Google Calendar – The Best Free and Easy Business Organizer


Google Calendar – Your Easy Business Organizer

We all admit that life would just not be the same without the use of a daily calendar and certainly a calendar for your small business is no exception. There are certainly a wide range of different ways to organize your business and your life, but truly there is none as dependable, effective and efficient as a calendar. With that said, the easy business organizer of choice for most business owners today because of its reliability, flexibility and ease of use is that of Google Calendar.easy business organizer

Using Google Calendar as your easy business organizer is not only effective, but remarkably practical since it basically is a “Master Calendar” with a variety of smaller individual calendars all aggregated in one single place. You are able to maintain a separate calendar for your business, personal life, your holidays and special family important dates, and any other specific calendars you may need. Color coding your varied calendars, a feature offered by Google Calendar, is a quick and effective way of personalizing and customizing your calendars.

All of your individual calendars will appear in one place with their color-coded content, allowing you to see all that is going on in your life across the board from personal to business. In addition, if at any one time you want only to focus in on your business calendar, you can easily turn off your other individual calendars giving your business calendar full focus.

4 weeks to visibilityAn important business feature of Google Calendar is the fact that you can share your calendar with other team members at any time. If you are working directly with a team of employees on a specific business project or objective you can share the calendar with those you are collaborating with which is certainly an invaluable tool and feature. With this shared feature all members of your work team know exactly when another team member is busy and not available for a conference call or the scheduling of a meeting. The calendar blocks out times that a member is not available. It also allows you to schedule meetings and conference calls with a single glance since all your team members’ schedules are accessible to all.  I add events to my marketing calendar.  My webmaster sees these events and knows what needs to be done.  Once he is finished his portion of the task he changes the color of the event.  This way I know with a VERY quick glance whether or not he is finished.  I love it!

Google Calendar also allows you, as the business owner, to set specific permission levels for each of your team member’s individual calendars to limit the amount of authority and control you grant to each member. You can either give members full access, allowing them to revise, update, change and even cancel scheduled meetings and events, or you can set it up so that members are only able to view calendars and events but not edit them in any way.

A further attractive and very useful feature is the fact that Google Calendar has been integrated with Gmail and will allow you to create events on your Google Calendar right from your emails. Google actually detects any dates or times that are included in your emails and offers you the option, on the right side of your screen, to add the event to your calendar. When you elect to do this all the contents of your email will be automatically added to your calendar event. This feature keeps business owners from forgetting to add special meetings and events to their calendar.

Accessing your calendar from any device you are on that has an internet connection is yet another attractive feature as is the fact that you can easily sync your Google Calendar to your smartphone allowing you to easily schedule and even update events from anywhere that you happen to be. From scheduling events and meetings, and program reminders to performing searches within your calendar, Google Calendar certainly affords business owners all the necessary calendaring and scheduling tools needed to start up and continue to run and effective and well organized business.

Google Calendar - Your Free and Easy Business Organizer

Google Calendar truly saves time, streamlines all your business organizational processes, and tracks all your meetings, events, and participants. Every business needs superior organizational tools and certainly Google Calendar fits that bill. If you are starting your own small business, then surely the top of the line organizational features Google Calendar has to offer is sure to be a productive business tool for you.

Implementation is critical when you are building your business, should you need any help with any of the free tools I have written about I have a short term program that is just the thing. Let me help you bring this all together!  Check out 4 Weeks to Visibility, the first session starts on June 7th, 2016.

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