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5 Methods For Scaling Your Facebook Advertising

Harnessing the power of Facebook’s advertising platform is a tricky road to navigate; this is especially true when it comes time to scale your advertising efforts. Just because you have experienced success at lower spending amounts doesn’t mean that you simply spend more money and generate the same success.

The Facebook algorithm is a finicky beast, and scaling must be done carefully and according to best principles.

It is important to understand that increasing your investment in Facebook ads is no minor decision. Sure, there is a vast audience to reach, but you want your pitch to those potential customers to be efficient and successful.

Let’s examine a few strategies that will propel your Facebook marketing and advertising into overdrive, moving your business forward and keeping your goals squarely on track.

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People get confused when I talk about advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Truth is, I don’t actually care about Facebook. I don’t care about social media.

I’d be thrilled to tell all of you to go and buy ads on page 187 of Vogue Magazine, or buy billboard ads and outdoor media.

The only problem is… they’re massively overpriced.

People aren’t looking at billboards. They’re not paying attention to TV commercials. They’re not reading magazines. So in reaction to that low demand, those companies have increased the price of advertising to keep it ROI positive.

That means smaller companies have a few years to take advantage of these platforms before big companies start crowding in.

But first… businesses need to adapt their mindset to the “new world” of marketing.


4 Facebook Ad Techniques That Deliver Results by Luke Heinecke on Social Media Examiner.

Want to improve your Facebook advertising results? Looking for successful examples you can model?

In this article, you’ll discover four ways to generate clicks, leads, and conversions using Facebook ads.

Read more: 4 Facebook Ad Techniques That Deliver Results via Social Media Examiner


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