Why Use Video, Does it Really Matter?


Why use video, does it really matter?  It only matters if you want to be found online  the easy way.  In my previous blog post titled “5 Reasons Video Marks Marketing Magic for You” I shared some great statistics, showing just how many people are using and watching video, here are a few more…

    • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
  • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV

Video Builds Trust

Why is trust so important? People want to actually know about your brand, they want to connect with either your brand or you (perhaps both).  It builds that recognition “ahhh I know this brand/person, they are one of the good guys, like me!”  This is your goal, as soon as people see your name or logo they feel safe that you will not rip them off.  You care and offer value!

Two very effective types of video to build trust are:

1)    Explainer

2)    Story (everybody loves a good story)

A good quality video can really shape the opinion of your audience.  Remember everything you do and say in your video tells a story about you, consistent and competent are your goals.

Google Loves Videos (let’s get technical)

Google is all about providing a great experience for their users.  This means they consistently need quality content to index (show to you).  Video is great quality content.

1)      Other people will link to your post 3 times more often than a post without a video (SEOMoz)  Google loves “inbound links” because it is another way others can point to your content and say “this is good stuff”.

2)      People stay on your blog post longer when you have a video.  Aka stickiness The longer they stick the better the page will rank in the search engines. AKA Google

3)      Take advantage of the 2nd largest search engine – YouTube, Yes YouTube.  Did you know that over 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube Every Minute

Video Shows Great ROI




Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

When you create an explainer video it is the first step of a purchase decision, the video will help you “explain” how your brand can help.  Explainer videos do a very good job of quickly explaining in an engaging manner what you are all about.

People engage more easily with animated explainer videos with cute characters.  They encourage bonding with your brand and increase empathy and trust factors.

Google loves video, by making these videos and adding them to YouTube you can increase your online visibility.

Check out Video Maker FX, it will make all of this easy!


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