Another New Facebook Scam


Another New Facebook Scam

I just received a chat message from someone I know on Facebook.

The chat said I had been reported as a bad guy & needed to reconfirm my information.

I immediately thought “what in the world had someone taken offense to?”

AND off I went to “fix it”

Luckily as I was half way through my reconfirming my information I stopped and
really took a look at the site I was about to provide my information to.

Thank goodness I did! Because it’s new Facebook Scam!!

Here is a screen shot of my FaceBook profile

Be on the lookout for Facebook Scams

Notice on the bottom right I have received a warning message from my friend Barbara.

This warning is false and the person who had hijacked the account is attempting to get my personal login information.

The URL they want me to go to is not associated with Facebook, this was the BIG CLUE that made me realize this warning was fake.

THE URL was help-confirmation-accounts.de.vc/

If this happens to you, IMMEDIATELY  change your password and report it to Facebook.

I suggest you use something like StrongPasswordGenerator and create a super strong password.

I posted information a while back about managing your passwords, you may want to check it out…
“OMG, How Do I Keep Track Of All These Passwords?”

Please pass this along to friends you believe may be at risk.

Any questions or comments are welcome here on the blog.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Carla, a similar thing happened to my twitter account. If someone is supposed to be saying bad things about you human nature means you want to see what they are – DON’T OPEN THE LINK or your account will be hacked. Why do this??

  2. […] that you know are not part of Facebook.To read more and see a screenshot visit Carla's blog at https://butterflynetworking.com/4022/another-new-facebook-scam/.A big thank you goes out to Carla McNeil for spreading awareness on this Facebook Scam!Most […]

  3. Regina Smola says:

    Thanks Carla for the warning about the Facebook Scam! I just posted info about this on my blog at http://www.wpsecuritylock.com/?p=6717. Glad you caught it!
    Regina Smola recently posted..Facebook Scam: Chat Warning – Reconfirm Your Information

  4. Alan Graner says:

    Thanks Carla. I’m retweeting this immediately.

  5. Carl says:

    Thanks for sharing Carla. I appreciate you sharing this with us.

    I have had the misfortune of having three attempts made on my blog but so far not my twitter or facebook accounts. I suppose LinkedIn could be hit as well.

    It is unfortunate there are unscrupulous individuals out there but together we can combat this. 🙂

    Thanks again Carla.
    Carl recently posted..Clean Your Credit: Make a Financial Plan for the Future

  6. “Confirm” or “reconfirm” is always a red flag that you’ve received spam and sometimes malicious spam. Unless of course, you just signed up for something and got a webpage that says “please check your email and confirm that you want this or that or whatever.” In other words, if you aren’t expecting an email to ask you to confirm or something you want or signed up for, don’t do it!
    Dr. MaryJo Wagner recently posted..Overwhelmed to Inspired Action Teleworkshop: Session Seven”

  7. Carla McNeil says:

    Thanks Alan, it’s always nice to share the tips to keep the scammers and spammers away! 🙂

  8. Carla McNeil says:

    Thanks a bunch Regina!

    It was because of your warning posts that I even thought to do this post in the first place.

    You have great information and thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Carla McNeil says:

    Thanks Dr MaryJo!

    We can all use all the tips we can get!

  10. Carla McNeil says:

    Hey Carl,

    Now that you have these tips you are reducing the chance that it will happen on any of your accounts.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Love the name BTW, I was named after my Uncle of the same name. 🙂

  11. Helpful post – shared it to my timeline. I keep the chat box turned off on facebook so didn’t know about this one! Great tip for social media sites AND emails – always look at the email address and the link and just bypass and go directly to the site warned about if it looks legit. Some of those hackers are more creative than others , my favorite was a notice from an “honest” FBI agent who was letting me know that her supervisors were blocking me from knowing that I’d won a bajillion dollars… her email? agentname@thefbi.somewebsite.com (I forget the details, but it was that “thefbi” part that cracks me up.
    Kathryn Booth recently posted..Are You Prepared for the Downside of Super Success? Part 1 – Personal

  12. I’ve actually already seen this scam and it’s really, really annoying. There’s always something out there so we always have to be on the look out to protect ourselves. Too bad, but that’s life I guess. Thanks for the heads up!
    marquita herald recently posted..You are a Master Storyteller

  13. Hi Carla:

    I am constantly amazed at how many people’s account are being hacked regularly on Facebook. Thankfully you had enough know how and sense to realize that the site you were was a fake. Sadly, many people don’t think twice before sharing their important information.

    Thanks for the reminder and heads up!

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you!

  14. I have had lots of attempts to lure me in but I have been very suspicious so never click on anything. I have been online for several years so I have learned about clicking things. My lessons were learned through the emails where I clicked things and realized I was in a bad place. It gets wearisome keeping alert to all the scammers out there.
    Melodie Kantner recently posted..Love What You Do Or Do Something Else

  15. Miss Leslie says:

    Hi Carla:

    Thanks for this article. My public html was recently hacked, and the so-and-so changed all my indexes so they would point to his page which said my site had been f’d. It was horrible and took me the better part of a week to get it straightened out (which involved moving to a new hosting company, as well) so it’s nice to know about potential threats. I appreciate the warning.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie
    Miss Leslie recently posted..Sing with Miss Leslie: Once There Was a Snowman

  16. Carla McNeil says:

    Glad to hear you got it all fixed up Miss Leslie!

    Yes I agree, it sure is horrible.

  17. Thanks for keeping us up to date with this information. I have several friends who have been affected by these scammers, lately. This post will be very useful for them.
    alicia@yboggle recently posted..Comment on yBoggle Travel by Benefiting From Discount Cruise Prices | Article Shop

  18. Lynn Jones says:

    Thank you Carla for giving out the warning about these hackers! I have received suspicious things like that before, not regarding Facebook, but other people trying to pose as someone they are not just to gather your info. Oh, and phone calls saying our computer is unprotected and may have a virus and that they will fix it for us. HA! I don’t think so, I tell them, cause we have a Mac.
    Have a great day!
    Lynn Jones recently posted..Our Pursuit of Happiness

  19. Carla McNeil says:

    I am just getting used to my new Mac, not so sure it’s going to do everything I wanted it to do. I have the 1 to 1 lessons and 3 of my 5 visits so far we have had to find a work around. Good thing the people at the Apple store are knowledgeable. I am going to have to buy a few addons, but I expected that. 🙂

    I got hit with another virus on my PC yesterday, makes me lean a little harder on the Mac. 🙂

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