How to Advertise Campaigns More Efficiently This 2019


Are you ready to knock it out of the park and create your best Facebook ad campaign ever this year?

2019 just started and this is the perfect time to look back at what worked last year in the realm of Facebook ads, and how you can use those teachings to improve your results this year.

What are the tried and proven methods that drove success in 2018 to take with you to 2019? Which are the examples you can get inspiration from? How can you replicate your Top competitors’ success?

We found winning formulas, strategic patterns, unusual storytelling ideas, and a ton of tips and tricks that you can use to boost YOUR results this year!

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Why Facebook Ads?

You may be well versed with the benefits of advertising on Facebook and the massive reach this platform can give your business. But have you wondered why you have not seen an increase in traffic or your conversion rate in spite of spending so much on Facebook ads? Clearly, something’s amiss.

In all probability, your Facebook ad is not reaching the right people – those who would be interested in your products or services. No matter the duration of your ad or how visually appealing you make it – nothing matters if you are not communicating to the right audience. Yes, you put up a great looking ad but what’s the point if it is shown to those who aren’t interested in your brand or service?

Simply put, poor targeting is just money wasted.

So, here are 10 effective Facebook ad targeting tips to ensure you get your money’s worth and boost conversions.

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How to Use Facebook Automated Rules to Manage Facebook Ads by Charlie Lawrence on Social Media Examiner.

Spending too much time managing your Facebook ad spend? Want to manage your Facebook advertising campaigns more efficiently?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook’s automated rules to save time managing Facebook ad performance.

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