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For those of you who are attempting to create spectacular, informative, and attention getting content for your websites, this necessary task can be remarkably challenging, especially if this is your first time out of the gate. There are abundant tools available today to assist in making your content not only interesting and eye-catching, but also creative and user friendly. With this in mind, below are four very resourceful tools for creating content; tools that are simplistic but incredibly useful and successful and will certainly make your content writing life much quicker and indeed much easier. The four areas of content writing you want to focus on are research, creation, production, and distribution, all of which I have provided two resources for each and offered a simple explanation.


Feedly.com – This site is fast becoming one of the most talked about and used sites for content writers to organize new content and blogs. It is a tool that simply and easily allows its users to research, find, and collect data on topics of interest. The site offers all the tools needed for connecting to the news and any topic that you are interested in and has an extensive library of information that makes both research and capturing of content easy to perform.

Trapit.com – This amazing site is recognized for its library of endless content. Offering high quality and highly reputable content, Trapit allows users to take their own written text and ideas and blend them with endless blogs, news, videos, magazines, and podcast sources to aid in the creation of extraordinary content. It is by far one of the most highly visible research tools on the net today and will certainly aid in the capturing of needed materials for creating your content.


Wordle.net – This amazing playful tool allows you to take your content or text that you have written and give it an attractive and fun appearance. By using a variety of fonts, and color schemes you are able to turn your text into eye-catching images in the form of word clouds that will serve to bring your content to life. Rather than just typing straight content on a flat page, this phenomenal tool lets you give a whole new vibrant look to your content.

Worditout – Yet another playful fun tool that allows you to take typical content and transform it into word clouds, which are simply clusters or clouds of words that are all squished together on a page, with the most important and informative words having a more visible layout, usually displayed with a much larger font. This tool is every bit as informative as it is playful and will easily take dull and boring content and turn it into content filled with vibrancy, loud colors, and playfulness all in an effort to make your text stand out more and get noticed by viewers ultimately assisting in building your own brand.


25.io/mou – This tool is a markdown editor that assists in the display and layout of your text. When you are creating content you want to be sure your content can be easily shared between computers, your mobile phones and even people. The use of this very versatile editor is favored by many. Using this helpful editor content developers are sure to produce quality content. Offering features that provide for easy and concise editing of your content that is not only legible but also attractive in both formatting and display, inclusive of such special features as split screens, emphasis, links, quoted text, paragraphs, line breaks, headlines, and a variety of other handy features, 25.io/mou provides you with all your editing needs.

Builtvisible.com – This resourceful tool provides users with a professional and successful approach for getting traffic to their sites, for generating sales online and for building brand awareness. When creating your content you want to be certain that your content communicates your ideas clearly and builds your brand to its maximum capacity. The production of successful content requires proper editing, formatting, and layout of your content as a first step toward making your content more visible and building your successful brand.


content_creation_toolBuffer.com – In order for the proper distribution of your content you will want to be certain that all features of you website are configured to allow for speed and accuracy when accessing your site. This amazing tool offers you simplified social media tools that can help grow traffic to your site. Offering guidelines for flexible scheduling or your content posts, a single click posting to all your social media accounts, and data that will substantially improve your overall content performance, the use of this extraordinary tool will certainly enhance your content and drive traffic to your site.

Tools.pingdom.com/fpt – This handy tool allows you to verify that the servers to your domain name are configured properly affording easy access to your site. In addition, you can enter your site URL and have it properly analyzed to be certain that the load time of your page is not excessive causing potential viewers to close down the page due to a lengthy wait. Finally, this product also provides the means to test your network connection to the server confirming that potential viewers are able to access your site without network issues that would certainly diminish traffic as well as the value of your content.

By utilizing the above-referenced content creation tools you are sure to be on the right path for not only driving traffic to your site, but to building your brand through competitive marketing of your products or services after the successful creation and production of your quality content.

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