Your Ideal Client is On Facebook? Is Your Business??


I was part of the Freedom, Heart & Profit Giveaway Extravaganza  and one of the participants asked me this great question.

“Getting friends… Can/should this be used on a professional page instead of a personal page and what is the benefit of adding friends?  Are these people who will then like your page?”

My Response

A Facebook business page allows you to only acquire fans, not friends.

You can only add friends on a personal profile.

Linking Plan SimpleThe advantage of having friends is you can invite them to “Like” your Facebook Business Page, it is not automatic.  Once they become your friend they will not become a fan at the same time.

The other advantage of having friends on your personal profile is they can help you spread the word about your page.

The benefit of having a Facebook Business page is you can sell your products and services.  You cannot sell from your personal profile, it is against the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

What To Do Next

I definitely recommend you build your business presence with a Facebook business page.  Your ideal client is definitely there, however it will take work to find them.  You must get inside the head of your ideal client, where do they hang out, what do they love and what’s important to them are a few of the questions you’ll need to answer.  This is not necessarily a fast process, there is no magic bullet, you’ll have to get in there and do the research.  Two resources to make that a bit easier are Facebook Insights and Quantcast.  Alexa.com is also a great resource however to get the insightful information you need to get the paid version.

Make a list of your 10 ideal clients, they can be clients you already service or ones you would like to have as a client.  Once that list is completed head over to Facebook and see if you can find them.  There are over 1 billion personal profiles on Facebook, you will very likely find more than 50% of your list of 10.

Once you find them, take a look at what they like, what groups they belong to and who their friends are.  This will provide you with some amazing insights to your ideal client.

Once you have all the information about your ideal client, it’s time to test.

You must post to your Facebook page daily.  You never know when your fans will be online, it could be anywhere within the 24 hour time span.  Therefore if you only post once per day you will need to rotate the times you post so you can discover when is the best time for your ideal client to see your posts.  Test out different times as you also may have fans who are in different time zones.  The Butterfly Networking page has fans from all over the world, we post for all different time zones, but we also know the best time to post to receive the most engagement.

If you haven’t built out your Facebook Page yet here is a great tool to get you started…

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