Businesses today spend a great deal of time and money as they strive to grow their online sales. Today one of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is through the use of simple Facebook link ads. The benefits of utilizing Facebook ads are many, since the positioning of these link ads is primarily within the ever-popular News Feed, where people typically spend the bulk of their Facebook time. Here are some of the top benefits for Facebook ads to help explode your online business.

1. Facebook link ads help bring customers to your online business and ultimately drive increased traffic to your site.

2. These Facebook ads contain a like button at the top of the page for those customers who have not yet liked your page. This simple click of a button feature allows customers to like your page, which ultimately assists in growing your business page audience.

3. Facebook link ads contain clickable images, headlines, and easy to use call-to-action buttons, which quickly and easily direct customers to your business pages.

4. These link ads are comprised of the most visible clickable space in news feeds, and typically afford easy visibility on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, making them an effective and efficient tool for increasing visits to your site, and certainly to increasing product sales.

5. Facebook link ads allow you to better measure your overall ad performance by way of the “review ad manager” feature. This innovative feature allows you to monitor and record the number of clicks to your site by customers after seeing your link ad, as well as monitor costs, page likes, and post likes as well.

6. With your Facebook link ads you have more flexibility to customize your content in your efforts to entice customers to visit your site. By utilizing your News Feed description, you can add additional details in your ad to convince customers to want to visit your site or buy your product. In addition, you can create various versions of your link ads and monitor customer responses to each version in an attempt to find the ad that works best for your online business.

7. Facebook link ads are not only effective, but also very affordable and easy on your budget.

BONUS TIP:  Lastly, Facebook link ads provide you with a means to build your customer base and customer list. When customers click your call-to-action buttons, or click on the images contained in your link ad, you are then able to see who has visited your site and add potential customer data to your existing customer list.

Overall the use of Facebook link ads is not only remarkably effective and cost efficient, but is a sure fire way of increasing traffic to your site by way of creative “advertising.” Adding additional content to your ads by way of your News Feed description provides potential customers with important insight to your products and services. Additionally, it will increase the odds of people responding to your call-to-action and ultimately visiting your business site and making a purchase. If you are looking for an effective way to explode your online business, then surely Facebook ad links are just the solution for you.

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Email Marketing Strategies

The success of your online business is highly dependent upon your email marketing strategies. It is important to recognize that in order to build your business, you must build your client base and create unique marketing campaigns, and in order to build client base, you must develop and build meaningful relationships through loyalty, commitment, and consistent interaction.

1. Creating Your Database: In your efforts to implement best practices and create and develop a good email database, you must put a great deal of focus on compiling pertinent information on your potential customers. It is especially useful to create and deliver successful email campaigns to customers, if, in fact, you have a database of regular customers to share with, and a familiarity with your customers’ likes, wants, preferences, and interests. For this very reason, it is critically important to log and keep track of all your customers’ personal information, including their contact information, and all their past purchasing history with your company. In this way, you are able to generate email campaigns to particular customers who have an interest in a specific product or service campaign based upon their own personal preferences, and their purchasing history.

2. Segment and Personalize: It is especially helpful and important to segment your emails allowing for the distribution of more targeted and personally tailored email messages. Let’s be practical. If you are sending out tailored messages to customers who have a specific interest in the product or service targeted in your email campaign, the odds are greater that they will open the email, and actually read it and be responsive as well. Utilizing this simple technique affords you the luxury of creating, maintaining, and enhancing special bonds and connections with all your customers.

Email Marketing StrategiesIn addition, personalizing your emails comes in at the top of the importance list for marketing strategies. How true it is today that emails that are distributed to mass recipients without any personalization are 9 out of 10 times simply deleted without ever affording them any attention. By personalizing your emails with a customer’s name, you create not only a special bond, but interest and intrigue on the part of the recipient who then feels compelled to open the “personal emails.” Sending along personal emails addressing customers by their name, referring to their personal past purchases, and communicating with a friendly tone about current campaigns and product services, will prove to be more beneficial to your campaign and entice more consistent sales.

3. Engaging and Relevant Content: Engaging the attention of your customers by way of informative content that relates directly to the individual on a personal level, is a sure fire way of capturing their interest and getting them to actually respond to your call to action within the email. It is helpful to include such marketing gimmicks as coupons, or cash vouchers from time to time that provide the customers with an incentive to want to purchase. Be certain in your communications to not only point out the value of your product or service, and the customers’ benefits, but also to present this very information in a compelling style to capture the attention of your audience through this personalized approach.

4. Staying in Touch With Customers: Now that you have created your customer database, have personalized and segmented it, and delivered compelling and interesting content to provoke customers to engage in your call to action, then it only makes sense that you would want to be able to accomplish it over and over again. The best way of increasing your sales and customer commitment, is through regular communications. The way to do this is through regular email distribution of newsletters that perhaps contain simple interactive surveys of interest to your customers, or simple updates that introduce new products or re-acquaint customers with already existing products. Keeping in touch with your customers through regular, simplistic email messages will undoubtedly assist in keeping your brand front and center at all times.


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Many business owners wonder whether or not it is legal to send mass emails. The proper protocol, and indeed appropriate etiquette for doing so is remarkably simple, as is the answer to this concerning question. Indeed it IS legal to send mass mailings, but the important factor to keep in the forefront when doing so is that you can ONLY send the mass emails to those people who want to receive them, and the information you are offering. Here are some helpful tips to guide you when sending mass emails to your customers and clients:

1. First and foremost, those individuals on your mass email list MUST be opt-in subscribers to your emails. It is absolutely mandatory that this protocol be adhered to. The simple fact behind this is that emails sent to recipients who are not opt-in subscribers are considered to be unsolicited, and we all know that unsolicited emails are vividly classified as spam. Also, keep in mind that subscribers may opt in at one point, but find the need to opt out at a later date, so be sure that all your emails sent include an opt-out feature for recipients. There are many advantages to the opt-in feature including:

– It preserves your professional email marketing reputation;

– Confirms to your customers that you definitely respect their privacy;

– Assists you in emailing only those people who are truly interested in your products or services;

– Helps to build long-term and very trusted relationships with all your customers; and

– Can certainly assist in boosting both your sales and your product visibility. 

2. Do your due diligence and familiarize yourself with the email marketing regulations in effect, the spam guidelines, and certainly all the laws of the countries affected by your mass emails. 

3. Since the subject line of your email is the first “connection” you will make with your subscribers, be cautious to make the subject line very eye-catching, intriguing, and very direct, avoiding commonly used spam triggered words, such as “free” or “cash. In addition, NEVER put your subject line in all CAPS. Studies have proven that email recipients are far more responsive to emails that are direct and truthful at the inception about the email content. Your subject line should afford your email subscriber the knowledge of what is contained in the email before they even open it. 

4. You certainly want your email to be effective, so be certain to include exclusive promotions to entice your readers, as well as a catchy call to action within the email content that is eye-catching and will prompt your email subscriber to take that very action. Repeating your promos and call to action a couple times throughout your email will draw greater attention to both, and is apt to effectively induce the reader to take action. 

mass emailsFollowing these useful tips will surely assist you in producing effective mass emails with attractive results that allow for all parties involved to benefit. However, disregarding these important tips, and choosing to send bulk spam emails may cause both your email and IP address to be blacklisted. The overall disadvantages of sending unsolicited mass emails are: 

– Your email recipients will be completely unresponsive;

– You will waste quality time and money sending along emails to an unresponsive audience;

– You will, without a doubt, ruin your email marketing reputation;

– You will also destroy the reputation of your business or company, and minimize the value of your products or services; and

– You will adversely affect your “open and click-through” rates substantially.

Be smart, be professional, be savvy, and be cautious when sending your mass marketing emails. This tool is highly beneficial to the success of your business, but if used improperly, can certainly be the end of your business too!

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Social media offers some of the most magnificent tools for promoting brands and for creating lasting relationships with different audiences. Far more important than just building a following is the importance of being able to consistently grab the attention of your specific audience, and keep them engaged by crafting perfect attention getting posts. Every social media platform is different, which means that content posted on each platform has to be every bit as different as the platform itself. In order to be able to connect with your audiences you cannot post identical information across each of the platforms, but rather must make your content unique and meaningful to each social media platform.

Indeed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all very popular, highly trafficked social media platforms. However, each attracts and maintains their own separate audiences. To begin with, Facebook is a platform that primarily centers around people we already know – family, friends, and acquaintances. The primary objective of Facebook marketers is simply to further personal relationships we already have by way of sharing comments, photos, videos, likes, and outside links to other blogs. It is important not to post more than once every three to four hours on Facebook, and be sure to post interesting attention getting content in an effort to keep your personal audience engaged, and entice them to interact by sharing their thoughts, comments, or questions relating to your posts.

Twitter, on the other hand, is recognized more as a platform for sharing news or media announcements. Offering a quick and easy flow of information in all ranges and categories, posting constantly on Twitter is essential. Tweeting several times a day gets your tweets noticed and read. Since this platform is truly a river of flowing information with short lifespans, day after day, topic after topic, in order to successfully engage your audience and keep your content active, even with repeat tweets on the same topic, be certain that your copy looks and sounds different each time to avoid coming across as spam. Even if you elect to have multiple posts on the same topic or issue, be certain that you share new posts at least 3 or 4 times per day that contain different copy and different links. Repeating the same copy over and over again will result in a loss of followers who will find your content redundant and choose to unfollow your page. Keeping in mind that Tweets are limited to 140 characters only, you need to avoid excess words and filler content by being direct and to the point.

social media content creationLinkedIn has an entirely different audience comprised of business and employment colleagues whose topics are typically more business oriented. It is recognized as the most trusted social media platform whose source of information greatly contributes to decision making. Posting a new status update to your LinkedIn profile at least once per day is highly recommended, as is including a link within your daily posts, which serves to drive far more engagement than just typical content. In addition, statistics have proven that by linking You Tube videos to your LinkedIn posts as well, your audience is more apt to share posts thereby increasing traffic to your profile. It is also true that LinkedIn users are far more welcoming of lead generation content than any of the other social media sites as long as the content you are posting is beneficial to their own success.

When posting to multiple social media sites, be certain that your copy is always unique to all sites and caters to your specific social media audience. Researching platforms in advance to understand the type of content that will better engage your audiences is a valuable first step to take before posting to the varied social media platforms. Truly each of the platforms has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. There is so much that marketers can do to engage conversations on all these social media platforms and definitely keep their audiences intrigued and interactive on a daily basis by simply utilizing unique content that caters to each of the specific audiences.

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