Every business owner is in need of an effective and user friendly web-based project management application that can easily solve  project management disasters. Trello is an ideal collaboration tool that takes all your business projects and efficiently organizes them into boards which allows business owners to see, at one single glance, all projects being worked on, by whom, and the status of the projects as well. Certainly a tool that all business owners find useful and critical to their business operations, Trello is recognized throughout the world as the number one business management system today.

BN_-_SMA_May_21_-_Trello_BoardsThe Trello board is quite simply a list of all your business lists, filled with cards that are accessible to you as the business owner, and all your staff and team members. Offering you all the tools and resources needed to organize your every business project, regardless of how big or small the project may be, Trello certainly redefines business management. With Trello you can reach out and invite as many customers, clients, vendors, or other peoples to your board as you may want, and you can do it all for free. Trello’s unique and very user friendly tools allow you, as the administrator of the board, to drag and drop individuals to specific cards as part of your project streamlining. It allows you to divide up the project tasks all in one place while offering visibility and accessibility to all your team members.

With Trello you can start informative discussions inclusive with comments and attachments. In order to be certain that specific members see your comments, you simply mention that individual’s name in your comments and they will receive a notification on their end that a discussion  requiring their attention is ongoing. When I have important conversations using email or Skype I copy and paste them into the appropriate project board in Trello.  It annoys me to no end when I have to waste time looking for something I could easily have at the tip of my fingers. 🙂  In addition, you can add any files or documents to your discussion by simply uploading them from your computer.AJonc96g

One of the most useful and helpful features of Trello is the simple fact that whenever a member makes any comments or anything important at all happens with your board, you will be notified instantly by way of Trello’s innovative notification system. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you are doing, so long as you have subscribed to the board you will receive all your notifications on any device. All Trello notifications stay in sync across all your individual systems and devices.

Additional helpful features include checklists and the use of completion and/or due dates. With these specialized features you are sure to never miss an important date or forget to perform an all-important task – certainly something every business owner wants and needs. You can see every one of your important dates and your important tasks all in one handy place – the calendar view inside of your Trello.

With a wide range of other innovative features, Trello works in real time, at real fast speeds. It can certainly be comforting to know that all your information is both secure and private since you have complete control over who will or will not see your boards. Your data is transferred via secure connections and encrypted off-site backups of all your data are created in case you ever suffer a loss of data or some sort of technology crisis.

Trello Boards

There are different versions of Trello available depending upon your individual needs. As your business progresses, you can certainly move onto a more powerful Trello tool for your business – Trello Business Class. Trello offers business owners everything they need to get all their tasks and organizational procedures done. Though the product’s features are by all means enough to grab the attention of business owners, the “free” price tag makes this state of the art product one that business owners just simply cannot live without.

Join the millions of business owners and users today who have truly fallen head over heels for Trello. Visit today and watch your business grow.



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Google Calendar – Your Easy Business Organizer

We all admit that life would just not be the same without the use of a daily calendar and certainly a calendar for your small business is no exception. There are certainly a wide range of different ways to organize your business and your life, but truly there is none as dependable, effective and efficient as a calendar. With that said, the easy business organizer of choice for most business owners today because of its reliability, flexibility and ease of use is that of Google Calendar.easy business organizer

Using Google Calendar as your easy business organizer is not only effective, but remarkably practical since it basically is a “Master Calendar” with a variety of smaller individual calendars all aggregated in one single place. You are able to maintain a separate calendar for your business, personal life, your holidays and special family important dates, and any other specific calendars you may need. Color coding your varied calendars, a feature offered by Google Calendar, is a quick and effective way of personalizing and customizing your calendars.

All of your individual calendars will appear in one place with their color-coded content, allowing you to see all that is going on in your life across the board from personal to business. In addition, if at any one time you want only to focus in on your business calendar, you can easily turn off your other individual calendars giving your business calendar full focus.

4 weeks to visibilityAn important business feature of Google Calendar is the fact that you can share your calendar with other team members at any time. If you are working directly with a team of employees on a specific business project or objective you can share the calendar with those you are collaborating with which is certainly an invaluable tool and feature. With this shared feature all members of your work team know exactly when another team member is busy and not available for a conference call or the scheduling of a meeting. The calendar blocks out times that a member is not available. It also allows you to schedule meetings and conference calls with a single glance since all your team members’ schedules are accessible to all.  I add events to my marketing calendar.  My webmaster sees these events and knows what needs to be done.  Once he is finished his portion of the task he changes the color of the event.  This way I know with a VERY quick glance whether or not he is finished.  I love it!

Google Calendar also allows you, as the business owner, to set specific permission levels for each of your team member’s individual calendars to limit the amount of authority and control you grant to each member. You can either give members full access, allowing them to revise, update, change and even cancel scheduled meetings and events, or you can set it up so that members are only able to view calendars and events but not edit them in any way.

A further attractive and very useful feature is the fact that Google Calendar has been integrated with Gmail and will allow you to create events on your Google Calendar right from your emails. Google actually detects any dates or times that are included in your emails and offers you the option, on the right side of your screen, to add the event to your calendar. When you elect to do this all the contents of your email will be automatically added to your calendar event. This feature keeps business owners from forgetting to add special meetings and events to their calendar.

Accessing your calendar from any device you are on that has an internet connection is yet another attractive feature as is the fact that you can easily sync your Google Calendar to your smartphone allowing you to easily schedule and even update events from anywhere that you happen to be. From scheduling events and meetings, and program reminders to performing searches within your calendar, Google Calendar certainly affords business owners all the necessary calendaring and scheduling tools needed to start up and continue to run and effective and well organized business.

Google Calendar - Your Free and Easy Business Organizer

Google Calendar truly saves time, streamlines all your business organizational processes, and tracks all your meetings, events, and participants. Every business needs superior organizational tools and certainly Google Calendar fits that bill. If you are starting your own small business, then surely the top of the line organizational features Google Calendar has to offer is sure to be a productive business tool for you.

Implementation is critical when you are building your business, should you need any help with any of the free tools I have written about I have a short term program that is just the thing. Let me help you bring this all together!  Check out 4 Weeks to Visibility, the first session starts on June 7th, 2016.

You may also be interested in #2 of 6 article is this series on free business tools to get started on line.

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When starting up your own online business it is important to research and acquaint yourself with the many tools and resources available today.  One of the many effective and efficient tools accessible to assist new online business owners is that of MailChimp.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an effective software program, an autoresponder, that will greatly assist you with the marketing of your products and business online.  It is an email marketing software (EMS) that provides its users with a variety of options to use when designing, sending and saving created templates of your business emails.  It is the number one software program for maintaining and actively using mailing lists in an efficient and consistent manner.

Email Marketing with Doodle design style :sending visual emails, promotions, creative designs. Modern style illustration for web banners, brochure and flyers.

Email Marketing

The Benefits of MailChimp

MailChimp allows business owners to create informative newsletters and have the means of sharing those newsletters on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, resulting in your own personal platform used for the publication of your business newsletters and other writings and communications.  This state of the art product allows business owners to build a list of their target audience with whom they want to share their products or services with and save the created list for repeat use later on down the road.  In addition, you can create customized templates with content and images related to your products and services and save the templates as well so as not to have to rewrite your emails and all their content to your contacts over and over again.

When writing your business newsletter, MailChimp is critical to your overall process in that it allows you to save all your newsletters, drafts, and formatting making it remarkably easy to send out each new newsletter going forward.  Another attractive benefit of MailChimp is its tracking feature that allows you to keep track of all results and responses received from your customers and clients.  This feature enables business owners to make appropriate revisions and changes to their content in order to improve upon positive individual responses to their website, products, and/or services.

Free Software Tool

MailChimnp is available for free for those new business owners “who have a mailing list of less than 2,000 contacts.  MailChimp provides starters with the ultimate option of checking how successful and easy to use the software is. In addition, the convenient pricing plans are extremely accommodating for users with long lists.”

Why Email Marketing is Important to your Business

Simply put, new business owners who do not elect to take advantage of this extraordinary free marketing tool will lose out on an ideal means of consistently staying in touch with their created mailing list of important contacts and potential customers which can, for obvious reasons, be harmful and even detrimental to your overall business and presence.

The success of your new online business is most assuredly dependent upon your customers, both old and new.  Without the capability of staying in constant touch with your clients, they will all eventually lose sight of your business and products and merely forget about them altogether.  How true it is “out of sight, out of mind.”  Don’t let this happen to your new business.  Give MailChimp a try now and see the amazing results yourself.  You’ll be glad you did!!

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When starting out online there are SO many things to learn and discover, unfortunately most of them come with a price tag. Some of the price tags are pretty big, others not so  much.  Over the next six weeks I am going to introduce you to 6 free tools that I have used and some I still use to this day. To discover if your business is really going to work you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of cash.

The first tool I am introducing you too is a graphic/picture editing tool.

Everyone enjoys taking pictures and posting them on social media and business web sites too. How wonderful it would be to have an effective and efficient photo editor that allows you to edit and enhance all your photos, is absolutely free with nothing to install or download and works in every browser – well that is exactly what PicMonkey is all about.

PicMonkey is an innovative photo editor that allows its users to create spectacular graphics, touch up facial features and any other element of a photo, and add magnificent filters as well as personalized text. This state of the art tool is remarkably easy to use, and gives photo editing and image creating a whole new name and a whole new gorgeous perspective. BN - SMA PicMonkey

A web based app that can be used for free to edit all your photos and even create designs and images, PicMonkey affords small business owners with a spectacular tool to enhance their marketing and advertising campaigns and add luster and class to their business website with superior graphics and photo creations.

We all know how important it is to market and advertise products and services and surely attractive, eye-catching product photos and images on your website and in all your customer communications can assist in developing successful business campaigns. PicMonkey is truly an invaluable resource for business blogs and websites. With its ease of use and its capability of quickly editing photos and producing images for blog posts and for enhancing your business website, it is fast becoming the most favored photo editor available on the web today.

With PicMonkey you can do everything you need in a fraction of the time and, because it is web based, you do not have to worry about a time consuming or difficult download or installation process and you can feel confident knowing that it works perfectly on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This program truly is a cool little tool and provides all the features you need for the creation and editing of top of the line photos and images. If you are looking to create images or edit and enhance photos whether for your website or perhaps even your social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, then PicMonkey is the ideal tool for you. I use it on a regular basis just to resize graphics, something that used to frustrate me a lot because I really had no idea how to do it.


Cropping with PicMonkey Works! Finn loves to have his pictures on Facebook.

Here are two examples:
I wanted to put this picture of Finn on Facebook, but without all the of the car in the picture.  With PicMonkey I can simply upload my picture, click on “crop” there on the left and using their drag function remove as much or as little of the picture that I want!



PicMonkey a Super Easy Solution to Embellish Your Graphics AND Filling out all of the information in all your “bios” helps you get “found”.




Example number two:

I have signed up for a new membership site, one where it is important that I recognize people and they recognize me.  The head shot I selected was way too big, I needed to crop some of it away and make it smaller.  In this case I used both the “Crop” and “Resize” functions. This really is a handy tool as most sites are VERY specific about the size of the head shot they want posted to your profiles.

Overall, PicMonkey is the absolute best photo editor on the web today. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free and it is, by far, a superb productivity tool that every small business owner should use and take advantage of. They offer a free trial for 30 days for their “Royale” level, however I only use the totally free version.

Now that you have created a great graphic you want it to be found, Right?  Tagging your photo/graphic with a longtail keyword makes that happen. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

Check it out…

Next week I’ll be posting on the topic of autoresponders. 🙂

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It’s important to know the role that page loading time plays in any website user’s online experience.  A small but critical error that many business owners or webmasters make is putting page loading time on a back burner to accommodate better aesthetic design, better and more creative functionality, or even to simply add more content to the pages on their website.  

Website page load timeThe true fact is that website visitors to any page are more concerned about the speed at which they can access and navigate a website more so than all the fancy extras that website owners want to add to their websites.  Page loading time, therefore, should be given much attention by website owners and should be ranked number one on your list of tasks to perform to allow for increased traffic to your site.  As a result of the priority placed on page loading time by most, if not all users, it is now becoming an incredibly important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

We all know how frustrating it is to wait for anything whether a table at a restaurant or waiting in line at the bank, and certainly sitting and watching that little circle spin on your screen for long periods of time as you wait to reach your desired website is no different.  Most users either get bored with the wait or angry at the slow loading time of the website they are trying to visit since it is taking far longer than they anticipated.  As a result of a slow loading page, many users will simply click the x in the upper right corner and move onto the next search.  If a site takes too long to load, then surely potential visitors will turn their interests as well as their purchases to another site that offers them a faster load time and quicker access to content or shopping.   

Many webmasters fail to realize the overall importance of their website’s load time.  Surely it is clear to see that when a website and all its pages provide a fast load time then surely it will easily receive higher rankings, rightfully so, which is remarkably beneficial to your business.  When a user is able to get to your web pages quickly and research products or services they are interested in, they are apt to make some type of purchase, and these purchases ultimately lead to an increase in sales, which, as we all know, is critical to the success of any business.  

Website page load time

To determine what the load time of your website is there are a wide range of tools on the net that you can use.  A couple of the most popular tools available to test your site are and .  These tools greatly assist web owners in determining the overall page loading time of their web pages.  Using these tools will allow website owners to make all necessary adjustments to their own websites in their efforts to increase traffic to their site and increase their overall sales.

Taking ample time to test the loading speed of your website will serve to be beneficial to your business.  As mentioned above, users are far more interested in being able to get to a website page quickly to perform whatever research or shopping they wish to do and increasing page loading time will allow them to do just that.  Most users have little to no interest in all the fancy extras your website may present.  At the end of the day people who are searching on the net are searching for a specific reason.  If they cannot get to a page quickly enough, then rest assured they will simply move onto the next search target to find and purchase the product or service they need.  By improving and increasing the page loading time of your website, you will surely increase the amount of traffic your website will see moving forward, and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway – getting more traffic to your site.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge finding the right longtail keywords for you. This is a tool I use consistently in order to find the keywords that will bring traffic to my web properties.

Check it out…

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