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Have you ever considered using Facebook Notes for Business? Recently I joined a paid Facebook group and I realized that one of the ways I could be helpful in the group was to add some “how to” information.  At first I simply did a post but I saw that it soon disappeared down in the timeline.  (it’s a very active group) Not one of the new people joining the group would see they could enhance their experience with the group with the simple strategy I shared.  I went searching for a better way and remembered Facebook Notes.

It appears Facebook is changing things up and for some pages and Facebook groups they are no longer called notes.  They are now called docs instead.  Which I believe is a good thing as so many people already use the word docs!  It’s nice when things match up and are called the same thing on many different platforms.  Would you agree?

I discovered no specific purpose designated by Facebook for notes, so that pretty much leaves it open for us to make it work the way we need it to work.  Here are a few suggestions:

6 Ways to Use Facebook Notes/Docs for Business

  1. use it as an extended business description
  2. press releases
  3. company updates
  4. special offers
  5. Events
  6. instructions to complete a task

If you do not have Facebook notes/docs added to your page or group, it’s nice and simple to do;

  • Go to the Facebook Page you want to add the Notes to
  • Under the cover photo you’ll see various actions
  • Click on the “See More” dropdown and the option for “Notes” will appear, along with other options

Use Facebook Notes to Promote Your Blog

I like to share content from the Butterfly Networking Blog, because of course it’s always good to spread your own content around!  Sharing my posts in Facebook Notes is just another way to do the work once and benefit multiple times. 🙂  Then I like to  link back and forth between note and blog post. You will notice on the Butterfly Networking Facebook Page notes section we usually link right back to the blog. I personally like to put a teaser for my blog posts in a note and then link it back to the full blog post.  You can do that too, or something totally different.  That’s the beauty of notes, there are lots of options.

One way to enhance your notes and or docs is to add photos, here are the directions from Facebook

To add a photo to your note:

1. Open the note
2. Click Edit Note in the top right
3. Click where you want to add the photo
4. Hover over on the left, then select Photo
5. Choose a photo from the list or click Upload New Photo to add a new one

To remove a photo from your note, hover over the photo and click Remove.

To change a photo’s position in your note:

1. Open the note
2. Click Edit Note in the top right
3. Hover over the photo
4. Click Left, Center or Right

To manually resize a photo in your note:

1. Open the note
2. Click Edit Note in the top right
3. Hover over the photo to make appear on the left and right
4. Hover near to change it to
5. Click and drag to resize the photo

How do I add or remove a cover photo in my note?

To add a cover photo in your note, click the gray area at the top. Choose a photo from the list or select Upload New Photo to add a new one.

The recommended cover photo dimensions for a note are 1200 pixels (width) by 445 pixels (height). If you upload a smaller photo, it’ll stretch to this size and appear blurry.

To remove a cover photo in your note, hover over the existing image and click Remove.

Remember FB is always improving and editing their platform I would definitely advise against using it for “blog posts”.  You never know you could wake up one morning and the function would be gone or dramatically changed.

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