Social Media Marketing – Drive Traffic With Twitter? Absolutely, YES You Can! Really!


Twitter moves at an amazing speed. The more followers you have on Twitter, the faster that stream is going to fly by. It is amazing the diversity of people that will follow you and watch your tweets.

You want to make sure that you connect your blog to your Twitter account. It’s one of the ways that you’re going to automatically drive traffic. Each time you make a post on your blog, you can have it tweet the post has been made. One of the many ways to drive traffic back to your blog.

Something many people don’t take advantage of is to post your tweet more than once. Now remember we said that the Twitter stream can fly by very quickly. There is an excellent chance that most of your followers will not have seen the original tweet that came out when you initially created your blog post. You need to go back and tweet about it again.

  1. Tweet about it on different days,
  2. Tweet about it at different times of day.

One of the things that I like to do is to tweet for five consecutive days after I have made the blog post, but at a different time of day each time.

You want to use your keywords on your Twitter account. Plus use those same keywords to listen to other people on Twitter. When you “listen” to the tweets of other people you will find conversations around your business topics. You can then go in and

  1. comment,
  2. answer questions,
  3. provide a resource or
  4. support someone in getting something done.

You also must remember to thank all of those people who share your tweets; who re-tweet your tweets. We all like to be appreciated, we all like to be thanked for things that we do. When you thank people for RT’ing you also drive more traffic back to your own Twitter account giving everyone another opportunity to see all your different blog posts.

When you are thanking someone for re-tweeting one of your posts, take that time and the opportunity to find something of theirs to re-tweet. Then you can create a wonderful circle of sharing, how good is that? Make that happen with a lot of people, and your blog posts will go really far and yes you will absolutely be driving traffic with Twitter.

Remember the more people who see your posts and who see your offers, the more money you’ll make. Be sure that you’re creating content that’s worth sharing and have fun , drive traffic with Twitter.


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  1. Twitter has become my little powerhouse when it comes to growing blog traffic and promoting sales of my books – I love it! As you recommended, I follow up regularly on posts and various promotional events. I will be honest in that I also belong to a small twitter syndication group and we cross promote each others work. No matter what you do to promote your work it’s going to take time, so you might as well focus on the things that actually work!
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  2. sumit says:

    really nice post, i am also tweet my new post on twitter but u tell us a new strategy to tweet a new blog post on twitter .thanks ,thanks a lot .
    sumit recently posted..Easy method to install google analytics to your wordpress blog

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