Storing, organizing, searching, and managing individual bookmarks of your favorite web pages is called social bookmarking.  Choosing easy social bookmarking sites and saving links to your favorite web pages and to web pages you want to share has become an effective tool used by many people to make money and grow their businesses.

easy social bookmarkingBookmarks are typically public and are able to be viewed by other members of the same social bookmarking site that you are using for your business allowing members to comment on your content and to share your content with others.  Easy social bookmarking tips such as the use of appropriate tags or keywords for your content when bookmarking are extremely beneficial for your website promotion.  These tags or keywords provide a way for other users who are associated with your “tag” to view your bookmarks and many times to turn around and share your content and bookmarks on other sites and with other users.

There are many uses for social bookmarking, with one of the most common being to promote websites.  The use of social bookmarking sites is an innovative way of driving quality traffic to your own website.  When users reach your individual website from a social bookmarking site it simply means that your website appeared in search results for a special topic that they were interested in which lead them to your site.  When your site is bookmarked, there is a good chance that your site will show up in search results since search engines often list results from specific bookmarking sites.

website promotion

Keep in mind that every bookmark is a traffic source for your individual website.  Most people use bookmarking sites today.  They primarily use them to track new resources and find websites of their specific interests.  Most social bookmarking sites allow users to view the popularity of the site as well.  When you are listed on one social bookmarking site, there is a greater chance that people visiting this site will then tag your website on another bookmarking site as well.  Typically, people who use bookmarking, use more than one favorite bookmarking site.  So a user who finds a website at one bookmarking site may very well turn around and bookmark that same site on yet another bookmarking site thus promoting your website and increasing your overall visibility.

traffic genSocial bookmarking is an ideal tool for promoting your website and one that will generate increased traffic to your site as well.  Some other easy social bookmarking tips to make money and grow your business include placing social bookmarking buttons on your web page and adding social bookmarking links to your company blogs.  This will make it remarkably easy for your readers to not only save your web content but also to share it and provides opportunities for other users to find your content as well.

There is much to be gained by encouraging users and viewers to bookmark your website. Social bookmarking can generate increased, quality traffic to your site.  This newly generated traffic is typically targeted and the users are more often than not engaged in the content on your web site.  The use of social bookmarking as a primary element of your website promotion strategy is not only beneficial to your company and brand but also remarkably successful and will more times than not lead to increased visibility and even increased profits over time.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge of keeping all of your social bookmarking profiles up to date.  I haven’t been using it for long, but so far it seems to be working well.  They will offer you more products and services and if you’re ready go ahead and take advantage of them.  However if you’re not just stick with the free version. Check it out…

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Social bookmarking is the simplest, yet most effective way to organize all of the most useful and informative content out on the web that is specific to your individual or company interests, all in one place. Though there is endless information and content on the web, until social bookmarking, it was near to impossible to find, sort, categorize, organize, and maintain the relevant information that users found valuable to their own businesses or needs.  However, with the creation of social bookmarking all that valuable information can now be easily organized and maintained on easy to access social bookmarking sites across the web.  In addition, conducting business with social bookmarking allows users to transfer all their bookmarks and valuable data between computers, mobile devices, and varied locations.  This is a critical element when structuring your website and streamlining all your valuable content.  With social bookmarking, users are able to save all their chosen bookmarks online and share them with other people all the while viewing what other users are bookmarking as well.

Business Growth Using Social Bookmarking

Your website is an essential part of your company and business.  However, a website that does not generate traffic misses out on a large source of potential company revenues.  Generating traffic to your site is critical not only to your presence but to the overall success of your company.  The more visitors you have to your site the greater your visibility in the marketplace and industry. Therefore, it only goes to say that without traffic, the presence of your website is all but nonexistent.


With this in mind, one of the most effective ways of increasing traffic to your website for the long term is through search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO offers techniques that not only increase traffic to your site but also improve your natural ranking on various search engines such as Google.  Enhancing the presence of your website can be accomplished through increased traffic, higher rankings, and a successful social bookmarking campaign.  The positive effects of social bookmarking for websites are astounding.  Social bookmarking can effectively introduce sites to one another that share relevant interests and tastes, which ultimately drives both traffic and valuable backlinks to participating sites.

Remember, increasing both site ranking and traffic is not accomplished overnight.  It takes time to build both, but in the end, performing each of these functions as well as effective social bookmarking will afford you many benefits including an increased customer base and increased company profits.

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I found this great tool that can really help with the challenge of keeping all of your social bookmarking profiles up to date.  I haven’t been using it for long, but so far it seems to be working well.  They will offer you more products and services and if you’re ready go ahead and take advantage of them.  However if you’re not just stick with the free version. Check it out…

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Social bookmarkingsocial bookmarking is a method designed for internet users and businesses to organize, store, search and manage favorite web pages on the net. When using social bookmarking, internet users are able to access all their favorite bookmarks from multiple sites on their computer and their mobile devices and share these same bookmarks with other people online. This innovative and very effective method is a great resource for generating traffic to websites and, therefore, is beneficial to online business owners. Social bookmarking should play a very visible role in your business marketing strategy since, whenever a business owner adds a bookmark to one of their pages on any one of the varied social bookmarking sites online, a backlink is created which contributes to the visibility of your business website. In addition, the use of social bookmarking can improve your business page ranks as well.

There are a variety of ways in which social bookmarking can generate traffic to your website. To begin with, when internet users search social bookmarking sites, whether simply browsing or searching for something specific, they can easily stumble on your bookmark and ultimately click on it and reach your website. In addition, by bookmarking pages you are linking your pages which results in higher page rankings in search results which allows people to find your website much faster and easier. This can often result in not only increased traffic to your site, but contribute to the overall growth of your business.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is not only effective, but is quite easy to perform. Optimizing social bookmarking as a key element of your online marketing strategy will benefit your business greatly by spreading your business content, enhancing your company visibility, and improving your page rankings. The key to social bookmarking is demonstrating authority in your niche by providing informative and useful content that is optimized for keywords. The proper use of keywords in titles, tags, and descriptions results in the creation of backlinks to your site which contributes to your company’s visibility online. Joining social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, and Delicious, to name a few, will enable you to start bookmarking your links, demonstrating your authority, as well as sharing your business content with others. When joining these bookmarking sites be sure to create a business network by following other people on these sites, specifically leaders in your niche, in the hope that they will then turn around and follow you back.

Be certain when bookmarking your links that you choose the best and most relevant categories to place them in. Choosing categories that are highly related to your website content makes your content more relevant and makes people want to click on it. Mixing in special offers and giveaways as well as generating questions to actively engage your followers will help generate more traffic to your site as well. In summation, social bookmarking helps generate backlinks for your business, improve your page ranks, and drive more traffic to your website, all of which have an enormous impact on your company’s visibility and success.

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Social bookmarking is an easy and very manageable approach used by people to organize, store, search, and manage preferred web pages or links by way of “bookmarking.” Internet users select web pages or links that they like and/or want to share with others, and save them through the use of a social bookmarking site. This bookmarking site serves to actually store all your web pages or links of interest in an organized manner. More often than not, these bookmarks are public which allows them to be viewed by fellow members of the same social bookmarking site where they are being stored.

social bookmarking


The organization of a social bookmarking site is accomplished by merely applying keywords or descriptive tags to specific content. By tagging content of interest, you can easily find it at a later time. By utilizing these keywords and tags, other people can also view the bookmarks that are affiliated with a specific tag or keyword. In addition, users have access to data with regard to how many total users have bookmarked the same pages, as well as the capability to insert comments, or even to vote on specific bookmarked items.

Easy Social Bookmarking

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When a website is listed on a social bookmarking site, quality traffic can be driven to that site. Users who end up at your site by way of a social bookmarking site end up there typically because your individual website showed up in a search for a specific topic or item they showed an interest in. Since search engines many times will list results from bookmarking sites, if you have a site that is bookmarked, you have a greater chance and more opportunities to show up in search engine results.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

The benefit of being featured on one bookmarking site is that people may then tag your website on other bookmarking sites as well. People who typically book mark sites often use more than just one bookmarking site. This is a constructive way to promote a website. Adding social bookmarks or links to your website or your blog can increase traffic to your site because the bookmarks and links make it incredibly easy for readers to both save your content and share it as well. In doing so, other users are quickly able to find your content by way of sharing your bookmarks. This is much like the old-fashioned physical bookmark used in a hard copy book, except it is an online bookmark.

benefits of social bookmarking

Utilizing websites that are dedicated to social bookmarking, such as Flickr –, –, or – that encourage other users to bookmark your website is extremely beneficial. One of the biggest benefits of bookmarking is the type of traffic your site will receive. Typically, traffic received is targeted. In addition, this same traffic is ultimately both interested and engaged in the content you offer on your website. With that said, it is obvious that social bookmarking is an instrumental tool in your website promotion and a strategy that is not only efficient but indeed every bit effective.

There are a wide range of techniques and protocols available today for promoting one’s website, but surely social bookmarking is fast becoming one of the most favored and visible of all strategies. Whether you are a new or existing online business, social bookmarking will most assuredly enable you to add, edit, categorize, store, and share your favored pages or files on the web and allow you to access them at any time, from any computer, anywhere.

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You’ve gone to all the work of creating posts for your blog and Facebook, but they never seem to really go anywhere, just sitting there without any comments, likes or shares.  A VERY frustrating place to be considering how hard you worked on those posts! Hours of thought and preparation go into each of your posts, deciding how to serve your customers and clients in the best way possible. It can be so heartbreaking when you post them, sit back and wait BUT nothing happens.  I remember being reduced to tears in the beginning before I understood what it took to REALLY get the post out there.

Social bookmarking is a way to make that happen!

Social Bookmarking With HeartWhat exactly is Social Bookmarking you might ask? Wikipedia tell us;

A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents.[1][2] Many online bookmark management services have launched since 1996; Delicious, founded in 2003, popularized the terms “social bookmarking” and “tagging”. Tagging is a significant feature of social bookmarking systems, enabling users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways and develop shared vocabularies known as folksonomies.

If you’re like 1,000’s of other you have taken a look at some of these sites and almost immediately went into overwhelm.  It happens to all of us at some point. The easiest way to decide which sites are best for your business is an extremely good understanding of your ideal customer and/or client. With that information in hand you can take a look at these top 15 sites recommended here and decide which ones suit your needs the best.

Ask the following questions;

  1. Does the site have lots and lots of traffic?
  2. Are the people who are already there representative of my ideal client or customer
  3. Is my niche represented?

You can check out each site on Alexa to uncover where they fit in will all the other sites on the internet. When you go to each site check out what’s already been posted, the categories and or topics. The sites all have the “Search” function to make that easier for you.

* instapapercontent_tree
* Bitly
* Delicious
* StumbleUpon
* Feedspot
* Pocket
* Slashdot
* Diigo
* Folkd
* deviantART
* LinkaGoGo
* Newsvine
* Reddit
* Digg

Add your content to the mix on each of the sites you select, be sure that your content is relevant with quality high enough to attract attention. Remember to invest time in good titles as that is what will catch people’s attention. You want people to “bookmark” your content, just like they would have bookmarked a place in a book.

Social Bookmarking

You Want People to Bookmark Your Content!

One of the sure fire ways of have a post go viral is getting the post in front of all of the right people.  With all of the social bookmarking sites available today this has become a lot easier.  However, it is a lot of work.  You will have to maintain minimal presence on each site and the worst thing you can do is only post your own content.  Remember, it’s social!  Share content from others, be selective, pick the content you believe your audience would enjoy.  Provide value and become that trusted source, in the long run it is well worth the effort.

Next week my post will be about some of the tools you can use to make your Social Bookmarking even easier.

My favorite tool is Syndwire!

Stay tuned, if you love the idea of Social Bookmarking I’ll have a new product for you shortly! I will explain the ins and outs, how to do it right and a few shortcuts I’ve learned along the way.

If your challenged with creating enough content to effectively use Social Bookmarking to your best advantage check out my latest product called Content Creation Like A Pro, it is still available at the super low introductory price