Free Customer Support Solution For Your Business With OSTicket


There is nothing worse than a pissed of customer/client when it would have been easy to keep them happy! I’ve got a free customer support solution for your business.

Great Helpdesk Solution

Every business owner recognizes the importance of having an effective and efficient helpdesk system for not only their in-house staff, but for outside customers and clients as well. With so many systems out there today, it can be somewhat of a challenge to choose the perfect system for your startup small business. OSTicket is truly the most popular and trusted customer support ticketing system across the globe today. This state of the art system was designed and developed to help business owners improve upon their overall customer service by providing an effective customer service platform that delivers top of the line customer service support.Butterfly Networking loves OSTicket Support Ticket System

OSTicket is not only fast, effective and free, but is a measurable support system that business owners everywhere are finding to be dependable, flexible, efficient and incredibly reliable. The system is recognized as the best all round help ticket system available on the web today. Starting out with your new business is a challenge within itself, but having all the appropriate tools in place will certainly minimize those challenges for you. OSTicket is one of those necessary tools, and with the system’s flexibility business owners today are enjoying the advanced, easy to use features that this system provides. From tracking help tickets to providing timely responses to customer requests, OSTicket is the ideal tool for you.

The system is equipped with a wide range of spectacular features including

  1. easy installation,
  2. ticket submission capability by either email or web-based submission,
  3. auto responses,
  4. attachment support,
  5. internal notes,
  6. template replies,
  7. and the capability of assigning or transferring tickets to in-house staff members.

OSTicketWith all these spectacular features and its overall ease of installation and use, this free online help desk system is the perfect tool for your small startup business. This product far outweighs and outperforms its competitors, Bugzilla and Help Desk Reloaded each time every time.

Definitely Check OutFree Customer Support Solution For Your Business With OSTicket

For all you new business owners starting out, if you are in search of a top of the line, truly superior help desk system, then look no further than OSTicket. Reach out to OSTicket today and give your small business, your in-house staff and all your customers and clients the specialized “help” they deserve. OSTicket – your customer support ticketing system that does it all. Don’t start your business without it.

Visit OSTicket.com today. You’ll be more than glad you did!!

Need Help Bringing This All Together?

Implementation is critical when you are building your business, should you need any help with any of the free tools I have written about I have a short term program that is just the thing. Let me help you bring this all together!  Check out 4 Weeks to Visibility, the first session starts on June 7th, 2016.


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