Explosive Growth for Your New Business Using Social Bookmarks


Social bookmarking is the simplest, yet most effective way to organize all of the most useful and informative content out on the web that is specific to your individual or company interests, all in one place. Though there is endless information and content on the web, until social bookmarking, it was near to impossible to find, sort, categorize, organize, and maintain the relevant information that users found valuable to their own businesses or needs.

However, with the creation of social bookmarking all that valuable information can now be easily organized and maintained on easy to access social bookmarking sites across the web.  In addition, conducting business with social bookmarking allows users to transfer all their bookmarks and valuable data between computers, mobile devices, and varied locations.  This is a critical element when structuring your website and streamlining all your valuable content.  With social bookmarking, users are able to save all their chosen bookmarks online and share them with other people all the while viewing what other users are bookmarking as well.

Using Social Bookmarking

Business Growth Using Social Bookmarking

Your website is an essential part of your company and business.  However, a website that does not generate traffic misses out on a large source of potential company revenues.  Generating traffic to your site is critical not only to your presence but to the overall success of your company.  The more visitors you have to your site the greater your visibility in the marketplace and industry. Therefore, it only goes to say that without traffic, your website is all but nonexistent.


Free Social Bookmarking Tools

  1. Onlywire
  2. SocialMarker
  3. SocialAdr

With this in mind, one of the most effective ways of increasing traffic to your website for the long term is through search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO offers techniques that not only increase traffic to your site but also improve your natural ranking on various search engines such as Google.  Enhancing the presence of your website can be accomplished through increased traffic, higher rankings, and a successful social bookmarking campaign.  The positive effects of social bookmarking for websites are astounding.  Social bookmarking can effectively introduce sites to one another that share relevant interests and tastes, which ultimately drives both traffic and valuable backlinks to participating sites.Get Your Free ebook; Social Bookmarking for Business

Remember, increasing both site ranking and traffic is not accomplished overnight.  It takes time to build both, but in the end, performing each of these functions as well as effective social bookmarking will afford you many benefits including an increased customer base and increased company profits.

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  1. Takara says:

    Carla: The link at the bottom of your article seems to be linking to a spin writing software – not a bookmarking software – unless I’m missing something.

  2. Carla McNeil says:

    oh dear, Thanks for letting me know Takara!! I’ll get that fixed. In the meantime here is the correct link; ==> http://clickherenow.co/SocialSubmission

    I love this service, it really makes a difference when you can spread your content across the web.

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