As we all know, content creation is a truly manual job that requires a great deal of time and excessive research. There are abundant software on the market today to make creating your content much faster and easier. There are endless resources that help to not only write your content, but also to research, edit, and even design your content easily. Though creating the perfect flow of words is essential to successful content, creative and eye-catching visual content is every bit as important. The following resources/websites offer all the technique, style, and know how you need to create and enhance the perfect, attention getting content.

1. is one of the most favored sites on the web for creating dynamic yet simple graphic designs. This state of the art software program provides everything you need to create and implement the most stunning designs right at your fingertips. The software is remarkably user friendly and makes designing all the fun it is meant to be. All the tools you need are easily accessible allowing you to put all your design ideas quickly into place. You simply search for photos, graphics, and fonts, and then rely upon the handy, easy to use, drag and drop feature Canva provides. This software package is available on the net and is completely free to use.

2. is by far one of the most innovative tools on the web today for writing. This spectacular software product quickly corrects all your spelling and grammar mistakes in just a matter of seconds. Offering you a variety of word and vocabulary choices makes efficient and accurate content writing much easier. This product is ten times more efficient than the typical word processor and is completely compatible with Word. The use of this valuable tool is mandatory when creating content, and is sure to present you with top of the line correct content for your site.

3. is a software package trusted by the masses that takes all the doubt out of your content writing by projecting, in advance, the success of your created content. Nobody wants to waste endless hours and excessive efforts writing content that will simply never finds its way to your target audience. Nor do we want to write content that fails to drive traffic to your personal or business website. With this amazing software package, as unbelievable as it may seem, you can learn and understand the success level of your anticipated content before you even begin to write. The procedure is rather simple in that when you indicate your writing topic preferences, the inboundwriter will inform you what level of performance you can expect with your desired topics. In addition, this software will suggest related topics for you to write about that are apt to be more successful and drive more traffic to your site. Further, the product offers you all the writing guidance you need to create content that will have a tremendous impact for you and your business. This incredible product simply helps to get your ideas flowing and fingers typing.

4. is a truly competent and powerful online tool that allows users to retrieve and organize all their important data and resources all in one place. This useful platform compiles all types of news feeds from endless online sources that users can then organize and customize to their own preferences. This certainly makes researching and acquiring pertinent data for writing content very fast and easy, and has proven to be one of the most valuable tools used by writers today.

5. (Jing) is a skillful tool that allows users to quickly and easily capture and share images and videos. You can simply choose to capture an image that appears on your screen, caption your image, and share away. In addition, you can choose a window or area that you would like to record, and Jing will just record everything before you and everything you do, whether clicking a mouse or creating an entire tutorial with maximum recording time of five minutes. Once captured with Jing you are able to share and send your captured images and video content anywhere out on the web by way of uploading to the source provided on the site ( and then sharing it through a number of avenues – IM messages, emails, or social media.

Content Creation SoftwareThough writing content can truly be a task and many times present us with challenges, the use of each of these informative and highly proficient tools and sites will certainly make content creation not only faster and easier, but surly more interesting and fun. These tools are sure to assist with the creation of content that is not only attention getting but sure to drive traffic to your site over and over again. Incorporate all of these innovative tools into your content creation and find yourself immersed in some of the most state of the art resources and tools available for writing today.

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Today there are many components that come into play in the planning, creation, implementation, and launching of a new online business. One important component that contributes to the success of businesses today lies in company marketing strategies. One strategy that is fast becoming a favorite among most business owners is the use of simple email marketing. Here are some useful email marketing tips to help contribute to the success of your business.

1. Make It Easy To Subscribe

email marketing tipsFor many people and businesses today innovative subscription programs are fast becoming one of the most popular marketing gimmicks of choice. Proper implementation of a subscription program provides award winning benefits for both merchants and customers. For the actual business provider, a successful subscription campaign will turn a one-time purchase into a consistent source of revenue while for the subscriber customer there is the overall excitement of getting something extra in return for your loyalty and commitment. However, it is important that email subscription campaigns are incredibly user friendly and mobile friendly as well in this mobile world we live in.

2. Let People Know What to Expect

Whenever you elect to use email marketing techniques it is critical to be concise and clear about what the potential customer is required to do, the timeline to do it in, and what they are to gain by doing so. A simple, direct message, with easy to follow instructions is beneficial to everyone and will contribute to the success of the email campaign. If a recipient is not able to easily comprehend the required actions as well as the rewards for their actions, then 9 times out of 10 they will simply delete the email giving no thought to what they might have gained or earned. So be careful to be direct, simple, and concise with your content and by all means do not be wordy since people tend to completely ignore content that is extreme and lengthy.

3. Have a privacy Policy – Make it Available

It is absolutely critical to include a privacy policy with your email marketing in an effort to show your firm commitment to the potential customer’s privacy and to protecting all the personal information. Advise them that their personal information will never be shared with others. Be clear in explaining to them why and how they are receiving the email, either they opted in or perhaps they registered or purchased from you in the past. In addition, assure them of your use of the most state of the art security features. Finally, be certain to offer them a means of unsubscribing if they choose and provide them with an email address where they can send along any comments or concerns.

4. Think Like a Customer When You Write

email marketing tipsOne simple piece of advice when creating your email is to simply write in a fashion that you, as a customer, would want to receive and read. Lengthy, wordy emails with complicated content that just run on and on are not beneficial to anybody. Remember at one time or another you were a customer yourself. Remember that content which caught your eye and captured your attention and utilize that same style and format with your potential new customers today.

5. Personalize the “From”

Nobody likes to get emails from people they don’t know, however, if a recipient notices an interesting and unique “from” in their email, they are more apt to be curious and remotely interested enough to actually open and read the email. A bland, uninformative “from” is more likely than not to be dismissed or deleted by its recipient. Make it intriguing, interesting, and even playful in an effort to attract attention and keep their interest.

6. Craft Your Email Carefully

As we all know, haste makes waste. Certainly composing and writing your email in a hurry and without proper preliminary thought and structuring is bound to be a complete waste of your time and have little to no positive affect on your recipients. Taking adequate time to collect all your thoughts, know your objectives, familiarize yourself with your audience, and construct content that is both eye and mind appealing, is a sure fire way for your email marketing to be successful. Think before you act!!

7. Be Consistent, It Demonstrates Reliability

Rest assured that consistency is a vital ingredient for success in anything, and surely that applies to your email marketing as well. Most people are oblivious to how important consistency can be. However, it is important to recognize that the more consistent you are, the more people you will reach and the more valuable you and your business become. Your ultimate goal is to connect with as many customers as possible in a given time. It only makes sense that to accomplish that you need to be consistent in your email communications, and be as visible as possible. Your primary objective is to sell your product or service and certainly the use of email marketing can and will help you to achieve that. Clearly, consistent emails are sure to attract the attention of your readers, and if written and presented well, will indeed capture their interest and ultimately result in a happy ending for both you and your new customers.


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For those of you who are attempting to create spectacular, informative, and attention getting content for your websites, this necessary task can be remarkably challenging, especially if this is your first time out of the gate. There are abundant tools available today to assist in making your content not only interesting and eye-catching, but also creative and user friendly. With this in mind, below are four very resourceful tools for creating content; tools that are simplistic but incredibly useful and successful and will certainly make your content writing life much quicker and indeed much easier. The four areas of content writing you want to focus on are research, creation, production, and distribution, all of which I have provided two resources for each and offered a simple explanation.

1. RESEARCH – This site is fast becoming one of the most talked about and used sites for content writers to organize new content and blogs. It is a tool that simply and easily allows its users to research, find, and collect data on topics of interest. The site offers all the tools needed for connecting to the news and any topic that you are interested in and has an extensive library of information that makes both research and capturing of content easy to perform. – This amazing site is recognized for its library of endless content. Offering high quality and highly reputable content, Trapit allows users to take their own written text and ideas and blend them with endless blogs, news, videos, magazines, and podcast sources to aid in the creation of extraordinary content. It is by far one of the most highly visible research tools on the net today and will certainly aid in the capturing of needed materials for creating your content.

2. CREATION – This amazing playful tool allows you to take your content or text that you have written and give it an attractive and fun appearance. By using a variety of fonts, and color schemes you are able to turn your text into eye-catching images in the form of word clouds that will serve to bring your content to life. Rather than just typing straight content on a flat page, this phenomenal tool lets you give a whole new vibrant look to your content.

Worditout – Yet another playful fun tool that allows you to take typical content and transform it into word clouds, which are simply clusters or clouds of words that are all squished together on a page, with the most important and informative words having a more visible layout, usually displayed with a much larger font. This tool is every bit as informative as it is playful and will easily take dull and boring content and turn it into content filled with vibrancy, loud colors, and playfulness all in an effort to make your text stand out more and get noticed by viewers ultimately assisting in building your own brand.

3. PRODUCTION – This tool is a markdown editor that assists in the display and layout of your text. When you are creating content you want to be sure your content can be easily shared between computers, your mobile phones and even people. The use of this very versatile editor is favored by many. Using this helpful editor content developers are sure to produce quality content. Offering features that provide for easy and concise editing of your content that is not only legible but also attractive in both formatting and display, inclusive of such special features as split screens, emphasis, links, quoted text, paragraphs, line breaks, headlines, and a variety of other handy features, provides you with all your editing needs. – This resourceful tool provides users with a professional and successful approach for getting traffic to their sites, for generating sales online and for building brand awareness. When creating your content you want to be certain that your content communicates your ideas clearly and builds your brand to its maximum capacity. The production of successful content requires proper editing, formatting, and layout of your content as a first step toward making your content more visible and building your successful brand.

4. DISTRIBUTION – In order for the proper distribution of your content you will want to be certain that all features of you website are configured to allow for speed and accuracy when accessing your site. This amazing tool offers you simplified social media tools that can help grow traffic to your site. Offering guidelines for flexible scheduling or your content posts, a single click posting to all your social media accounts, and data that will substantially improve your overall content performance, the use of this extraordinary tool will certainly enhance your content and drive traffic to your site. – This handy tool allows you to verify that the servers to your domain name are configured properly affording easy access to your site. In addition, you can enter your site URL and have it properly analyzed to be certain that the load time of your page is not excessive causing potential viewers to close down the page due to a lengthy wait. Finally, this product also provides the means to test your network connection to the server confirming that potential viewers are able to access your site without network issues that would certainly diminish traffic as well as the value of your content.

By utilizing the above-referenced content creation tools you are sure to be on the right path for not only driving traffic to your site, but to building your brand through competitive marketing of your products or services after the successful creation and production of your quality content.

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Email best practices to help you protect your business.

Email is a universal tool used by people and organizations everywhere for both personal and business reasons. Emailing is such a critical part of everybody’s life today and though it is highly instrumental in all facets of life, if used inappropriately or incorrectly can be detrimental and even dangerous. The use of emails presents with security risks in the form of viruses and spams that, if not avoided, can cause serious damage to your electronic device and even be quite costly. There are specific guidelines that everyone should familiarize themselves with when utilizing email. Educating yourself and becoming acquainted with such topics as viruses, scams, phishing protection, the simple understanding of how to perform attachments, as well as email etiquette are all important useful topics that users should be remarkably aware of and comfortable with. Let’s take a moment to discuss each here and acquaint ourselves with the how to’s on each of these important topics.

To begin with viruses are very easily spread through emails. We can all avoid viruses by installing a state of the art antivirus software on your electronic device. Continued efforts to avoid contracting a virus on your device is to only open emails from reliable sources that you know and trust as well as being remarkably cautious about the attachments you open. You want to be certain to only open attachments you believe to be safe and if for some reason you are doubtful then get in the practice of scanning attachments with antivirus software before you attempt to open them.

email_best_practicesSpam emails that seem to find their way into our mailboxes are 9 out of 10 times unsolicited emails trying to sell products, or entice users to participate in online programs and are many times internet hoaxes. The best practice here is simply to reduce the amount of spam emails you get by not sharing your email address with every site or every online organization that requests it. You should always be cautious about subscribing to various websites and to accepting email offers that you receive in an effort to always protect your email address.

Phishing attacks are fast becoming a problem with emailing since these scams, with their unsuspicious appearances, are designed to steal personal information about users. Phishing typically involves fake email messages that prompt users to give away their private information, whether passwords, addresses, credit card and bank account numbers, and even individual social security numbers. Consumers should always be 100% cautious above divulging any private information on the net to any email they receive that appears to be remotely suspicious. It is sometimes difficult to detect which emails are scams because they are so cleverly designed with real logos and organization information so err on the side or caution if you have the slightest doubt and do NOT divulge any private information.

Another very important email practice is the proper management of your inbox. Get in the practice of sorting out your messages based on importance, or dates, subject matters and even sender’s names to allow for quick retrieval of the emails going forward. In managing your inbox you should also get in the habit of creating folders for purposes of separating and saving messages you deem important to save.

Finally, email etiquette is something that everyone should learn and use. Using proper personal and business writing at all times with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the use of multiple small paragraphs as opposed to long run on paragraphs will indicate to your readers that they are in receipt of an email from a very detailed and professional individual or organization. Always use eye catching informative subjects as well in an effort to quickly grasp the attention of your recipients.

Take some time to acquaint yourself with these practical email guidelines and enjoy all the positive uses that email presents us with while taking care not to put yourself and your electronic device at risk. Start following these simple guidelines today!!

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When creating content to engage potential customers or viewers to your site, it is sometimes difficult to know the exact type of content to use. Though there are many different types of content that can be created, here are five of the most visible and engaging types of web content used to create and utilize on your personal website.

Blog Post – As we all know the word blog is short for “web log” and is simply an online journal comprised of informational content that, when updated daily, keeps readers and viewers apprised of what is going on. These posts can be created by individuals or groups and can refer to a single subject matter as well as multiple topics. The purpose of the blog is to offer viewers the opportunity to comment on what’s happening as well as read other informative comments with regard to the subject matter at hand. Blogs are especially useful for keeping content up to date and the topic or topics alive and active. 

Video – With You Tube fast becoming the second most used search engine on the net, second only to Google, the use of video content on your personal website is fast becoming a favorite form of creative web content. When creating video that is effective, relevant to your website and content, and successful you are sure to reap the rewards of your efforts. Taking appropriate time and effort to brainstorm about your video content and determining what and how that works well for your video in conjunction with your website, will most assuredly be an added benefit to your overall content and to attracting both users and viewers to your site. You want to be certain, however, that the content you are seeking to create will not lose its message or value if converted to video content by simply asking yourself it the content requires both audio and visual in order to be as effective as you desire.  

eBook – The ever-popular eBook is fast becoming one of the most sought after and acceptable forms of content writing. Since eBooks consist of text and/or images and are readable on all computers and just about any electronic device, web content creators are turning to this form of content writing more often than not since statistics have shown and proven that eBook reading in general has increased here in the United States by more than 48% since last year. EBooks serve to share stories and content in new and very compelling ways that typically attract and keep the attention of readers. 

BN - CCLAP - books out of iPad

White Paper – This successful form of content writing is a remarkable tool for promoting a specific product, service, or viewpoint. This very form of content writing is designed to promote products or services offered by a specific company while inviting and engaging opinions. When used as a marketing tool white papers use chosen facts to help increase the visibility and reputation of the company at hand while generating sales leads and persuading potential customers or even investors to the site or business.

content_treeGraphics – The use of graphics adds visual appeal to the content on your web page while helping to keep the interest and the attention of your viewers or visitors. Graphics can be utilized to enhance visual structure of content on your website. While typical content will convey information and ideas, the use of graphics as part of your content writing will greatly enhance the communication of your ideas through visual effects without distracting attention. Graphics can certainly be an effective means of conveying and displaying content while drawing and maintaining the attention of your viewers to your site. 

When creating content for your website be certain to research and familiarize yourself with the many types of content writing available. Dependent upon the products, services, or viewpoints you wish to convey and the audience you seek to engage, the use of innovative content writing will certainly contribute to the overall success of your website. 

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