How a Membership Site Works for You


How to Decide What Kind of Membership Site Works for You

My very first “membership site” was built on a platform called Member Champ. (it no longer exists) It was a theme that allowed me to build a membership site around a single product. I had decided I wanted to have a membership site but not one that required me to regularly add content. This was a perfect start for me.

To start a membership site is a big commitment, but there are lots of benefits.  However, time really is of the essence because membership sites have become a very popular way of delivering content while receiving re-occurring revenue. It is always nice to be able to get in ahead of the curve!

Technical Considerations

  • Login forms and front-end registration
  • User Roles
  • Control who sees what
  • Menu management
  • Multiple courses or products
  • Connect to your autoresponder
  • Connect to your payment processor
  • Adding content

Do you have membership site content?

Content can come in many forms, text, video, audio and any combination of the three. When you initially get started with your membership site you will need to have a number of pieces of content before you start promoting.

If you already have a blog and are posting regularly perhaps you could post in a membership site instead.  If you’re already doing all the work it would be nice to be paid for it.  Or you could put the more generic version on your blog and add more detail, maybe even, “how to” within the confines of your membership site. There are other options for content when you build the membership site that works for you 24/7!

Where to find content for your membership

There are many places where you can purchase courses you can brand as your own and/or white label content.

White label refers to a product or service that is purchased by a reseller who rebrands the product or service to give the impression that the new owner created it. White label products are often produced via mass production.

Also, search for Private Label products because you are looking for Private Label Rights. (PLR)

Check out sites like:


Warrior Forum

The PLR Store

Master Resale Rights

When you purchase white label or PLR be sure to read through all of the content carefully.  Make any changes you feel necessary and add your own touch to the content.  There is so much available today it’s pretty easy to find something that would be appropriate for most niches. It does take a little work to find what’s right for you, but it is definitely worth it.

If you are a coach, who delivers recordings of coaching calls to clients and you use something like Instant Teleseminar or FreeConferenceCall you can make it much easier for clients to consume. You can add only their calls to a specific level (levels could be your client’s name) on your membership platform. This allows the client to only sign in once and see all of their recordings in one place that is easy to access and consume.

Remember we still have a large group of people who get confused and frustrated with technology, make it as easy as possible for them.

Of course, you may also have your own digital products to sell and these you would include in your membership site.

What membership sites do you belong to? Think of your current membership and your previous ones.  I’m sure there were things you both liked and disliked about each of them.  Make a note and keep them in mind when you develop your own membership site.

What is your long-term vision

When you initially set up your membership site it is best to have a long-term vision.  It is not necessary to have all the “bells and whistles” set up as this could be expensive, technically challenging and very time-consuming. You want to make sure that whatever software program you initially select is either able to grow or can easily be merged into a bigger and more complicated system.

When I first started with the one product for a one-time investment I went with something super quick and simple.  However I also knew that I wanted to have a membership with a re-occurring investment, so I made sure it would be easy to transfer my content and membership list.

The new membership software I have found is JVZoo Member and so far it has been the quickest to learn, easiest to set up and the least expensive.  Check it out, and if you have any questions please post it in the comments section.

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