9 Tips to Master Engagement on Social Media – This One’s Critical to your success.

Facebook recently issued a new release on this very topic and I created a blog post outlining the changes.  Check it out HERE

To assist you to become more engaged with your audience I have 10 tips for you;

Entertain – The majority of people do not go onto any of their social media profiles to buy something, especially Facebook.  They are looking to escape, find out what their friends and family are up to and maybe even peek in on others.  It’s fairly easy to entertain, find interesting stories and news that is happening in your niche; it could be gossip, world events, local events, funny stories to name a few.  You will know what works best for your potential customers and clients.

Inform – Let people know what’s going on, become known as a great source of information for your niche.  You can curate what other experts in your area are posting and blogging.

Educate – This post you are reading now is a form of education, letting you know the different ways you can master engagement.  One of the quickest ways I have found is to answer questions others have asked you about your business.  You can write short little snippets that would be great on Twitter all the way to lengthy blog posts you can share.  Don’t be afraid to give away your best information, it let’s people you know you are an expert.

Photos – Facebook and Pinterest love photos!  Take your own where possible.  If you hold events be sure to have someone take lots of pictures, allowing people to tag themselves in pictures is an excellent way to spread the news across social media about your events.  There are a number of sites where you can get royalty free pictures.  You can also purchase pictures for only one dollar at The Dollar Photo Club.


Contests – There are a great way to build your list!  There are many ways you can run a contest some are free, others use expensive platforms to track and automate everything.  A contest can be as simple as posting on a social platform and asking people to share, like, comment, re-tweet, etc.  When you contest is over you can randomly pick from those who have taken action.  My favourite robust program to help you automate large contest is Contest Domination, however you don’t need a large robust software to start.  Start simple and easy, as you numbers grow you can move up to robust software. :-)

Question or Quiz – Phrase your question so that it requires a fairly short answer.  People look for things they can do in a hurry, answer with one word, no thinking required.  Here is an example of one that has done well on the Butterfly Networking Facebook Page.  Search through Facebook there are TONS of examples of these, probably a few in your own newsfeed.


Quotes – Whether you post quotes on any of your social media feeds or insert them into your blog posts, people engage with them on a very regular basis.  People resonate with quotes, they are a quick and easy way to engage people.  If you want to take your quotes up a notch check out the app called WORDSWAG, “it’s like a graphic designer in your pocket”.

Post Consistently – The best way to let your potential customers/clients know you are reliable is to post consistently.  Figure out how much you can do, set up a schedule and stick to it. 

Be timely – use Facebook insights to track when people are interacting with your content.  The back office on Facebook will provide you with a wealth of information like gender, geography, time, age, etc., get in there and take a peek.

This week I am happy to say my interview on the How To Earn, Keep & Grow Your Money To Create Financial Freedom Event went really well!  Elena did a great job of keeping me on track, I know I can get very enthausitic when talking about social media, especially Facebook.  Check out my interview, and the interviews of all the other awesome speakers. ==>


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How to Make Offers For Products & Services on Social Media

There are two main ways to sell products and or services from your website and/or social media profiles.

1)      Sell your own products/services

2)      Sell the products or services of others.

Selling your own products and servicesSelling your own products and services means you will have to have a method to deliver them.  This can be as simple as using PayPal or as complicated as a full eCommerce site.

If you are not yet ready to sell your own products or services affiliate or commission sales are a great way to fill the gap.  There are 1,000’s  of people online who sell only products and services of others.

In a previous post I outlined why it is important to make offers as soon as you possibly can, think of it as a critical step as you develop your online presence.

One of the easiest ways to sell  physical products for affiliate commissions is via and or  However their commission structure is quite low, fortunately in the beginning you are not necessarily looking to make a ton of profit, the idea is to have your potential clients and customers become accustomed to buying from you.  Sites like Amazon and eBay are great for posting products for sale on your Facebook page.  Once you learn their systems you can have products for sale on your page in a matter of minutes.  You will need to search for product that are complimentary to what you currently offer or plan to offer.  Example; if you are a coach who helps people become more scheduled with their day you could offer a planner.  If you are a coach who helps people with their mindset there are 1,000’s of motivational products available on both sites.

There are sites like CJ Affiliate where they offer 1,000’s different companies products  If you were looking for a super niche product this may be the place to go.  Do a google search for “internet retailer” you’ll be provided with many options.

Once you have decided on the products/services you will offer it’s time to start posting them via your social media profiles and your website, if you have one.  Whether you are offering your own products or the products of others the process is the same.  Create posts for your social media profiles that are eye catching, this can be accomplished using graphics and or great headlines.

sell on social media

You may have heard “you can’t sell on social media”, that is not true.  The main platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest all have processes where you can pay for advertising, in most cases they make it quite easy for you to give them money.  ☺  However you don’t have to use paid advertisement to sell on your social media profiles.  It can be as easy as inserting an Amazon link into a Facebook status update and inserting why you believe it’s a good product.

Three great ways to make offers are by using a video review, written review or a recommendation.  All three of these methods work extremely well with affiliate products.

Remember to use the 80/20 rule for all your social media profiles.  Only make offers 20% of the time, 80% of your posts are best if they are educational, informative, entertaining or engaging.  No one likes to get hammered with offers all the time, it’s one of the best ways to lose customers and clients. Do you best to provide quality posts across all your platforms to keep people coming back again and again.

How To Earn, Keep & Grow Your Money To Create Financial Freedom – May 20th to June 13th – You can sign up now and make sure you don’t miss a single wonderful, informative and Free interview. :-)


I was recently asked why do I recommend posting 3 times per day on a Facebook page and decided to share my reasoning.

Fans come from all around the neighbourhood, nation, planet and are on Facebook at various times each day. Not everyone is on all the time like me (although there are some) :-). By posting 3 times per day we increase the opportunity of being seen in the newsfeed of the existing fans.

If people do not like, comment or share one of the posts when it shows up in their newsfeed, slowly but surely the posts from your page will stop appearing in their newsfeed,  Even though they have liked the page. This is how the Facebook algorithm works.  If people don’t comment, like or share Facebook takes that as them not being interested and your posts are not important to them.

As mentioned in a previous post “Facebook Major Changes” Facebook is working very hard to give people what they want.  Facebook wants our pages to be informative, engaging and entertaining.

By posting three times per day, usually morning, noon and night, we have a much better chance that a post will show up in the newsfeed of your fans.  Check the Insights on your page, Facebook will let you know the best time for you to post and get the most engagement.

BN - What Time are your fans online?

You may think “this is WAY too much for my fans!”  If that is the case you can always ask them.  Use something like Survey Monkey and specifically ask them if you are posting too much.

One of the new features on Facebook is the “follow” function, however most people don’t use it yet. It’s another way to have your Facebook Page posts page show up in your fan’s newsfeed. Although most people don’t realize it is there or that they need to click on it.You can ask your fans to be sure to click on the “Follow” or “Get Notifications” button.  This will definitely increase the possibility your fans will see your posts.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.19.32 PM

We have a very special offer for you this week.  My Facebook Set Up Like a Pro Membership is currently on sale. I have been part of the Freedom, Heart & Profit Giveaway Extravaganza and so many people have been emailing me, letting me know they don’t even have a Facebook page yet and need help.  Not only does the Facebook Set Up Like a Pro walk you through the steps of getting started, it also demonstrates many strategies to get more content and engagement on your page.

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Many times over the years I have spoken about the importance of selecting a specific and targeted niche for your business. It not only helps you with your marketing but it also gives you a real edge over your competition.

close up of womans cupped hands showing something

When you initially build your business without understanding your niche not only will you work harder, but it will take longer.  I know because I didn’t start right.  Please, Please, Please learn from my mistake!  

Here are 5 benefits I missed out on in the beginning because I didn’t know how to develop my niche;

Build Your Expertise – You have a choice, and for many people this is a really tough choice.  Many of us start out with the mindset that everyone needs our product and or service, in many cases this could be very true.  However if you wish to be found online it is important that you build your expertise in a very logical way.  Not only do you need to satisfy your potential customers and clients but you also need to satisfy the search engines.  The bonus; when you satisfy the search engines in a very targeted way they will reward you by displaying your information to your specific audience. 

Build Your Expertise the Easy Way – Once you decide on your specific niche and decide who your ideal client is you can begin your keyword research.  Develop blog posts, web pages, articles, and social media posts based on the keywords you uncover in your research.  Keep the list of keywords within easy reach and refer to it often.  To begin the list of keywords is most effective if it contains 50+ keywords.  As you write your content be sure to target one or two keywords from your list in each piece.  When you use this keyword list you will easily be able to develop content, you won’t have to constantly be thinking, “What do I write next?”

Search engines love Keywords – When you focus on the keywords specific to your niche it is easily deciphered by the search engines.  Your website is talking about the same thing consistently.  When the search engines understand what your site is about they will deliver it more often in the search results.  If you are in a very competitive niche be sure to start with some long tailed keywords, it will make it easier to rank your website and social profiles.

Easier to Make Money – When the search engines deliver traffic to your website based on keywords the chances are the person arriving at your website is specifically looking for what you have to offer.  When you have a great offer you will have more people purchase your product or service, sign up for your free webinar, take advantage of your free gift in exchange for their name and email address. Once they have put their hand up you know on some level they are interested.  The more interested people you have on your list the more money you will make.

My master mind partner Betsy Bixby has done this very thing!!   Betsi and I met four years ago in a mastermind called Marketing Automation Group, a great mastermind.  Her company, Meridian,  is a great example! The petroleum industry is huge and she has selected her specific niche of who she serves extremely well. Not only has she selected a powerful niche, she has drilled right down to her specific audience.  Check out this event she has scheduled and I’m sure you’ll agree. 

BN - Betsi Bixby Success Story

When you are able to drill down and really narrow the niche you serve you job will be more fun and much easier.

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Facebook Major Changes

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This has already been a busy year and Facebook major changes have already been implemented.

With all the controversy regarding content not showing up in the newsfeed, Facebook recently explained “How Newsfeed Works”.  Their  goal is show you the content that matters to you and you demonstrate what matters by everything you do on Facebook.

Which people do you decided to friend,  which publishers and pages you decided to follow how you interact with both personal profiles and pages.  This means that everyone’s newsfeed it unique only to them.

Here are 3 activities Facebook mentioned that impact what shows up in your newsfeed.

  • the relationship you have with author of the post, remember you can identify family
  • type of content (eg: photos, videos, links) you demonstrate this by how you interact with each type of post.  If you don’t watch any videos then Facebook will take that to mean you’re not interested and slowly stop showing you video
  • post activity (how many likes, comments, shares)  If you’ve noticed you are no longer seeing the posts of a friend, partner or family member this simply means you haven’t liked, commented or shared anything they have posted recently.  To ensure you keep seeing their content you will need to either like, comment or share their posts on a regular basis.

Each time you log into Facebook they look at what’s available and comes up with a relevant score based on all of the above. Posts then display in your newsfeed.  These are locked into place once seen so when come back you don’t see them again.  This is good because we don’t want to see the same posts over and over again!

Recent updates, what Facebook has been working on in the background.
1) addressing like baiting, align better with things people actually want to see
2) Showing fewer hoaxes, they have now built in the ability to have people identify it’s a trick
3) reducing overly promotional content

As a business owner the question is how to align your content production to achieve business objectives?
1) use page insights
2) have a voice, connect with the people connected to your page
3) provide context, give insight into what the link is all about
4) people want to see what’s happening “Right Now”

Facebook tells us the over arching theme is to build for the long term.  Test, test and test again in order to discover what keeps people coming back over and over again.  Be sure to let them know what they’re getting into, what they are going to find when they click on links on your page or personal profile.  Be informative, engaging and entertaining.

Big question “How often should I post?”
There is no magic number, some publishers post dozens of times per day, other post once a week and everything in between.
You will need to experiment to uncover what works best with your audience, see how they respond.  Again Facebook Insights will be very helpful here.

BN - Facebook News

There has been a lot of controversy over Facebook Messenger, here’s what Facebook has to say:

Facebook Messenger“Why we’re asking people to install Messenger—We’re committed to providing a fast, reliable and fun messaging app that anyone in the world can use to reach the people who matter to them. That’s why we’re focusing just on Messenger and moving messages out of the Facebook app. People usually respond about 20% faster when they have Messenger, and we think they’ll find both apps useful in different ways. We hope you’ll try out Messenger and enjoy everything else you can do with the app, like chatting with groups and sending stickers.”

The new messenger app is just for your phone and iPad, regular messenger still works on your computer.

All the contraveresy appears to have simmered down since this was first introduced in 2014. Many people believe they are giving up even more of their privacy than ever! However I believe you will receive much more in return.
The permissions you need to agree to are no different from other messaging app like TextPlus, Line or Viber.

Here are 7 benefits I have discovered from using the new Messenger app!

1) Free Phone Calls

2) Faster

3) More Contacts

4) Find Friends More Easily

5) More Privacy

6) Fun Stickers AND Lots of Them

7) More Robust Group Chat

As always your questions and comments are welcome here on the blog!  Stay in touch we’ve got lots of great content and opportunities coming up soon.

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