The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide For 2020


Video marketing has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. It is indispensable, irreplaceable and simply too important for businesses of all kinds. Why you ask?

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text? This is one of the primary reasons why 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

However, we understand that video marketing can be overwhelming and honestly a little terrifying to figure out how to start this process.

Don’t sweat it. We’ve created this compact, step-by-step guide for you, that will hold your hand and initiate you into the exciting but seemingly overwhelming world of video creation and video marketing.

Video marketing - What you will need
Video marketing - What you won't need

Let’s get started!

The Plan of Action

Step 1: The content plan
Step 2: The offer
Step 3: Snackable videos
Step 4: Video ads
Step 5: Upload and take videos live
Step 6: Promote and tell the world!

Step 1: The content plan

Alright, pay attention now, because this is where it gets interesting!

One very fascinating concept in sales and marketing is that of the sales funnel. An inverted triangle with a top, middle, and bottom.

At the top, there are those who don’t know of your business yet. We like to call this the Stage of Awareness.

The middle consists of those who are still researching before spending their money. These people are currently in the Stage of Consideration.

Those at the bottom are screaming “take my money” and are completely convinced to buy from you. These folks right here are at the final stage, which we call the Stage of Purchase.

The content needs for each of these categories are different, as they should be. Based on this categorization, you can devise your content plan, which will cater to each specific category of people, separately.

Let’s go one by one!

Attention – For those on the top who are blissfully unaware of your business, you require their attention. So you make a few snackable videos to draw their attention to your brand. What the heck are snackable videos? You’ll find out soon below.

Clicks – You have their attention, what next? Ideally, you would want them to visit your website now, which would require them to click on the ad. Offer up a video-ad and track the number of clicks you get to your site. If they are high, keep doing what you are doing, if not, regroup and shuffle it up.

Conversions – The ultimate aim of any marketing campaign? Conversions. At the end of the day, you are looking to make sure your products sell better.

Video marketing - sales funnel

Draft the perfect offer to make sure that your product sells and you are able to convert clicks to sales. We’ll teach you how!

Got your own sales funnel to fill now? Great! But here’s some important advice before you begin.

Do not chase perfection, because it is futile. Try to produce as much content as you can, while maintaining some basic guidelines, and keep iterating. Soon you’ll find unique content pegs that work wonders for you!

Be open to experimentation!

Step 2: The offer

Done and dusted with the content plan? Perfect, let’s get on with the next part.

If you are a business that is interested in video marketing, your primary aim would naturally be to convert a potential customer into a paying customer.

For that to happen, you have to present them with an offer that is simply too tempting to refuse.

So, how do you draft the perfect offer for your products? Let’s find out!

Let’s conduct a simple exercise. Go to any social media platform that you currently use, and study the first ad that you come across on that platform. Inevitably you will notice that in most cases, it will have the following three types of offers:

Download – Examples include Checklists, Ebooks, Guides, Applications, Plugins, etc.

Discounts – Examples include Coupons, Free Trials, Bundle Sales etc.

Destination – Examples include Event, Webinar, Training, Demo, Consultation, etc.

You can access many more Offer templates like the ones above on InVideo.

The moment you click on any of these offers, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to provide your email address.

What good are email ids, you ask? Well, this is when you establish the initial communication with your potential customers, where you introduce them to your brand.

Remember, the real money is in the follow-up. But you can’t follow up unless you have an email address, to begin with.

Once you have the perfect offer, you can start sending out emails.

Now the most important part of this step is to create an appealing landing page, which would serve up the offer to your potential customers on a silver platter.

The basic anatomy of a landing page is minimal. It usually has a headline and sub-headline on the top left corner, a supporting video to go with it and most importantly, a well-highlighted area for the visitors to type in their email address.

Video marketing - Landing page template

Here are two examples of what a good landing page looks like:

Video marketing - Landing page example #1
Video marketing - Landing page example #2

Step 3: Snackable videos


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2020 Marketing Projections: What You Need To Know Now To Be Competitive

To succeed this year, use these 2020 Marketing Projections.

These forecasts are based on the major 2019 disruptions to the marketing playing field.

3 key factors changed marketing in 2019:

  • Seismic Marketing Shift resulting from the convergence of voice-first, marketing AI and content saturation.
  • RIP Customer Journey for both consumer and business purchasing reflecting the change in customer behavior.
  • Uncertain Global Economic Environment causing businesses to reduce investment and look for internal efficiencies.

Together the marketing implications of these changes lay the foundation for your 2020 plans and beyond.

Bottom line:
Marketing must evolve to meet these new and rapidly changing challenges.

The good news:
These 2020 Marketing Projections are grounded in fundamental marketing principles. (Hat tip: Chris Marr)

By integrating these forecasts into your marketing, you’ll attract an audience, convert prospects into customers, and keep them happy while building business value to yield profitable revenues.

Marketing Projections Table of Contents (aka: TL;DR)

  1. Amazon continues to eat the business world and beyond
  2. Businesses must understand their audience and customer buying behavior better
  3. An owned, addressable audience becomes essential
  4. Content saturation continues to diminish marketers’ ability to attract new audiences
  5. Companies will need to take responsibility for data across their organization
  6. AI will become a more salient element of marketing and related MarTech
  7. Voice-first technology requires a place at the marketing table
  8. Digital communications continue to evolve requiring a seamless omni-channel approach
  9. The skills marketers need continue to shift requiring training, career development and new jobs
  10. Generational changes will have a greater impact on marketing
  11. Branding will enjoy renewed importance but must support societal goals
  12. Pressure to show measurable marketing results in financial terms continues to increase
  13. Marketing will get better integrated across the organization to increase efficiency
  14. Search will require increased marketing resources to stay visible
  15. Businesses will focus on customer on-boarding to improve results
  16. Businesses will allocate more resources to increase customer retention
  17. Marketing continues to use social media to meet specific objectives but must show measurable results
  18. The need for real life community and events continues to grow
  19. Businesses will face increased government regulation
  20. Globalization increasingly influences business plans


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