This is my tasty story about Facebook Messenger Saved Pumpkin Scone.  Makes me doubly glad I know how to use Facebook. 🙂

I was sitting in the living room playing solitaire on my iPad and up popped an ad for pumpkin scones.  I am a sucker for pumpkin, it’s my favorite pie and I make it every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Occasionally a pumpkin loaf or cheesecake in between.  It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada so there are lots of pumpkins around!

Are you surprised?  I clicked on the pumpkin scone ad!

It was for COBS Bakery, a voucher for a loaf of bread of your choice when you purchase 6 pumpkin scones.

Since I had to go out anyway on this rainy blustery day, I thought “Why Not?”, and printed the voucher.

Much to my surprise, when I presented my voucher I was informed that it did not include any sweet bread or bread with cheese.

Dumbfounded I pointed out the phrase “a loaf of bread of your choice”.  That didn’t work either, so I left and indicated I would take my complaint to Facebook.  The voucher I attempted to redeem had been posted on Facebook, so I figured I would go back to the source.

Once I arrived home I went to the Cobs Bread national Facebook Page and created a post.  There were others who had experienced the same challenge posting on the page.  So I added my complaint to the list.

You can see the whole post here.

How very disappointing, I made a special trip in the pouring rain to COBS Bread to pick this up AND even though the voucher I had printed out list absolutely no restrictions I was too was denied the “complimentary loaf of my choice”. Personally, I would question this marketing tactic. Please do one of 3 things, 1) better inform the staff 2) note on the voucher “restrictions apply” 3) stop offering vouchers that don’t work as stated.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the owner of the store responded within 30 minutes, via Facebook Messenger.

Yes, it was a miscommunication between her and her staff. She would speak with her staff and make sure I could go back and redeem the voucher as stated.

I mentioned I would go back that afternoon and she was able to respond to me that they were sold out of the type of bread I wanted.  Could I come back tomorrow or another day?

She indicated she would set aside exactly what I wanted so that when I arrived it would be ready.

I went back the next day at 5:00 PM and as promised my pumpkin scones and the complimentary loaf of my choice was waiting for me!  As you can see by this picture I ate one of the pumpkin scones right away and it was delicious!

Facebook Messenger saves Pumpkin Scones

Much to my surprise they also gave me a free gift to thank me for coming back. It was delicious too!!

Facebook Messenger and Pumpkin Scones Equal Free Gift!

If it wasn’t for Facebook Messenger I would no longer be a happy COBS Bread customer. My thanks go out to the owner of that specific COBS Bread location, she is one of the few business owners who respond to her Facebook Page right away!

Do you use Facebook Messenger in your business?  Here’s a tool that will enable you to really take Facebook Messenger to a whole new level.  It’s called InBoxr and it allows you to auto-engage with your Facebook fans 24/7 so that you never miss an opportunity like my Pumpkin Scones.

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How to Make Money with Affiliate marketing

How long do you need to wait before you can make money with a blog?

At least weekly I get asked that question in some form.

My answer?

Don’t wait.

The biggest difference between a “hobby” blogger and a “full-time” blogger is the full-time blogger has a way to get paid.

Now, before you go hide in a cave and spend twelve months building an online course, I have something I’d rather see you do first.

It’s called affiliate marketing.

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Wake up at an ungodly hour. Drive to the office through total gridlock, streets jammed with other half-asleep commuters. Slog through email after mind-numbing email until the sweet release at five o’clock.

Sound terrible?

What if, instead of dealing with the monotony and stupor of the rat race to earn a few bucks, you could make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you sleep?

That’s the concept behind affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant revenue. Extremely beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push towards less traditional marketing tactics has paid off. In fact:

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2018-09-24 1027 vmDcJ0

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

You partner with a company selling products/services you would like to recommend to your audience. If they buy something using your affiliate link, you get a commission from the sale.

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With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest may not be a social media behemoth like Facebook, but it’s an important social platform with deep penetration in valuable demographics. Half of all U.S. millennials use Pinterest, for instance. But it’s not just young people saving their ideas on the network: 68 percent of U.S. women between the ages of 25 and 54 use Pinterest, too. And while it’s true that the network does have more female users than male, 40 percent of new users are men.

If you don’t have a solid plan in place for how to use Pinterest as part of your business strategy, you’re missing out on key opportunities to reach potential new customers.

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Tasty Pins Plugin - 5 Reasons that will make you love this Pinterest Tool!

Are you using Tasty Pins Plugin for Pinterest on WordPress? If you’re not yet using this Pinterest Tool, then you need to be.

In this post I tell you why you should consider adding Tasty Pins to your WordPress Plugins and how to leverage it to skyrocket your content shares.

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Pinterest search ads are peppered throughout the feed, intermingled throughout regular organic pins.

Want more visibility on Pinterest? Wondering how to use Pinterest search ads to promote your products and services?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use Pinterest search ads to reach your ideal customers.

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You saw a great new pair of shoes, you clicked on them to check out the details, they weren’t exactly what you were looking for so you moved on.  However, for days after that everywhere you went online you saw that same pair of shoes.  It’s not malware or even spyware and “they” can’t see everything you are doing! There is no malicious intent, they are not tracking you as an individual just the product you visited. It really is a “love/hate the way ads follow you” relationship.

But, now you’ve got to thinking, could I use that in my business or is it really complicated? You had been retargeted and that process starts with a pixel. If you have the right pieces in play (Facebook Page, website, etc) it is actually quite simple.

A pixel is what drops a cookie which is what enables retargeting.

A pixel is just a piece of code that is put on a webpage. You don’t have to know what it means or how it works, you only need to know how to copy and paste.

In Facebook’s own words, this code “is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

As the World Wide Web becomes more and more competitive it is important that you are spending your marketing and advertising dollars in a way that brings you a return on investment.  The only way to know that is if you are tracking. You may be like I used to be, mention the word tracking and your eyes roll back in your head. However, it is very important to know that you are getting bang for your buck.

Tracking, where to start

When I first started tracking anything it was simply by using  It worked well for me because now I knew which of my blog posts was the most popular. However, that lead to me writing more blog posts on the popular topics rather than investing my time and effort on posts no one wanted to read. And that was definitely a good thing!

From there I moved to a call to action link.  You probably have seen it This one was definitely a bit more techie to set up. It meant I was tracking two things, not just one.

  1. Direct readers to actually click
  2. Track the number of people who actually clicked

However, I still didn’t know where my sales came from.  That was when I moved up to the Facebook Pixel.  Back then it was not as user-friendly as it is now, Facebook has done a lot of work!

The beauty of using the pixel code is that it enables you to

  • Drive a small amount of regular traffic
  • Fine tune that traffic USING that info (from your visitors)
  • Market directly to those people you know are interested

Besides those listed above there are lots of different ways to use the pixel code but I discovered one that is pretty sweet, I’m experimenting with it right now.  But more on that in the follow-up blog post.

Set up Your Tracking Pixel in Facebook

Here are the directions from Facebook to set up your pixel;

Create a pixel in Business Manager
  1. Go to the Business Manager Settings tab in the Ads Manager. 
  2. Click Pixels under People and Assets.
  3. Click Create a Facebook Pixel.
  4. Type in a name for your pixel.
  5. Check the box to agree to the Facebook Pixel Terms.
  6. Click Next.
  7. To start installing your pixel on your website, click Set Up Now.

Next question is what are we going to do with the pixel now that it’s created?

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Image result for Facebook Ads Strategy August 2018

Looking for ways to optimize your Facebook ads to acquire more customers? Wondering how to scale campaigns that are working well?

In this article, you’ll discover four ways to reduce your customer acquisition costs when scaling your campaigns.

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Facebook advertising cost: Everything you need to optimize your ROI

Facebook advertising costs range widely and are dependent on many factors, including your industry, location and objectives. With more businesses paying for Facebook ads and Facebook limiting the number of ads they show, quality and targeting is paramount.

In this guide, we’ll go through key terms that you’ll see in Facebook ads as well as strategies on how to optimize for your budget.

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Image result for Facebook Ads

Facebook ad targeting changes are coming soon with the removal of Partner Categories. What does this mean and who is affected?

Facebook announced in March 2018 that the 3rd party targeting data would be removed due to the privacy concerns that were introduced with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The 6-month “wind down” period of this change is currently in process and will likely be finished in September and October.

You may already be seeing these changes in the current ads you are running. In this article I’ll talk about what types of keywords are affected and how to adjust your Facebook Ads strategy.

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