Facebook Major Changes

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This has already been a busy year and Facebook major changes have already been implemented.

With all the controversy regarding content not showing up in the newsfeed, Facebook recently explained “How Newsfeed Works”.  Their  goal is show you the content that matters to you and you demonstrate what matters by everything you do on Facebook.

Which people do you decided to friend,  which publishers and pages you decided to follow how you interact with both personal profiles and pages.  This means that everyone’s newsfeed it unique only to them.

Here are 3 activities Facebook mentioned that impact what shows up in your newsfeed.

  • the relationship you have with author of the post, remember you can identify family
  • type of content (eg: photos, videos, links) you demonstrate this by how you interact with each type of post.  If you don’t watch any videos then Facebook will take that to mean you’re not interested and slowly stop showing you video
  • post activity (how many likes, comments, shares)  If you’ve noticed you are no longer seeing the posts of a friend, partner or family member this simply means you haven’t liked, commented or shared anything they have posted recently.  To ensure you keep seeing their content you will need to either like, comment or share their posts on a regular basis.

Each time you log into Facebook they look at what’s available and comes up with a relevant score based on all of the above. Posts then display in your newsfeed.  These are locked into place once seen so when come back you don’t see them again.  This is good because we don’t want to see the same posts over and over again!

Recent updates, what Facebook has been working on in the background.
1) addressing like baiting, align better with things people actually want to see
2) Showing fewer hoaxes, they have now built in the ability to have people identify it’s a trick
3) reducing overly promotional content

As a business owner the question is how to align your content production to achieve business objectives?
1) use page insights
2) have a voice, connect with the people connected to your page
3) provide context, give insight into what the link is all about
4) people want to see what’s happening “Right Now”

Facebook tells us the over arching theme is to build for the long term.  Test, test and test again in order to discover what keeps people coming back over and over again.  Be sure to let them know what they’re getting into, what they are going to find when they click on links on your page or personal profile.  Be informative, engaging and entertaining.

Big question “How often should I post?”
There is no magic number, some publishers post dozens of times per day, other post once a week and everything in between.
You will need to experiment to uncover what works best with your audience, see how they respond.  Again Facebook Insights will be very helpful here.

BN - Facebook News

There has been a lot of controversy over Facebook Messenger, here’s what Facebook has to say:

Facebook Messenger“Why we’re asking people to install Messenger—We’re committed to providing a fast, reliable and fun messaging app that anyone in the world can use to reach the people who matter to them. That’s why we’re focusing just on Messenger and moving messages out of the Facebook app. People usually respond about 20% faster when they have Messenger, and we think they’ll find both apps useful in different ways. We hope you’ll try out Messenger and enjoy everything else you can do with the app, like chatting with groups and sending stickers.”

The new messenger app is just for your phone and iPad, regular messenger still works on your computer.

All the contraveresy appears to have simmered down since this was first introduced in 2014. Many people believe they are giving up even more of their privacy than ever! However I believe you will receive much more in return.
The permissions you need to agree to are no different from other messaging app like TextPlus, Line or Viber.

Here are 7 benefits I have discovered from using the new Messenger app!

1) Free Phone Calls

2) Faster

3) More Contacts

4) Find Friends More Easily

5) More Privacy

6) Fun Stickers AND Lots of Them

7) More Robust Group Chat

As always your questions and comments are welcome here on the blog!  Stay in touch we’ve got lots of great content and opportunities coming up soon.

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I am part of the Freedom, Heart & Profit Giveaway Extravaganza and one of the participants asked me this great question.

“Getting friends… Can/should this be used on a professional page instead of a personal page and what is the benefit of adding friends?  Are these people who will then like your page?”

My Response

A Facebook business page allows you to only acquire fans, not friends.

You can only add friends on a personal profile.

Linking Plan SimpleThe advantage of having friends is you can invite them to “Like” your Facebook Business Page, it is not automatic.  Once they become your friend they will not become a fan at the same time.

The other advantage of having friends on your personal profile is they can help you spread the word about your page.

The benefit of having a Facebook Business page is you can sell your products and services.  You cannot sell from your personal profile, it is against the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

What To Do Next

I definitely recommend you build your business presence with a Facebook business page.  Your ideal client is definitely there, however it will take work to find them.  You must get inside the head of your ideal client, where do they hang out, what do they love and what’s important to them are a few of the questions you’ll need to answer.  This is not necessarily a fast process, there is no magic bullet, you’ll have to get in there and do the research.  Two resources to make that a bit easier are Facebook Insights and Quantcast. is also a great resource however to get the insightful information you need to get the paid version.

Make a list of your 10 ideal clients, they can be clients you already service or ones you would like to have as a client.  Once that list is completed head over to Facebook and see if you can find them.  There are over 1 billion personal profiles on Facebook, you will very likely find more than 50% of your list of 10.

Once you find them, take a look at what they like, what groups they belong to and who their friends are.  This will provide you with some amazing insights to your ideal client.

Once you have all the information about your ideal client, it’s time to test.

You must post to your Facebook page daily.  You never know when your fans will be online, it could be anywhere within the 24 hour time span.  Therefore if you only post once per day you will need to rotate the times you post so you can discover when is the best time for your ideal client to see your posts.  Test out different times as you also may have fans who are in different time zones.  The Butterfly Networking page has fans from all over the world, we post for all different time zones, but we also know the best time to post to receive the most engagement.

If you haven’t built out your Facebook Page yet here is a great tool to get you started…

Facebook Set Up Like a Pro, a membership site I developed just for those of you who need to get this working now.

Already have your Facebook page set up but not sure what your next step needs to be, sign up for a free strategy session with me and we’ll have a 30 minute discussion about your next steps.  ==>

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It is critical to create offers on all of your business social media platforms.  Without offers you won’t make money, if you don’t make money your business will not survive.

Here are 5 tips to assist with the what and why of making offers;

1) Set the right precedent – I built a huge following on Facebook without making offers, this is what I definitely call learning via the school of hard knocks.  I set a precedent of not selling and once I realized my mistake it was A LOT more work to have people take advantage of what I had to offer.  I invested years in providing good information for free and people expected me to continue providing all that information for free.  I almost when out of business until finally the light went on.

It takes time, money and effort to learn and develop a craft. Don’t sell yourself short be sure to make those offers so that you too can stay in business.

2) Let people know what you’re all about – information posts need to be in small consumable chunks, tell your story a little bit at a time. As I am sure you already know our attention spans are not what they used to be. When you take the story of your business and divide it up in small chunks not only are you providing the information in a way that is best for your readers, you are also creating more content for your website. Tell stories elicit emotions and drive home the point of your product or service. People will be glad to receive the insight into who and what you are.

3) Provide people with what they are looking for – do Keyword research, I know this isn’t the most fun task but it needs to be done in order for people to find you. It’s much easier to catch people’s attention when you are standing right in front of them rather than 50 feet behind them. Keyword research will make sure you create a better understanding of how people are searching for what you do/provide.  Personally I avoided keyword research for quite a while, basically because I didn’t understand the importance.  When you know exactly what people are searching for it’s easy to create your products and services that will fill the gap.

4) Offers don’t have to be all your own – Creating products and services can be hard work, you may not have the time or resources to be continuously creating new offers.  That is when sites like Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction and 100’s more come to your rescue.  There are 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of companies who would love you to sell their products.  Once you find the products that are complimentary to your products and services it’s pretty easy to offer products where you will receive an affiliate commission.  It’s a matter of doing your homework and figuring out what would be best to offer to your customers and clients.

5) Make money – Many time I hear fellow small business people say “it’s not about the money, I just want to help people”  The is an excellent mind set but with that there MUST be the realization that it takes money to help people.  The more money you have the more people you can reach and help. It is our responsibility as business owners to make money so that the business continues to thrive.  There are a lot of people out their looking for our products and/or services, to ensure the business is out there in front of them it will cost money and time.  It costs to build and maintain a website, build and grow an email list even to respond to all the questions people ask.

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  • And much more…

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, I encourage you to listen in.

Join me and over two dozen other experts for FREE by clicking the link below and registering today!

Total IMPACT Series for FREE

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How much time do you spend looking down at your cell phone?  You may be surprised that the typical person spends 4 years looking down at their cell phone? As a late comer to cell phones that really did surprise me. Then I had to take a trip downtown last week and decided to take public transit.  I was amazed at how many people were sitting there looking down at their cell phones.  It was at least 50% of the people.

cell phone The good thing is we have all have heard stories of long-lost family, high school buddies, friends, and mentors locating each other via social platforms.

2015 has started out as another exciting year for social media, from Facebook starting on a downward trend and have already turned it around.  To social media becoming extremely integrated with e-commerce, which I believe will only improve as the year goes on.

The latest round of cheap sensors means smart devices are getting more and more integrated. Examples are weight loss and fitness bracelets and watches.  So many social platform racing even more aggressively to be your choice for online money transactions.

social mediaBusiness owners today understand the importance of marketing initiatives and that social media is an integral part of any initiative.  Business owners who don’t have a presence on any social media platform are totally missing the boat.  It’s like trying to run a brick and mortar store without a cash register.  It can be done, but it’s a heck of a lot more simple and easy with the cash register.  Customers will look at you funny when you hand write out their receipt or god forbid don’t even ask if you can send the receipt to their email address. Business owners, even small business owners need to be building their brand in order to create a following, provide better customer service and get new customers.

Throughout 2014 I created posts that were about strategies, engagement and case studies.  Those all still apply today!  As a Small Business Social Media Manager, I want to provide you with updated strategies for 2015.  Take a look at how you are doing now that the first quarter is behind us; are you where you expected to be?  What do you need to do differently to stay on track for 2015?

Community and Loyalty are far more important than the number of Followers, Fans or Connections

The big guys Google and Facebook have both made it clear that quality content and engagement are critical.  Google likes it when people stay on your site for a long time.  It’s an indicator that you have engaging content and they are hanging around to consume it.  With Facebook the number of Likes, Shares and or Comments is the engagement indicator.

What to do to develop community and increase engagement with your current and potential fans, followers and connections?

Posting content on a very regular basis is critical.  My recommendation with Facebook is 3 times per day, once you have that base established you can increase or decrease to what suits your audience best.  Testing is the only way to figure out what the community is interested in. Once the content is in place it is critical to engage with the fans on the page. “Like” every comment, if possible respond with a comment.  “Share” content from fans or other Facebook pages in the same or complimentary niches.

Mix up the content of the posts; include games, humour, questions along with branded content.  Most people are on the social media platforms to relax and not have to think.  Including messages and posts that will appeal to that frame of mind will increase your engagement immensely. Take a look at the pages in your niche and discover what the fans are the engaging with the most.  Create similar type posts for your profiles and if it’s really good simply considering sharing the content from the other page.

The success of your brand is not totally based on huge numbers of likes, comments and shares, but they will have a huge impact in how far your content will be spread.  It’s important to show up in the newsfeed of  friends, customers and clients, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Need help implementing this strategy.  Sign up today for a Free Strategy Session with me.  We’ll talk for 30 minutes and discover how you can make this work for your business.  ==>

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Too many times I see all of these 5 ways to fail at social media implemented!


Social networking is everywhere, and everybody is apparently using at least one platform one way or another. We see lots of company-established social media pages that have been abandoned and it appears the reason is  not achieving expected results. The truth is, we see an increasing tendency to set up a page/profile work with it for a month or two, deem it unsuccessful and chalk it up to “social media doesn’t work”.  Unfortunately I see this play out over and over and over again.  Months of time, money and effort FLUSHED!  

 Here are five of the strategies it is critical to avoid…

social mediaFAIL #1

The important thing is merely to be on it, as you understand it. So an excellent spot to start would be to set up Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as many other accounts as you can (because it’s just a numbers game, right?)  and after that never do anything.  Just totally neglect them all.

What To Do Instead

Research your market, decide which platform would be the best place to start.  Each business has different needs and ways of conducting themselves.  All social media platforms are not created equal and for some businesses Facebook would be the best option.  However if you have a business where pictures are the main avenue for spreading the work, perhaps starting with Pinterest is a better choice.  It is critical the first step of research is thoroughly done in order to get the most from your time, money and effort once you start.


It is societal – anything can be posted by you.

In the event you’re planning to update your social networking pages, be sure to post things which have absolutely nothing to do with your company. Put amusing cat videos up.  Find all the latest trends and post them to all your profiles.

 What To Do Instead

The strategy used to be recommended by all the experts and MANY companies adopted it.  However they are now having a very challenging time attracting their ideal client because there profile does not reflect the actual business.

Do a mix of posts.  What keeps your customers/clients engaged and coming back?  Depending upon the market you may be able to include the latest gossip in your field, entertaining is important.  For local brick and mortar businesses posting about current events in the area can be an excellent choice. Definitely include offers, mix them in with the other informative, engaging and entertaining posts, but don’t over do it.  Nothing but offers will have everyone running the other way.


Never include the links to your social profiles in your e-mail signature.

The best practice for social media marketing failure is to make all your potential customers and clients go hunting for your contact information. Do not give any hints to people. Be not the hardest person to find on the net.

What To Do Instead

I am continuously amazed at how hard some people make it for me to contact them.  Be sure to insert the links for your social media profiles into your email auto signature.  With most of the social media platforms you can connect one to the other, make sure you connect as many as possible.  Your business cards at a minimum must have at least one social media link. 


People who fail to plan sub consciously  intend to fail. So having a plan for all the social profiles/pages is a very good method to neglect.  After all, It’s So Much Work!

The last thing on earth you want would be to spend some time building and handling would be social profiles. You will be astonished in the amount of failure in virtually no time can be achieved by you.

social profilesWhat To Do Instead

Create a schedule, whether it’s in a fancy project management program, a spreadsheet or even a text file.  Planning out what you are going to do in advance creates time to think about the strategies and tasks.  Very often when looking for information for one post one can find information that goes with a different topic.  When you have your strategies and posts planned out you recognize something good when you see it.  It is simple to copy and paste a reference, text, picture or video over to the plan to be used later.  Reduces stress and increases productivity.


Here’s the very best point of all: Simply forget about social media if not one of the above mentioned suggestions look like social media as profoundly enable you to fail at them as you would like to.

Being imperceptible is the most effective surefire method to fail at social networking.

What To Do Instead

 Start using social media the smart way.  If you have no idea what to do or where to start find a coach, trainer or mentor, there are tons available.  You can have a free 30 minute strategy session with me just to get the ball rolling.  http//  Check out your local schools and universities, many are now offering courses for business owners.  If you are planning on doing all of this work yourself, start small and build.  If you decide to take on too much at once it will become overwhelming and you will quit.

Find out how you can have all of this done for you  Click Here and start taking advantage of all that social media marketing has to offer.

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