If Content is King, Then Pictures are Queen – 3 Sure Fire Ways to Boost Your Ranking with Pictures


We’ve all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a 1000 words” and that is especially true in social media. You are going to have more interaction on your Facebook page, more shares and re-tweets on Twitter when you use a picture. BECAUSE  If Content is King, Then Pictures are Queen – 3 Sure Fire Ways to Boost Your Ranking with Pictures

You want to use a picture that tells the story, because when you do, you are going to deepen the connection that someone feels with your picture/post. You want to use a picture to highlight the emotions of your copy, so if you’re writing about something that is happy, you want to insert happy pictures. If you’re writing about something that is exciting, insert exciting pictures. I’m sure you get the “picture”. 🙂

It is really a lot more difficult to catch people’s attention online with words than it is with pictures. You definitely want to be able to use pictures to increase your whole ranking, interaction and sharing and plain old visibility. Everything is better with pictures.

Here are 3 ways you can use pictures to increase your interaction on your Facebook Page, Blog and overall Ranking everywhere…

1. Ask customers to share how they use your product with pictures. If you have the type of product where people can use it different ways, or even if you don’t think they can use it different ways, you will be amazed at what some of your customers actually do with your product. Send out an email, put a post on your Facebook page on your blog and tweet your request. Ask them to take a picture of themself or someone they know using your product and have them share it on your Facebook page or any of your social media profiles.

Here’s a good example from Headware

2. Create captivating pictures yourself. Ask your friends to pose for pictures for you of them using your products. Recently I purchased a bracelet from a friend who makes awesome jewelry and she had me pose so that she could see and demonstrate to her clients, here is a happy client wearing one of her products. You can also create those types of pictures yourself.

Here’s Floresa a good friend showing off her giant Toblerone. Photo credit to the owner.

3. Share stunning pictures that demonstrate an experience or the experience of using a product. This will not work with all products, of course, because some don’t necessarily generate an experience; although, you know, wearing new clothes people are really happy, using a social media product and getting more interaction in customers on your Facebook page is exciting. Take a look at your products, your services, and see where your customers are having great experiences with them and then generate some pictures that share that experience. Remember so long as you give proper credit the pictures don’t always have to be yours.

Here’s an example of how a customer used KitKat. Isn’t it delicious?

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  1. Hi Carla,

    What a great idea! Pictures do say 1000 words. Using pictures is more social proof than anything else!

    I love to use my own pictures since all the controversy and annoying Pictures we have to use these days on our blog.

    I make it a habit to carry around my camera and shoot pictures all the time so they are my own property.

    Now, If you are selling something, those pictures are the best testimonials one can receive.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Mind State Change

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