Social media is one of the best tools out there for finding new clients and for maintaining existing clients. Here are three of the top creative ways to find new clients and maintain your existing clients through the use of social media platforms.

Find Clients Using Social Media1. Familiarize yourself with your clients – How true it is that birds of a feather, flock together and certainly online merchants and customers are no different. Similar merchants will gather together in online communities where informative content on how to sell more products and services is generally accessible. Your presence in these communities will afford you all the opportunities to listen to the advice of others, learn and gather new creative business ideas, and ultimately allow you to take necessary actions with regard to enhancing your own online presence. However, despite these attractive benefits, the best approach to online communities is commitment to serving the communities and their members with a primary focus of enhancing their presence and helping them directly.

It is important to recognize that in building your unique business strategy, you must first be focused on learning about who your customers are. Determining who your target audience is, (i.e. are they online merchants only or do they also have an offline store, are your products or services more relevant to one industry sector or one geography over another, or are your products and services accessible by low revenue or high revenue merchants/customers.) By addressing each of these issues you will be able to define your customer’s profile adequately, and can now shift your attention to where exactly you can find these customers. (Smaller merchants are apt to be found on Facebook, where larger merchants are more often than not found on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Find Clients Using Social Media2. Make friends with influencers in your niche – Depending upon your target segment, a key to your online presence will be the relationships developed and maintained by those who serve as key influencers in your niche. If, for instance, your primary target audience is fashion design, then you want to be certain to include and interact with many of the top influencers in this industry segment. It is imperative that you mention these influencers regularly on your own site and in your own blogs, like them over an over again, make them your favorites. Understanding that making friends with key influencers will, eventually, over time, allow them to recognize you as a useful resource for their followers as well, will eventually open the door to a productive relationship between you and your segment influencers thereby increasing customer base for both.

3. Share and Engage with Your Audience – Knowing what your customers are interested in is a useful tool in creating a visible presence for you. Engaging in conversations that are both interesting and useful to your customers is a sure fire way of attracting and maintaining their attention, all the while encouraging them to communicate. If your clients are interested in trade news, or daily tips for improving business, or perhaps industry trends, then indeed you want to incorporate these topics in your communications. Offering informative and compelling content increases the odds of having your content shared, and when content is shared the likelihood of an increased customer base is more present.

Knowing your target customers, familiarizing yourself with the social media platforms that they frequent and use, and interacting with these regularly and creatively, giving your primary focus to “their” wants and needs and not yours, will help to increase your customer base, and build a reputable influencer network that your customers and merchants will learn to appreciate. Original and creative content, informative communications, and friendly conversations are key to an increased customer base which, obviously, is key to increased revenues and a successful online presence for you and your business.

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For every business owner out there, the need to obtain new customers and clients is critical to the overall success of your company. However, maintaining happy existing clients is every bit as important as obtaining the new and is definitely far less costly. Utilizing successful marketing tips to keep your clients happy is an important element of any company’s successful marketing strategy plan.

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One of the obvious and most important factors that contributes to a successful business is the ability to attract clients. Though searching out clients and customers is necessary to your business, it certainly is not a favored task of many business owners at all. The simplest concept to use for attracting new customers is that of inbound marketing. This practical and highly successful technique will most assuredly help drive customers to your site and your company. Here are some important steps to follow to attract new customers and clients to your business by way of inbound marketing.

Get Your Best Clients1. The creation of the perfect elevator pitch – You may ask, what is an elevator pitch? Simply put it is the compilation of words you would use in a 30-60 second span of time to introduce yourself and your business to a potential client in an elevator. Since the average customer when searching out products, services, or companies, will not typically spend more than 30-60 seconds on any one site during their search, it is ever so important to create and implement a short, catchy, attention getting introduction. This very introduction is used to grab the attention of a potential customer and make them want to learn and know more. Researching your target audience and target demographics, and spending ample time to create the perfect “unforgettable” first sentence to your company introduction is critical to your online presence, and desperately contributes to the overall success of your company.

social media platform presence2. Providing a consistent presence on all social media platforms – Social media platforms, as we all know, are critical to any successful marketing strategy. Keeping an online presence on all your social media platforms is an important lead generating tool you do not want to be without. Connecting all your social media platforms to your company website is not only an effective means of getting all your pertinent info out onto every platform, but also assures you that potential customers are privy to who you are and what your company is all about regardless of where they are performing their individual search.

Statistics have proven that many a new customer finds a company, product, or service on one of the many highly visible social media platforms rather than on the company website itself. People nowadays are very dependent upon their social media for obtaining information, reading informative content, and searching out businesses, products or services they are in need of and have an interest in finding. Adding your newly created elevator pitch to all your social media platforms will serve to be instrumental in drawing new clients and customers to your business. Appropriate editing of your online profile and presence is also essential to your business presence and should be consistently updated in your efforts to introduce yourself and your products to new and existing customers. Whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even a personal blog, updating your profile and informative content consistently will provide internet users with all your pertinent information that can ultimately lead to a new company/client relationship.

joining professional networks3. Joining Professional networks – Without a doubt active memberships on professional networks can and will open the door to more customer inquiries. By participating in the professional groups offered on these networks, especially on LinkedIn, you are sure to gain new clients who are in search of specific service providers and products. An active presence on professional networks is a resourceful tool that every professional business owner should include in their overall marketing strategy.

testimonial4. Publish testimonials – There isn’t a consumer out there who does not find value in customer reviews and testimonials. It is absolutely imperative that you include testimonials and customer feedback on your website and social media platforms. This simple technique serves as a means of luring new customers in while providing them with the confidence and security they need to know that your product or service has been positively praised by other consumers. Testimonials are truly powerful tools that can increase your online presence, and definitely attract the attention and interest of potential new customers. A satisfactory rating and constructive testimonial or review goes a long way for the potential customer who is debating whether or not your product or service will meet their needs and overall expectations. Testimonials are personal guarantees from existing customers to potential new customers that a product or service is well worth your purchase, and they certainly serve as an inspiration to consumers who are in the market to buy.

Following these simple and practical, but very important and useful steps, as well as creating informative content and perhaps eye-catching marketing images, will attract customers to your website and enhance your overall online presence and company brand image as well.

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Online Giveaways For Your Business Growth


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We all know that customers are by far the most important element to any business. Without the existence of customers indeed there would be no business at all. For this very reason, it is critical for every business owner to create, develop, and implement constructive ways of engaging their online customers. Without the ability to engage your customers, running a business is near to impossible. Engaging with your customers affords you the opportunity to learn about concerns customers may have, which can then result in your providing better service or products to your customers.

How true it is that the more customers you have, the more successful your business is and what better way to satisfy your customers than through consistent interaction with them. It only makes sense that the happier your customers are, the more they are apt to share your company and products or services with their friends and family. There are surely a number of creative ways of attracting and keeping the attention of your customers, many of which can be implemented without any real cost.

1. One of the most sure fire resources for reaching out to customers, both old and new, is via social media platforms. One of the best forms of social media marketing is that of running contests or giveaways. Contests and giveaways are recognized as highly effective and engaging means of online marketing with very high success ratios. Whenever you offer a customer a prize of any type for simply interacting with your company on any of the social media platforms surely they become excited and anxious to participate in anticipation of receiving something for nothing. When customers get excited the tendency is to share that excitement with others, and before you know it you have an array of new customers that are visiting your site and your giveaway thereby exposing your company, products and services to all.

Hosting a contest or giveaway is all about the customer and getting your brand in front of your customers and their followers and social groups as well. Those who elect to participate in your giveaway automatically help increase your visibility and credibility since they act as “personal advertisers” for your company. Hosting a giveaway can only be beneficial to your brand and truly has no real downsides to it.

Online Customers2. Another innovative means of reeling in new customers and getting existing customers to interact with you is through the simple act of posting intriguing questions on your social media platforms in your effort to engage in communications with customers. By posing thoughtful and interesting questions that are suited to your target audience, you are sure to get your audience talking with you as well as with other consumers. Questions that are relevant to other business owners are sure to create involvement on various levels and definitely create a sense of awareness to your company and brand.


3. Furthermore, the simple use of creative and remarkably attractive images can certainly engage your customers and keep them interested. Photos and images most assuredly draw the attention of and completely grab the attention of people quickly. There is much truth to the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” and such is the case with social media marketing as well. Using specialized images that people will be quick to share with others whether they are in the market for your product or service or not, is key to a successful marketing strategy that will definitely grow your company and increase your brand’s overall recognition across the board. Images are beneficial to getting a name and logo out there, which can ultimately be beneficial to increasing your customer base and in the long term increasing your revenues.

Online Customers

4. Regardless of what marketing strategy you elect to use for engaging with customers it is incredibly important that you take advantage of each platform out there and the audiences they attract. Knowing your audience is essential to a successful and effective marketing plan. If you are looking to target women with your communications then indeed a message on Pinterest will serve your business best. Likewise, if you are looking to target the professional audience then indeed LinkedIn should be your platform of choice. Whatever your promotional gimmick may be it is critical to know your audiences and your platforms in order to utilize your marketing to the fullest potential.

good targeting

5. A final innovative technique for engaging your customers is the delightful concept of piggyback marketing or partnering up with other companies in your combined efforts of reaching out to existing customers and generating new customers by way of special promotions. Partnering up with another company in the community can be incredibly beneficial to both companies involved and indeed beneficial to the community as a whole. Offering products to customers who reach out to your partner company (whatever it may be) helps to generate new business and certainly gets your brand and that of your partner company in front of target audiences every time. Adding a touch of fun to your promo and making it entertaining to those who participate is always a stimulating way of engaging your audience.


Let’s face it. A business is nothing without customers, and unless we can make for happy customers the odds of a successful business are slim to none. Offering promos, running contests and giveaways, and providing customers, old and new, with the means of interacting and communicating with business owners all make for a perfect formula for engaging customers, and ultimately increasing your brand recognition and your overall sales and revenues.

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Online Giveaways For Your Business Growth


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One of the hardest challenges of owning your own business is the ability to successfully develop and grow the business. The growth of a successful business stems from the ability to attract new customers, maintain your existing customer base, provide quality products and services, and increase sales and revenues. With a variety of online marketing strategies available today it can be near to impossible to create and develop the perfect online marketing strategy for your personal business.


Online giveaways are fast becoming one of the most popular and most favored of all marketing gimmicks to use. Attracting new customers, keeping the attention of existing customers, and yes, even increasing sales and revenues are all easily accomplished through the creative presentation of and participation in online giveaways.

5 Benefits of Online Giveaways For Your Business Growth

1. Uncover hidden gems to explode your business – Participating in online giveaways can surely afford business owners insight they may need in order to bring their own personal business to an explosive new level. The contributors and participants of giveaways bring their own individual successful strategies to the table whether in the form of eBooks, presentations, or how to programs. Offering informative content that will assist old and new business owners with the growth and development of their own companies, giveaways are a successful resource of effective tools for increasing customer base, implementing effective marketing strategies, and ultimately enhancing both sales and revenues.

2. Get an insider’s look at strategies that will work in your business – Typically contributors to online giveaways are those business owners who have experienced the effects of a successful business and are open to sharing their marketing and sales strategies for achieving these business goals with other business owners. Actively participating in an online giveaway will allow you to reap the rewards of those business owners who have successfully implemented strategies that have produced effective means of grabbing and keeping the attention of customers as well as executing strategic plans that have delivered top of the line business results and personal satisfactions.

3. Focused free resources all in one place – What better way to expose yourself and your business to a multitude of informative and productive resources all in one place than by participating in a well-defined online giveaway. Contributors have useful business tools to offer business owners who are in the market for successful resources to grow their companies. An online giveaway does just that. Affords the participant the opportunity to receive, free of charge, the well thought out and executed strategies of successful business owners as well as other informative data all with a simple click of the “Enter Me” button. The value of the merchandise shared varies with each new business owner. Many giveaways offer thousands of dollars worth of resources all at no cost to the excited participant in search of creative and innovative business strategies.

4. Save hundreds of hours searching for techniques to explode your client base – Why spend endless hours online conducting search after search for the most effective techniques or programs for growing your business, when simple participation in constructive online giveaways can afford you all these very luxuries with the simple click of a button. Most giveaways include contributors and business owners who have developed and enjoy innovative techniques that have enhanced their company’s presence in their individual industries, and indeed increased their overall client base. One of the most important elements to any successful business is that of a solid and extended client base. Participating in online giveaways with state of the art, industry recognized contributors is an effective way of customizing the perfect strategies for your personal business and increasing your own client base.

5. Exposure to many business owners for potential partnerships and joint ventures – For many a business owner, the thought of a healthy partnership or innovative joint venture is every bit as appealing as that of increased sales and revenues. If you have an expressed interest in either then certainly online giveaways are a perfect approach to this concept. Many business contributors to online giveaways are in search of potential joint ventures and business partnerships themselves, and pay great attention to participants who give any indication that they invite the concept of shared business opportunities and the benefits offered by engaging in such partnerships.

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Online Giveaways For Your Business Growth


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