Skyrocket Your Ability To Be Found By Google


Why is it important to be “found by Google”?

Google is pretty much the king when it comes to search, here’s an amazing fact for you 61,109 Google searches in 1 second”.  That really is an amazing stat and you definitely want your website and/or blog to show up in some of those searches.  Even if it was 1/10000 it would be a HUGE pile of traffic!

Imagine having all those eyes on your content, not only would it help your website ranking but your sales and bottom line too.

Google has extensive reach and when people search for the product or service you definitely want to be found. Let everyone else’s site be one of those “billboards in the middle of the desert”, that no one sees!

People are becoming more and more dependant on their computers, tablets, and/or phones.  How many people do you know who don’t go anywhere, including sleeping, without their phone?  I’ll bet that is quite a few people. Many people today have their phone chargers right beside the bed or even sleep with the phone beside them.

Google focuses on the end user (the searcher) it’s important to Google that people find what they are looking for. As an end user I am very happy they do this.  As a business owner with products and services to sell it definitely makes it more work for me, however it is definitely worth it in the long run! Think about all of the free products that Google has made available, a great example for business owners is Google Hangouts. They do their very best to keep we searchers happy and coming back to Google again and again.

It takes time money and effort to get Google to “find” your site and content. Being found on Google is “know like and trust” factor, people trust the results they receive from Google. When you are on the first page of the search results it is seen by many as the authoritative source.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be seen as the authority in your niche.  There are a number of factors that influence where your website shows up the search, here are the main ones;

  • Quality content posted on a regular basis – this provides your visitors with value and when people find your content of value they will share it more often.
  • Include other sources using hyperlinks – this will increase your credibility and any forward links you include will be noticed and rewarded by Google.
  • Are you popular, are people linking to you? – Just asking people to link to your site likely won’t be enough, you have to give them a reason to link to you.
  • the way your website is set up – Be sure to have a business plan and a marketing strategy before you start.  This will be extremely valuable for creating website traffic and converting visitors to customers.
  • website name
  • age of your website (even purchasing your hosting for more than one year makes a difference)

One of the super easy and quick ways to be found is to make sure you are using tags in all of the pages and posts on your website.  What are tags you may ask…

In information systems, a tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an Internet bookmark, digital image, database record, or computer file). This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Source Wikipedia

Categories are general, this is where you implement your long term strategy.  An example is “Content Creation Tools” vs a specific tool name (eg: XYZ Best Content Finder).  Content creation tools come and go.  There are times when the creator realizes it will be too expensive to upgrade to the latest Google changes and decides not to update their product.  As a result the category XYZ Best Content Finder would be moot, dead wood on your website.

When creating your categories think about your long term strategy and what you want to be found for in the next five years. Use your big broad topics that are not likely to change in 5 years.

Tags are specific, and they play a huge role in helping your sites rank.  An example of a specific would be “XYZ Best Content Finder”.

The benefits of using tags;

  • fully indexable,
  • searchable
  • rankable
  • improve the visibility of your website, increase traffic and boost your brand’s revenue
  • improve usability for all the visitors who come to your website
  • easier for search engine to know what your post is all about
  • improves visitor experience (remember, this is what Google is looking for)
  • boosts your website ranking

However you will have to create the right content, add images, videos & then create 100s of backlinks to rank your site higher. Finding the right tags can be even more of a challenge!

I found this great tool that will help you tag your posts, a new WordPress plugin find all the right keywords and tags to add to your posts so you don’t waste hours trying to figure it out yourself.  The work of tagging your blog post can be done in seconds rather than hours.

I have a bonus for you, buy WP Tag Machine today, forward your purchased receipt to Carla@ButterflyNetworking.com and I will have 10 of your blog posts indexed by Google in 48 hours or less.  Using both of these tools will really help Skyrocket your Ability to Be Found By Google! 🙂

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