Email best practices to help you protect your business.

Email is a universal tool used by people and organizations everywhere for both personal and business reasons. Emailing is such a critical part of everybody’s life today and though it is highly instrumental in all facets of life, if used inappropriately or incorrectly can be detrimental and even dangerous. The use of emails presents with security risks in the form of viruses and spams that, if not avoided, can cause serious damage to your electronic device and even be quite costly. There are specific guidelines that everyone should familiarize themselves with when utilizing email. Educating yourself and becoming acquainted with such topics as viruses, scams, phishing protection, the simple understanding of how to perform attachments, as well as email etiquette are all important useful topics that users should be remarkably aware of and comfortable with. Let’s take a moment to discuss each here and acquaint ourselves with the how to’s on each of these important topics.

To begin with viruses are very easily spread through emails. We can all avoid viruses by installing a state of the art antivirus software on your electronic device. Continued efforts to avoid contracting a virus on your device is to only open emails from reliable sources that you know and trust as well as being remarkably cautious about the attachments you open. You want to be certain to only open attachments you believe to be safe and if for some reason you are doubtful then get in the practice of scanning attachments with antivirus software before you attempt to open them.

email_best_practicesSpam emails that seem to find their way into our mailboxes are 9 out of 10 times unsolicited emails trying to sell products, or entice users to participate in online programs and are many times internet hoaxes. The best practice here is simply to reduce the amount of spam emails you get by not sharing your email address with every site or every online organization that requests it. You should always be cautious about subscribing to various websites and to accepting email offers that you receive in an effort to always protect your email address.

Phishing attacks are fast becoming a problem with emailing since these scams, with their unsuspicious appearances, are designed to steal personal information about users. Phishing typically involves fake email messages that prompt users to give away their private information, whether passwords, addresses, credit card and bank account numbers, and even individual social security numbers. Consumers should always be 100% cautious above divulging any private information on the net to any email they receive that appears to be remotely suspicious. It is sometimes difficult to detect which emails are scams because they are so cleverly designed with real logos and organization information so err on the side or caution if you have the slightest doubt and do NOT divulge any private information.

Another very important email practice is the proper management of your inbox. Get in the practice of sorting out your messages based on importance, or dates, subject matters and even sender’s names to allow for quick retrieval of the emails going forward. In managing your inbox you should also get in the habit of creating folders for purposes of separating and saving messages you deem important to save.

Finally, email etiquette is something that everyone should learn and use. Using proper personal and business writing at all times with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the use of multiple small paragraphs as opposed to long run on paragraphs will indicate to your readers that they are in receipt of an email from a very detailed and professional individual or organization. Always use eye catching informative subjects as well in an effort to quickly grasp the attention of your recipients.

Take some time to acquaint yourself with these practical email guidelines and enjoy all the positive uses that email presents us with while taking care not to put yourself and your electronic device at risk. Start following these simple guidelines today!!

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When creating content to engage potential customers or viewers to your site, it is sometimes difficult to know the exact type of content to use. Though there are many different types of content that can be created, here are five of the most visible and engaging types of web content used to create and utilize on your personal website.

Blog Post – As we all know the word blog is short for “web log” and is simply an online journal comprised of informational content that, when updated daily, keeps readers and viewers apprised of what is going on. These posts can be created by individuals or groups and can refer to a single subject matter as well as multiple topics. The purpose of the blog is to offer viewers the opportunity to comment on what’s happening as well as read other informative comments with regard to the subject matter at hand. Blogs are especially useful for keeping content up to date and the topic or topics alive and active. 

Video – With You Tube fast becoming the second most used search engine on the net, second only to Google, the use of video content on your personal website is fast becoming a favorite form of creative web content. When creating video that is effective, relevant to your website and content, and successful you are sure to reap the rewards of your efforts. Taking appropriate time and effort to brainstorm about your video content and determining what and how that works well for your video in conjunction with your website, will most assuredly be an added benefit to your overall content and to attracting both users and viewers to your site. You want to be certain, however, that the content you are seeking to create will not lose its message or value if converted to video content by simply asking yourself it the content requires both audio and visual in order to be as effective as you desire.  

eBook – The ever-popular eBook is fast becoming one of the most sought after and acceptable forms of content writing. Since eBooks consist of text and/or images and are readable on all computers and just about any electronic device, web content creators are turning to this form of content writing more often than not since statistics have shown and proven that eBook reading in general has increased here in the United States by more than 48% since last year. EBooks serve to share stories and content in new and very compelling ways that typically attract and keep the attention of readers. 

BN - CCLAP - books out of iPad

White Paper – This successful form of content writing is a remarkable tool for promoting a specific product, service, or viewpoint. This very form of content writing is designed to promote products or services offered by a specific company while inviting and engaging opinions. When used as a marketing tool white papers use chosen facts to help increase the visibility and reputation of the company at hand while generating sales leads and persuading potential customers or even investors to the site or business.

content_treeGraphics – The use of graphics adds visual appeal to the content on your web page while helping to keep the interest and the attention of your viewers or visitors. Graphics can be utilized to enhance visual structure of content on your website. While typical content will convey information and ideas, the use of graphics as part of your content writing will greatly enhance the communication of your ideas through visual effects without distracting attention. Graphics can certainly be an effective means of conveying and displaying content while drawing and maintaining the attention of your viewers to your site. 

When creating content for your website be certain to research and familiarize yourself with the many types of content writing available. Dependent upon the products, services, or viewpoints you wish to convey and the audience you seek to engage, the use of innovative content writing will certainly contribute to the overall success of your website. 

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Today is all about the 5 Important Facts About Content Creation!   Is It Worth All The Time & Effort?

Google tells us we have to provide our users with what they are looking for…

Facebook wants us to “create compelling social experiences”

No matter where you look online today it is about engagement and providing a good user experience.  You definitely want your content to do the same.  Taking the time and making the effort to create content on a consistent basis is a big undertaking. When you first get started I highly recommend to start small.  If you believe you’re going to be creating new content on a daily basis give yourself the benefit of a test run.  Create the content, but don’t do anything with it until you have gone for at least two weeks and created content every day.  This will give you a really good idea of your own capabilities.  This is definitely worth doing because the benefits of content creation are numerous, here are 5 just to get you started. :-)

1. Set Yourself Up As an Expert – Writing informative content and posting consistently on your website on a daily/weekly basis increases your visibility and enhances your level of expertise with your viewers. When potential clients or customers see consistent updates and content added to a site they tend to put more trust in the product or service provider. Updating and adding fresh, relevant new content to your website will not only improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rating but also will significantly increase traffic to your site. It is important, however, to be certain that content updates and changes are fresher and not thinner. Typically adding new pages to a site rather than just new content to existing pages, draws greater attention, and has a greater impact.

2. Not Always Stuck Using Other’s Content a/k/a your competitors – With so many vendor and product competitors on the internet today, it is every bit important for you to update content on your website consistently to offer your viewers and readers fresh, informative data that will assist in their individual search queries. By adding new content and increasing the amount of change you make to your website content, you increase your own position as a primary source of information for specific products or services. When up to date applicable information is present on your own website the need to be dependent upon the content of your competitor’s is drastically reduced.

3. Visitors return to your website and/or social profiles – With consistent updating of web content, regular followers of your profile or site will surely revisit your website or profile for purposes of viewing your content or status updates. Keep in mind that when the information on your website becomes outdated, viewers will cease to visit your site for lack of informative and useful data. When you update information on your site, viewers and readers are sure to return to your site repeatedly to seek information needed since they become familiar with the fact that your site is regularly updated and incredibly descriptive as well as informative, leaving them no need to look elsewhere. 

Converting Every Visitor into Subscriber Concept

Converting Every Visitor into Subscriber Concept

4. Inbound marketing generates more leads for your business – By adding and updating content regularly, and this can be easier than you think, you are creating what is commonly known as inbound marketing. This form of inbound marketing serves to gain the attention of your customers and clients, drawing these customers to your website by adding interesting and descriptive content. When you update content, you are actually increasing the visibility of the site and making the company and site much easier to be found in searches. Nowadays, inbound marketing is considered to be the most top of the line means of promoting a company or website, and drawing the attention of viewers to the site.

5. Educating people so they know, like, and trust you – Regularly scheduled updates of content on your website additionally affords your viewers and readers the confidence they need to know that all information provided is current and up to date. When visitors to your site recognize that your content is continuously refreshed and updated, they are apt to revisit your site going forward rather than those of your competitors, since they have become familiar with the fact that you provide overall freshness and even newness of your content. These visitors will not only grow to like your site, but ultimately will trust you and the highly descriptive, up to date content you provide.  Also a great way to hold yourself accountable.  Accountability is why I created the “Saturday Morning Article”.

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Do You Use Social Media Give Away Campaigns? Why Not, because in my experience they are one of the best ways to build your list

Many business owners today are turning to social media as a primary source of their marketing. These business owners utilize the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for purposes of promoting their specific brand or quality products through creative Social Media GiveAways.

Though social media marketing involves a great deal of effort to keep up with the latest trends and to be able to maintain active relationships and communications with buyers and fans on the sites, this type of marketing is highly favored by many business owners today. 

I Love Give Aways

I Love GiveAways

The theory behind this strategy is simply that traffic from social media sites is not only free, but is highly targeted while the sites themselves are close-knit communities of repeat users. Users can typically recognize marketers easily by way of their product information postings. In order to benefit from this type of marketing and drive traffic to your own business site, it is important to gain the trust of these social media communities by actively participating in their individual postings and conversations online. Members of these communities are more likely to become followers and/or customers of your business or products once overall trust is established.

In order to create and run a successful Social Media GiveAway it is imperative that business owners arm themselves with the proper marketing ideas and techniques.

Important Steps to Follow to Launch a Successful GiveAway Campaign

  1. Clearly define the ultimate goals you wish to achieve through your GiveAway Campaign;
  2. Set benchmarks and implement tracking procedures in order to monitor important dates and user participation; 
  3. Choose your launch date and benchmark same;
  4. Promote your GiveAway daily utilizing effective promotional tools such as daily emails;
  5. Within a designated timeline select and notify your winner or winners;
  6. Award prizes according to the preliminary award date details presented at the onset of the GiveAway;
  7. Review the overall results of your Social Media GiveAway and schedule repeat GiveAways in the future.

Helpful Resource Sites for Launching a Successful Social Media GiveAway

* Raffelcopter makes it “mega simple” to launch and manage a giveaway for any brand, on any website, as much as you want, with no IT help required.  ==> (this one is my personal favorite)

* Create engaging experiences on all your marketing channels. Capture consumer attention, increase participation, and drive more conversions and revenue.  ==>

* The easiest way to hold a drawing through social media networks.  ==>

* Create sweepstakes and contests the simple way.  ==>

If you are a budding author and would like to give away your book to build awareness, Goodreads is the way to go.

Following the above referenced simple steps and researching any one of the helpful resource sites we have provided here will certainly provide you with all the necessary information needed to create and launch a successful Social Media GiveAway Campaign. A creative campaign is definitely a successful marketing tool for your business that can be utilized over and over again. This marketing tool will not only drive traffic to your site but indeed can increase the number of customers and buyers of your quality products.

Need help getting all these awesome strategies implemented?  You know what you want to do but just aren’t sure how to go about it?  

Check out my “4 Weeks to Visibility” coaching/mentoring package.  ==>




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Nowadays everyone has an interest or a need to create content on the internet for purposes of launching new businesses and/or marketing strategies. Creating and developing interesting and informative content for blogs or websites will aid in maximizing your web traffic and is critical to its visibility and success The presence of good content will most assuredly attract readers who, more often than not, turn around and share the content with others. It’s reassuring to know that people don’t need to be 5 star scribes to create content but merely follow a few simple steps to successful content creation made easy.  Content creation Made Easy

1. Always write about topics your targeted audience and readers want. Focus on their varied interests, problems, or advice they may need. You can accomplish this task by directly asking your readers what they would like to see discussed on your site, visit multiple online forums to learn what the trending topics are at the time, or better yet simply use the newest innovative online research tool, Google Drive Docs. Google Drive affords the user access to all its available content on specific topics searched and also provides instruction on how to properly cite, link, and insert various images and graphics. Everything you need for creating content all in one place.  

2. Keep an active list of blog ideas handy at all times. When creating this list there is no need to be choosy about topics, simply jot down anything that comes to mind using a notepad or even your cell phone. One of the most useful programs available today for purposes of organizing your overall life, let alone organizing your run on thoughts and ideas for posts, is . This absolutely brilliant program is perfect for writing all your notes and organizing them into separate folders or notebooks. It allows you to collect all your ideas in one place until such times that you are able to manifest them at which time you can simplify all those ideas though the use of annotations, sketches, and various shapes for a much faster presentation of your ideas. 

3. Create attention getting headlines that contain the right balance of common, positive and power words coupled with emotions. Studies have proven that headlines created with this formula of words make for easier reading while commanding and controlling the attention of your audience. A magnificent tool for creating these ideal headlines is . This state of the art product assists you in creating headlines that ultimately lead to sharing of posts on social media sites, more traffic to your site, and an increase in overall SEO value.  I used this tool to create the title for this blog post, did it make a difference?

4. Deliver your creative content to multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and You Tube. This social media strategy of sharing content can be performed through the use of the ever-popular Bufferapp. This resourceful software application was developed and designed to assist in the management of social networking by allowing the user to post content and blogs to multiple social media sites from a single dashboard by simply scheduling the posts in advance. A great time saving app that no single writer should be without out.  You went to all the work of creating the content, make sure as many people as possible see your work!

5. Use a calendar. There really is nothing worse than sitting down and looking at that blank screen or piece of paper.  When you sit down and create a marketing calendar the ideas for your posts are already there in black and white.  Those ideas are embeded in your brain. :-)  As you are searching the web, talking to clients and customers, walking the dog or simply doing something else, ideas will come to you.  Use Evernote to “dump” the idea or link and you can simply forget it until it’s time to write the content!

Writing content need not be difficult and certainly if you give appropriate time and attention to the above simple steps, you are sure to create the best interactive content for your website that will ultimately bring viewers to you site and increase traffic, visibility, and overall credibility. 

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