As a member of YVR Bloggers I was invited to go white water rafting with Hyak River Rafting.  The “payment” was to help Hyak River Rafting boost their online presence.  For those of us who are interested in adventures it was a no brainer!  I put my hand up immediately.

My second thought was “boy are they ever smart!” and off I went to check out their online presence.  I am always happy to see companies using social media in a way that really benefits their business.  Hyak River Rafting definitely fits the profile.

Not only are they running contests from their Facebook Page they are using Twitter to drive traffic to their contests.

BN Hyak 02 Social Media and Hyak River Rafting a Case Study

BN Hyak 01 Social Media and Hyak River Rafting a Case Study

The rafting business, along with many other business that involve travel has dropped dramatically since 911.  The rafting business is down from 10,000 to 3-5,000 per season.  Who could handle a 50% decrease in business and still survive?  Social media done right can definitely help you survive and thrive.

Some of you may be thinking, “wow 16 YVR bloggers all for free?  That’s going to cost a TON of money!”  When you think of your marketing budget it may not be very big,  you figure, I can’t do that…  but wait till you hear these numbers.  The YVR Blogging community is very active, in fact so many people were willing to write up a blog post about their adventure that Hyak River Rafting added a second boat, bringing the total to 16 rafters instead of the original 8.  The combined reach of those 16 people is something every business owner would love to have…

Total # of monthly views for all 16 bloggers  -  405,787

Total social media reach for all 16 bloggers  – 295,762

Think of what you would have to pay for the potential reach over 700,000 people!!

Not only had this group of 16 bloggers promised to write a blog post about the trip, everyone also promised to “talk” about the trip, before and after on their personal and business social media profiles.  With a potential reach of almost 300,000 on social media that is extremely powerful.

Now you may not have access to a community of bloggers (go look for one anyway!) but you can consistently ask your clients and customers to talk about their experience with your product or service.  Share their stories, take pictures and or participate in contests.  The social proof it will bring to your business  go will go a VERY long way.

Take a look at this great picture on the Hyak River Rafting Pinterest account, if you were in that boat would you be sharing this picture.

BN Hyak 03 Social Media and Hyak River Rafting a Case Study

Always make it as easy as possible for your clients and customers to interact with you.  In our case the crew from Hyak River Rafting took pictures, as well as all of us, and shared them on their Facebook page.  We then shared those pictures out to our personal profiles and business pages.  Wouldn’t you love your clients and customers to do that for you?  Find the platforms your customers and potential customers are using and make sure you have an active presence there.  AND I do mean active, a post, tweet or picture once per week ain’t gonna cut it!  The strategy Hyak River Rafting is using with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their website ensures they reach as many of their potential clients as possible.  If you can generate a lot of pictures in your business then this combination may be just right for you too!

Now along with this great opportunity for their business to be spread far and wide, the staff from Hyak River Rafting did a fantastic job!  They actually picked us up in Burnaby and drove us out to their location in Chilliwack.  The only white water rafting business in the Metro Vancouver area to be licensed to offer that service.

White water rafting is an amazing experience, one that I am only too happy to share everywhere.  If adventure is on your bucket list this is definitely an experience for you!

Now it’s your chance to win a White Water Rafting Trip, enter below, do it quick!  AND when you win be sure to tag me in all the great pictures you take.  That way I can add you to this blog post too!
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IMAG000 300x250 Is It Or Isnt It a Scam?Is It Or Isn’t It a Scam? Something I had to seriously ask myself recently.

Scam emails always seem to slip into the inbox now and then.  Most of the time I can recognize them immediately.  However this one looked good and I am involved with something similar that is legitimate scam.  I decided it need to be checked out; Just In Case. icon smile Is It Or Isnt It a Scam?

Here is the Subject Line and Content of the “suspect” email;

You’ve Been Selected for the 2014 Edition of Executive Who’s Who

You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent your professional community in the 2014 Global Professional Network Registry among Executives, Professionals, & Entreprenuers.

As we are working off of secondary sources, we must receive verification from you that your profile is accurate. Once finalized, your listing will share prominent registry space with thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each representing accomplishment within their own geographical area.

We look forward to your appearance in this year’s edition.

Remember, there is no cost to be included. Complete your listing now!

First I copied and pasted the name and address of the company from the bottom of the email into Google 23-35 Steinway St Ste A Astoria, NY 11105 United States

Immediately I realized my instincts were correct. The first 7 entries are not them, they are all entries indicating that the company is a scammer. The first company entry is from LinkedIn, not even their own site.

When I dug even deeper I discovered that their “no cost” would actually cost me $100 and if I was not happy with the service no refund, partial or otherwise would be provided.

It is important to make sure you trust your instincts and check out potential scam email.  If you were to click on a link in one of those emails you could destroy your computer.  I have heard stories where hard drives have been wiped clean.  My guy Michael Dropkin makes sure my computer is protected, but I have to make sure I don’t do anything stupid! :-)  If you`re interested in his services you can reach him at [email protected]
RF 19. roboform logo Is It Or Isnt It a Scam?
Google is a wonderful tool for checking out potential scams.  Be sure to cover yourself and check things out!

One of the best ways you can protect yourself is to use strong passwords.  AND never use a password for more than one site.  I know that sounds hard and time consuming, but when you have the right tool, it is easy.  I use Roboform, you can check it out here, just click the Link below:

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shout 300x199 Do You Advertise on Facebook? An Update on Facebook AdsDo you advertise on Faceboook?  Your specific audience is there, it is simply finding the right strategy to attract them!

On June 6th Facebook announced changes to the their ad products.

They plan on streamlining and reducing the duplication.  These changes will be phased in over the next 6 months in Facebook.

My personal favorite is;

It also means removing the online Offer product because marketers have found that using a Page post link ad is a more effective way to drive people to deals on their websites. We’re going to start making these changes in July.

SocialMediaFriend 300x225 Do You Advertise on Facebook? An Update on Facebook AdsMy personal experience is the “Offer” button has not converted well.  People are on Facebook to have fun, connect with friends and maybe play a game or two.  When you put the opportunity to buy something they just haven’t been interested.  The “Download” and “Learn More” buttons have been much more effective for me.

Here’s a look at what’s changing:

Old Name New Name  
Page post photo ads photo ads
Page post video ads video ads
Page post link ads link ads/multi-product ads
Page post text ads/page post status ads text ads
Page post offer ads offer ads
Domain ads link

If you would like to read the full news bulliten from Facebook; click the link below

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photo article increase website traffic 650x440 300x203 Drive traffic to my website, blog, and service offerings

Special Guest Post By Geniece Brown of Brown Virtual Assisting.

When your email list gets to know and trust you, guess what?

They will click your links within your email and visit your website, read your blog, buy from you, and refer you to friends.

You need to have some quality content to share with them.

Something they’ll actually want to read or know more about.
Starting off with an enticing subject line is the beginning.

And then follow-through with some warm content as if you’re speaking directly to them (a friend) and share your blog post or latest news that will interest or help them in some way.

Though you may be doing other forms of offline marketing or social media, let your weekly email campaigns do some of the heavy lifting for your marketing.

shutterstock 83958112 300x201 Drive traffic to my website, blog, and service offeringsI’m personally on several email lists of people that I follow and learn from.
And I’ve purchased products and training programs from some of them multiple times.
I enjoy getting their updates, reading their blog, and most importantly, I trust them and what they say (back to relationship).

Here’s another response that I received from a recent email campaign (The email subject line was: “How to Write a $500 Essay”):

“Let’s meet to discuss your services. What’s Monday afternoon look like for you?”

Bonus Benefits of consistency with email marketing:

  • It saves you time since you don’t have to be face to face with each person on your list. But affords you the opportunity to speak with each person one on one through that personal email they receive from you. Put your heart into that email, click send, and walla – another masterpiece completed!
  • Your readers will begin to expect an email from you (however often you send it) so you’ll be building a loyal audience.
  • Email marketing also saves you money on your marketing since there’s no paper involved. And depending on the size of your email list, content quality, and activity, the revenue you gain from consistency with your email marketing will make the more than pay for the costs (if any) associated with your email marketing.

Many thanks to Geniece for her contribution today it is definitely appreciated.

Please check out her website and enjoy what she has to offer


As always comments are appreciated here on the blog.  Let me know how you liked this post and if you have any questions we could answer in future posts your suggestions are always welcome.

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1163 10151754841576081 1861863176 n 7 Strategies to Make More Money With Your Facebook Page Cover Graphic The cover photo on your Facebook Page will help you build your brand, reputation and good will. An effective company name is a good place to start as it helps people remember you. Memorability can come from using an unusual color combination, behavior that is different from the norm, even a style or color of clothing.

Once you have your brand figured out, for now, you can use it very effectively in your Facebook Cover Graphic. I say “for now” because it will always be changing and evolving as your business grows and develops.

strategy 300x199 7 Strategies to Make More Money With Your Facebook Page Cover GraphicHere are 7 great ways to use your Facebook Cover Graphic to your benefit. I highly recommend that you change your cover often, at least once per month. When you implement this strategy you’ll be able to take advantage of all of these ways to use your Facebook Cover to make your business grow.

1. Communicate your brand – show some personality. Have fun, be serious, or a mixture of both. What every your personality is you need to reflect it in your FB cover.

2. Communicate your key message – what is it you do? This can be done in a tag line or in the pictures or graphics you include both in your cover graphic or posts.

3. Highlight a competition – increase engagement You will be surprised how many people will click on your cover graphics. You can market a competition in your cover graphic, be sure to provide the details of your competition in the description box. This will enable people to enter your contest immediately!

4. Publish a promotion – Once Facebook changed the requirement of the cover photos it has become a much better tool to increase engagement and sales. Each time you have a different promotion add a new Facebook Cover graphic to the list of “must have” items. For the duration of your promotion be sure the cover is uploaded, it has a call to action and a link taking people out to your offer.

5. Demonstrate your Unique Selling Point (USP) – What makes you better than your competitor? I have my main Facebook Cover graphic demonstrate our USP and this is the one we default back to during each of the other promotions and offers.

BN SMA Cover Graphic Sample 300x110 7 Strategies to Make More Money With Your Facebook Page Cover Graphic

Special Offer – 50% off the creation of your personalized Facebook Cover Graphic – Click on the Graphic to get yours Now!

6. Event Registration – Make it really easy for your fans to know what your up to, where you can be found and all of your up-coming meet-ups, trade shows etc. Be sure to include a link so that they can register too. I like to invite people to come and say Hi, or keep an eye out for me at different events. It’s a super way to let people know you are approachable.

7. Fun - change it for fun and personality watch Google, they do a great job with their logo. I have mine changed for each of the holidays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. Even for my own birthday as I normally run some type of special offer just because it’s my birthday. AND you can too!!

We have a super surprise for you!  Want to have your own special Facebook Cover Graphic?  I’ll get John Mark, the great graphic artist who created all of my designs to create one just for you. Not only will you get an experienced artist creating a great new Facebook cover for you but we have super special pricing of 50% off for the next 3 days only.  CHECK OUT this special offer NOW!

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