How to use Facebook business page is a question I am often asked.  When first starting out the idea of building a website, even just a small one can send ya right into a tail spin!  Facebook definitely offers an easier solution.

However many business owners today are somewhat torn when it comes to choosing the ideal online business strategies and the appropriate resources for promoting their businesses. Plus it’s a ton of work to get your brand image out in front of targeted audiences. Facebook certainly affords people options to enhance brand image.  Plus the best part is it is so easy to engage in conversations and interactions with your ideal customer/client. Using Facebook as your business page has an array of benefits and advantages.

With a Facebook Business Page, you, the business owner, get access to a wide range of enhanced features that are not available to those people who elect to use Facebook Groups or your personal profile. These enhanced features provide much needed tools and strategies for the creation, development, and visibility of your online business presence.

Important Facebook Page Features

Ability to Promote – with Facebook business page you are able to promote all your informative content to a wide audience by way of your promoted posts and advertising. If your primary goal is to attract new members and customers, and to promote your products, services, and offers in a shorter span of time then using a Facebook Page is the perfect fit for you. It is so easy to get scared and just not make the offers however with all the different options Facebook has you can almost “set and forget”.  

Use of Facebook Insights/Analytics – this remarkable program is included free with your Facebook Page and is a very powerful tool. It provides you with information that is critical to your business presence. Such information as who your ‘likers’ are, where they are located, what their age and gender is. This tool will also keep you apprised of when your users/likers are online and will also inform you as to which of your Posts are more effective and productive. When I first started on Facebook I was so stuck on “what do I post?” I paid no attention to the numbers.  As I became more aware I realized that specific types of post, that I was going to a lot of work to create, were actually a waste of time.  People were not engaging with them at all!  That was the point when I really started looking at the numbers myself.

• News Feeds – From your own Facebook Business page in Admin mode, you will be able to like another Page. In addition, you are able to add that Page’s content into your own Page. The function I really like is to be able to comment as your business page on great posts created by others.  News Feed is beneficial since it allows you to gather information and content from partners or other businesses that are affiliated with yours. This allows you to stay in touch with other comparable businesses and provide additional informative content to your Page likers.

It is obvious that having your own Facebook page for business is an important component of your online business. It will definitely provide you with valuable tools and resources you can use on a daily basis.  These tools enable you to reach your targeted audiences with your creative and informative content. It is important to the overall presence of your business and to developing and growing your business over time. For many online businesses, a Facebook Page has served to be a true foundation for their brand image and their overall company presence.

Need help getting that Facebook Page set up to be rocking and rolling for your business?

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Marketing Tips & Tools

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There’s no better way to drive massive traffic to your website than consistently creating amazing content.

Marketers know this, brands know this, and that’s exactly why the competition for first page search engine rankings is now fiercer than ever before.

Everybody is producing content to gain targeted traffic and get their brand known!

So how do you stay ahead of your competition in the content marketing game?

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13 WordPress Plugins That’ll Save You a Ton of Time

Running a blog requires an insane amount of time.

In fact, there’s not enough time in your day to do everything (especially if you have a full-time job, too).

From learning new ways to get traffic and scheduling social media posts to building your email list and managing comments, you feel stretched to your limit.

And the more you learn and grow, the more you have to keep up with — it’s exhausting.

So what if I told you that you can add a squad of tools to your toolbox that will eliminate a ton of time spent on the more tedious aspects of blogging?

These 13 WordPress plugins are like having a full-time employee that shaves hours off of your blogging work week, so you can get back to doing the important things: writing and connecting with your audience.

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How to Engage With Your Social Media Followers Quickly and Authentically

How do you feel when people comment on your social media posts?
Awesome, right?

A comment is or some form of engagement is usually a sign that people love your social media content. And it’s important to reciprocate and respond to these interactions.

But at the same time, engaging with your followers can be time-consuming. If you are a solo social media manager or a small business owner, you know you don’t have the whole day to engage with your followers.

So how can you minimize the time it takes to engage with your followers and still be authentic at the same time?

In this post, we’ll share the tactics and tools we use to engage with our amazing social media followers quickly and authentically.

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6 Tips for Engaging Facebook Ad Creative | Social Media Today

The success of your Facebook advertising campaign relies on a mix of creative and targeting. And while there’s a ton of content out there that discusses targeting strategy, I wanted to share some tips that have helped us create engaging visuals for our Facebook ad campaigns. These tips actually come from Facebook themselves, so they’re sure to be of value.

With the right creative, your Facebook ads can drive great, cost-effective results.

Here are six tips for engaging Facebook Ad creative.

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A quiz gets users to make a series of small commitments before asking them to opt in.

Do you want more leads and sales from Facebook?

Interested in remarketing to your email subscribers?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook ads to build your email list, and then remarket to subscribers to increase your sales.

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Do you have a plan for building your email list?

And is Facebook Live part of that plan?

If your answer to either of these questions is a big fat NO, you’re throwing away a TON of money!

This post will look at why you need an email list, and how you can use Facebook Live to grow your list way faster than you think possible.

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Social Media Strategies

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Emails often live and die by their subject lines. A great subject line motivates prospects to open the message, while an uninspired one means they won’t read a single word.

The email subject lines on this list fall into the second camp. They’re presumptuous, annoying, misleading, and confusing — sometimes, all of the above. If reps want their buyers to actually click “open,” they should avoid these lines like their quota depends on it.

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19 Social Media Content Tools That'll Speed Up Your Content Creation

Creating social media content takes time. And creating great social media content takes even more time.

You don’t just need to think about what types of content you’re going to create, but also how you can customize your social media posts for each platform.

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How to Measure the Impact of Social Media on Your Business

Do you struggle to measure the impact social media has on your business?

Not sure what, how, or where to track important social media data?

It can be easy to focus on the “doing” part of social media… crafting posts, designing graphics, scheduling, and so many other tasks that keep us busy, but not productive.

That’s why it’s critical to look at what’s working and adjust what’s not.

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in 5 Minutes or Less

You want to know whether your blog is doing well, right?

Whether those posts you work so hard on are attracting traffic, and where that traffic is actually coming from?

Whether your last marketing campaign was a smashing success or an unfortunate bomb?

Because if you don’t know whether what you’re doing is working, you’re basically running around blind. And that means you could be wasting valuable time and energy on stuff that just plain ain’t moving the needle.

There’s great news, though …

If you install Google Analytics on your blog, you’ll never have to wonder how your blog is doing again.

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4 Google Chrome Extensions to Help Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts | Social Media Today

They say a craftsman is only as clever as his tools, and we believe that harnessing the power of digital marketing is much easier when you have the right tools at your disposal.

To help with this, we’ve curated a listing of four of our favorite Google Chrome extensions which can make life easier – particularly for busy business owners handling their own digital marketing.

If you don’t have them already, download these free tools – we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

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Linktree uses your Instagram handle for consistent branding.

Want to get more out of your Instagram bio link?

Do you wish you could share multiple links via Instagram?

In this article, you’ll discover three tools that let you serve links to people who click on your Instagram bio.

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