to your own.¬† Plus you can control the frequency and to ensure you don‚Äôt hit the same people over and over again all in the same week.
  • Increasing brand engagement (Shares, Comments, Likes)
  • Boosting website traffic – this means you are actually sending traffic out of Facebook over to another website
  • Promoting new content or blog posts – We do this on a consistent basis, it really helps to get the word out about all my my new content. (HINT: you can schedule that same content to be posted on a regular basis!)

Select your boosted post with care;

When deciding which post to boost ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it helpful?
  • Does the image make people stop and look?
  • Will the image stand out in the news-feed?
  • Is there a call to action?¬† You need to tell people what you want them to do.
  • Does your post text get your point across quickly and clearly?

How to Create a Facebook Boosted Post

  1. #1 Click on the “Boost Post” button
  2. Select the results you want from this boost, click on the circle on the right to select.
  3. Select the audience you wish to target by clicking on the “edit” button.¬† Make your selections, this time click on the round button on the left.
  4. Add your budget.  I like to start with $3.00 and depending on the expected outcome I may do a bit more, but to start I never go over $10.00.  For a boosted post I like it to run for one to three days
  5. Review all you have entered, if everything looks good go ahead and click that “Boost” button on the bottom right!¬† Good Luck!


Would you love to be boosting posts from your Facebook Business Page, but don’t have one set up yet?¬† Here’s a great resource to help you set it up right.¬† Check it out!

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