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Carla McNeil

Transform your Social Media Marketing to find customers & clients on-line.


About Carla McNeil
Is your business on FaceBook? Is your organization on Twitter? Whatabout LinkedIn?If you aren’t involved in Social Media
Marketing, you’re missing out on customersand clients. There are over 500 million people on Facebook and they have now passed Google as the number one ranked website in the world.Let Carla McNeil guide you through the sometimes confusing, always fascinating world of social media marketing; Carla shows you exactly step-by-stephow to get your products and services seenin the social media marketing world.Carla, a social media expert, guides you through the maze of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Based on Carla’s expertise with social media, she can help you and your group…
– Find your customers & clients
– Build relationships
– Sell your products & services
– And more…

Carla, a prolific writer, has written dozens of online articles showing business people and entrepreneurs how to use social media marketing to gain customers and clients.

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Owner of a membership site that teaches you the ins and outs of social media (SM) and search engine optimization (SEO). A place where you can discover the latest tips and techniques to keep you ahead of the game of SM and SEO.

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